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Pics by The Jaded One


First Deuce pic
This is the first picture that I drew of Deuce, who appears in La Mer.
Comments: It's ok... but you can see that Deuce lost the color in his two bangy things... and that nifty symbol on his head in the comic. I thought he might stand out too much... O_o

Duo Maxwell pic
Comments: I LOOOOVE Duo Maxwell, from Gundam Wing. This drawing sucks, but I still love Duo enough to humiliate myself by posting it online.

First Jade Sage drawing
Comments: First image I drew of my anime persona, Jade Sage, in her Sage form. Why the rainbow stockings? I don't know... but she doesn't wear them anymore. It's done in an 'Ah! Megamisama!' sort of style, since that's what I was reading when I drew this.


Fly me to the Moon...
Comments: I was listening to the Evangelion version of 'Fly Me To The Moon'... and felt the urge to draw Jade hanging on the moon. :p It feels very serene... and remember, there aren't any shadows in space! (AKA a bad excuse for the poor shading job. You want a good shading job, you may buy me Photoshop. Go ahead, I won't be mad.)So why is there a headwind, you may ask... BECAUSE! -_-;;

Comments: I just finished this. Really. I couldn't wait to put it up. IT'S SHADED!! WOOOOOOO!!! ^_~ I finally learned how to use Paint Shop Pro 7 (30 day trial ^^;;), and this is the first pic I've done in it. What do ya think? Lineart from The Art Corner, medium Ink(?)and Paint Shop Pro 7. JIC ya didn't kna - Ukyo is from Ranma 1/2!

Jungle Girl
Comments: .... I dunna. I just wanted to do another thing in PSP. 3 hours, I think. ....*whistles nervously*.... heh heh heh. Once again, Lineart from The Art Corner.

Her name'd be Willow
Comment: I dunna.... I was looking at the willow outisde my window, and thought "What wicked hair that would make." Call her a tree sprite if it makes ya feel better... she has a sorta sad, thoughtful look to her.... 8/5/01

Keiko - Front and Back
Comments: Done for the Online Manga University, 'tis an original chara, Keiko. Love that name. Front view (bored face), and back (Keiko gets sassy!) Pencil, later ink, 8/6/01

Ice Cream makes the world go 'round
Comments: Keiko's third position - 3/4 view (happy! wai! ^_^) This is my favorite of the Keiko series, so far. Should I make more? And I gotta say - I love those shoes. 8/6/01

Comments: Daphne is a character in Ovid's Metamorphoses, which I read in English 10 class this year. She turns into a tree. You really must read that story. ^_^
Pencil, later ink and colored pencil

Dreaming of Duo
Comments: Another Duo pic. I was just doodling one night (@ 3 am ^^;) and I looked down and I had all of these Duo pictures. The different expressions are different songs I was listening to. Email me and I'll tell you what's what.
Pencil only

Kawaii Rhea!
Comments: Rhea Davenport is a character in Eat the Roses, one of my favorite online comics. I did this fanwork for Meghan Quinn's b-day, and you can see it on ETR's page.
Pencil, then ink, then CG'ed


**NEW** French Series - #1
Comments: number one in what i like to call my 'french series' - stuff i drew in my french 3 book during class - is a very lovely character... give you a hint... he has a three-foot braid and violet eyes... (in case you're a dumbass, that's Duo Maxwell
Medium: pencil and pen

**NEW** French Series - #2
Comments: FS #2 - random girl in my french book
Medium: pencil and pen

**NEW** French Series - #3
Comments: FS #3 - almost half a face of a girl... look, it's not like i had time to create masterpieces here... ^^;
Medium: pen

**NEW** French Series - #4
Comments: the final piece in my FS is a guy that you may be seeing soon in La Mer.
Medium: pencil

**NEW** When fangirls attack....
Comments: drew this for my wonderful friend Shady and and her lurvely lurvely comicTarget!. Who's Rui, you may ask? Find out in Target!
Medium: pencil, then pen and cg'ed in Paint Sho Pro 7

**NEW** Heero Yuy
Comments: This was actually an accident.. i wsa doodling one day, looked down, and there was Heero, of Gundam Wing! O.o i thought "eh," and then cg'ed 'im.
Medium: pencil, then ink and cg'ed in Paint Shop Pro 7

Pics by Otha Peeps

Gundam Ballroom Dancing
BY: My excellent friend, Yasmin.
Drawn: When we did a chamber music thing together last summer ('00 - Yasmin on viloin, Me on flute). Dialogue by me.
Comments: I love this pic, I laugh everytime I look at it!

Gundam Pokemon
©Jade Sage and Shadow Seeker

Heero Heero:The "Having Fun" Pokemon
The Heero Pokemon has "fun" destroying things. He often tries to kill his trainer. Best used against the Relena Pokemon.
Best Attacks: Destroy and Self-Destruct
Evolves to: Yuy, the Psychotic Pokemon

DuoDuo: The Happy Pokemon
The Duo Pokemon is in a constant state of euphoria. He thinks the Heero Pokemon is his best friend. Best used against any Pokemon with a death wish.
Best Attacks: Scythe-Slash and Really-Bad-Pun Attack
Evolves to: Maxwell, the Caffinated Pokemon

TrowaTrowa: The Silent Pokemon
The Trowa Pokemon never says anything. Ever. No, really! He mostly stares at you. When hit particularly hard, the Trowa Pokemon will lose its memory. Best used against any OZ Pokemon.
Best Attacks: Amnesia and Verbal Backlash
Evolves to: Barton, the Mime Pokemon

QuatreQuatre: The Sad/Overlycute Pokemon
The Quatre Pokemon hates to battle. It can usually be convinced to fight if the cause is just (ie: a badge is at stake), or if you give him alot of tea beforehand. Best used against the Dorothy Pokemon.
Best Attacks: Zero System Breakdown and Maganac Backup
Evolves to: Winner, the ....Winning.... Pokemon

WufeiWufei: The Angry Pokemon
The Wufei Pokemon believes that anything and everything that it comes into contact with is "weak". Especially women. Specifically, Sally Po. It seems to be in a perpetually bad mood. Best used against the Treize Pokemon.
Best Attacks: Justice Rant and Women Taunt
Evolves to: Chang, the Dragon Pokemon

All images ©2001 Amber Stewart+Jade Sage+ their respective owners. Please ASK for permission to use these images before taking them, or I will hunt you down and kill you until you die from it. ^_~
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