At Last by Jade Sage (Whoo!)
Pairings: 1 + 2 (1x2 fanclub! Want some limeaid? XD )
Warnings: Shonen-ai, sappitysapsapsap, songfic (should that be a warning?) nothing too bad!
Disclaimers: So you think I own Gundam Wing, the charas, and the song "At Last "? Silly reader! Trix are for kids! (Incidentally, I don't own Trix either. Oy.) GW/charas copyright Bandai, Sunrise, blahdeblah. "At Last" sung by Etta James. Who owns it? Who knows?! It's not me!
Notes: SHADY! Actually READ these lyrics, 'kay?! *glares*

// = song, " " = spoken word (duh)


// Violin instrumentation //

As the scene opens, we find Heero Yuy standing in the 'Arrivals' section of the airport. As he has no luggage, we assume that he's waiting for someone....

// At last //

Heero's eyes light up as a slightly bedraggled, extremely bouncy long-haired boy comes into view, dragging a huge duffel bag. Aforementioned boy looks up, spots Heero, and begins waving manically.

// My love has come along //

Duo Maxwell grins a welcome as he glomps onto the partner he hasn't seen since the end of the war. Heero tries in vain to remove him, but not really wanting to, he gives up and lets Duo hug himself to death. Heero picks up the gigantic bag with ease, and walks along beside Duo as Duo recounts how the salvage business has been, how long the flight was from L2 to Earth, and what he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, complete with elaborate hand gestures. As they get in the car out front, Duo notices that Relena hasn't come with Heero. When he asks, Heero gives his standard reply: "Hn." Duo shrugs, and the two drive off down the highway.

// My lonely days are over //

Duo continues to give an amazingly long, elaborate speech about airline foods and the lack of hospitality from the staff as the pair drive onto Heero's appartment.

// And life is like a song //

Heero turns on the radio, and the pair listen to the lastest hits as the traffic crawls to a creep. Duo passes the time by singing along, urging Heero to also. "Hn." Heero replies, instead watching the Deathscythe pilot out of the corner of his eye as Duo belts out Gorillaz' "Clint Eastwood", slightly out of tune and making up half the words as he goes along. A hint of a smile crosses over Heero's lips.

// Oh yeah, yeah, at last the skies above are blue~ my heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you //

The weather report comes on, predicting sunny and clear skies for the rest of the weekend. Duo smiles at Heero and announces that they should go out to the park while the weather is good. Heero suprises the pilot by agreeing, with actual words! Duo looks shocked, then sincerely glad. He smiles out the window at the car next to them, amusing the small child in the backseat by waving his braid at her. As the drive wears on, Duo becomes less and less animate, and begins to yawn a bit.

// I found a dream that I could speak to A dream that I~ can call my own //

Noticing the silence that has overtaken the car, Heero looks over at Duo to find that the exhausted boy has fallen fast asleep, his braid falling softly over his shoulder. "Hn. Baka." Heero murmurs, afraid of waking his partner. Kami knows he hasn't heard silence for almost two and a half hours. As the traffic finally lets up, Heero continues to watch how peacefully Duo sleeps, his breathing soft and steady. Another smile graces the lips of the usually stoic Wing pilot.

// I found a thrill to press my cheek to, A thrill that I have never known //

When they reach Heero's appartment complex, Duo is still fast asleep. Heero trues to wake him a few times, and recieves a braid in the face for his efforts. Shrugging, he lifts Duo into his arms, and carries him up the three flights of stairs to his door. Duo sighs in his sleep, and snuggles further into Heero's arms, causing an unholy blush to wreak havoc across the silent boy's face. He gently places the sleeping pilot on the couch, and goes back to the car to fetch the duffel bag. As the door closes, Duo opens one eye, and grins happily.

// Oh, yeah yeah, you smile, you smile, and then the spell is cast //

As they eat dinner, Heero casually mentions that park visit Duo mentioned earlier. Duo looks suprised that he actually remembered/wanted to go, and bounces up, pulling Heero out the door with him. The pair strolls slowly through the park, observing two people their age, a girl with long, dark violet hair in a bun and a boy with waistlength black hair in a ponytail playing and laughing on the swings, the girl's hair spinning pinwheel-style out of it's huge bun to flap against her back. Duo sighs, wondering if Heero would ever do something like that with him... and feels a tap on the shoulder. He turns around to find the Wing pilot holding an ice cream cone, and extending one to him. A genuine smile crosses Duo's face as he accepts the cone, and the two walk further down the path.

Heero inwardly smiles at the beautiful smile Duo gave him.... maybe Duo felt the same way about Heero as Heero felt about him....

// And here we are in heaven //

It's night when the two boys finally get back to the appartment. Heero fumbles with the keys, trying to find the right one, and looks up to find Duo standing at the window at the end of the hall, the full moon sending beams to highlight his beautiful features. Duo turns around, and notes how the moonlight makes Heero's eyes seem even deeper than usual. Heero gestures to the open door, and Duo bounces down the hall towards him.

// For you are mine //

As he walks towards Heero, Duo screws up all of his courage. After all, what can Heero really do to him? Besides maim, damage, and scar him..... As Duo goes past Heero through the door, he suddenly turns around, and plants a little kiss on Heero's cheek. The Wing pilot stand still in shock, and Duo begins to apologize - only to be cut off by a huge hug from Heero. Pulling back, the normally stoic boy lets a grin slide across his face. "Baka." he whispers, and returns Duo's kiss. The two stumble inside, and fall onto the couch. Duo snuggles into Heero's arms, and they begin to fall asleep that way. As they slide off into sleep, Duo can be heard whispering... " Finally..."

// At Last~ //

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