Name: "Turn Off The Light"

Author: Jade Sage (

Warnings: 1+2, slight 3+4, so it's SHOUNEN-AI!! (gasp! the 1x2 fanclub LIVES! XD), vidficy-osity, maybe slight OOCness?, angsty monments, a little TINY bit of Duo torturing (nothing NEARLY as bad as some other Duo totures), and maybe some wrong lyrics. If you find anything wrong, please tell me! FEEDBACK, POR FAVOR!!

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Notes: // blah blah blah (blah blah blah)// denotes lyrics


// music intro //

We see the rising sun, yellows and reds and purples spreading across the sky on the beginning of a beautiful fall day. The camera focuses in on one particular shade of purple, and pulls back to become the violet hued eyes of the Shinigami pilot we've all come to know and love, Duo Maxwell. He blinks slowly, and rolls over in his bed. He has a room to himself in Quatre's huge mansion, and as the light slowly infiltrates his room, we see it's painted dark blue, with bits of something shiny covering the walls...

// It's gettin' so lonely in this bed //

Duo rolls out of bed, and pads slowly over to a wall in his pajama bottoms {1}.

// To know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead //

He carefully reaches out to slide his fingers along one of the shiny bits... a picture of Heero Yuy. Or to be more precise, one of many, many pictures of Heero. Duo's room is plastered with them.

// Thereís an aching inside my head //

Duo sighs, and retracts his fingers from picture-Heero's cheek. The picture was taken after the Wars, all of them were, but in this particular picture Heero doesn't seem as upset as he usually does. Duo knows that his love for Heero could never be returned, so he keeps his room locked for fear of the other pilots finding out. He brings his hand up to massage his temple, finding that he has the beginnings of one of the major headaches that have plauged him since the Eve War. He slowly wanders into the bathroom.

// Itís telling me Iím better off alone //

As Duo showers, he hears Quatre knocking on his door. Duo turns off the water for a second, just long enough to hear Quatre announce breakfast. Duo sadly smiles, just a ghost of his usual grin, and finishes his shower as quickly as is possible when your hair is three feet long.

// But after midnight morning will come //

As he dresses, he carefully pockets his most prized picture - one of Heero actually smiling, after Duo had told an outrageous joke at the end of the Eve War. The picture is carefully enclosed in plastic, and is slightly worn at the edges. As Duo leaves his room, he carefully locks it. He disappears down the stairs, unaware that a certain Chinese pilot has been watching the careful locking ritual. Said pilot raises an eyebrow. Surely Quatre has a Master key....

// And the day will see if you will get some //

Breakfast proceeds per usual - Duo snarfing down everything he can get his hands on, the other pilots hoping not to lose a limb in the process. As they finish, a Preventers' assignment comes in - they are needed immediately to finish off some rampaging mobile dolls. The five boys rush out the door, and to their newly reconstructed Gundams {2}.

// They say that girl ya know she act too tough tough tough Well itís tillí I turn off the light, turn off the light They say that girl you know she act so rough rough rough Well itís tillí I turn off the light, turn off the light And I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down tillí you see all my dreams //

As the battle draws to a close, Duo gets momentarily distracted - Heero's picture has fallen out of his pocket. As he leans over to retrieve it, a troop of mobile dolls close in on him. As he straightens up, his eyes widen at the sight of 20 buster rifles pointed directly at him. Duo closes his eyes, about to react, when a larger rifle beam sweeps over his head and takes out all the dolls. Duo swings around to view Wing Zero Custom Squared {3}, and a VERY unhappy Heero Yuy in his vidscreen. When they land on the ground, Heero jumps out of WZCS, and glares at Deathscythe Hell Custom Squared for a moment, before storming away. Duo can barely contain his tears, and the headache he had earlier begins to grow more intense.

// Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems //

Later, back at Quatre's mansion, Duo lays outside in a pasture.

// I looked above the other day //

He's just staring at the sky, wondering how he could possibly get closer to Heero, when said G-boy suddenly blocks his view from above. Duo straightens up quickly, Heero looks liks he's about to have a fit. Duo's headache seems to grow by leaps and bounds. As Duo grins nervously up at him, Heero suddenly begins to tirade about Duo's irresponsibility. Duo's face becomes more and more downtrodden, but Heero's so into his ranting that he fails to notice.

// Cuz I think Iím good and ready for a change //

As Heero delivers the final blow, either shape up or ship out {4}, Duo staggers to his feet and stumbles away. Heero is caught offguard. Wasn't Duo supposed to come up with some smart aleck comment? The Wing pilot stands in confusion as the braided boy wanders into the garage. Something is up, Heero notes. Was this what Wufei was telling him about earlier?....

// I live my life by the moon (by the moon) //

As Duo wanders aimlessly through the garage, Quatre looks up from Sandrock to enquire about Duo's health.

// If itís high play it low, if itís harvest go slow and if itís full, then go //

Duo immediately slaps a grin on his face, and dismisses Quatre's concern. After all, what's a stupid headache to a Gundam pilot? Quatre looks uneasy but lets it go.. he watches as Duo walks towards his room. He has been acting strange lately, Quatre decides. He leaps down off of Sandrock's hatch. Wufei wanted to ask him something about a key...

// But after midnight morning will come //

Duo unlocks his door, and trips inside. Unseen, Trowa and Wufei regard him from the hall. The sound of the lock clicking into place can clearly be heard.

// And the day will see if youíre gonna get some //

Duo sit on his bed, puts his head in his hands, and sobs quietly. He continues to cry until he falls asleep, exhausted.

// They say that girl ya know she act too tough tough tough Well itís tillí I turn off the light, turn off the light They say that girl you know she act so rough rough rough Well itís tillí I turn off the light, turn off the light And I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down tillí you see all my dreams //

Upon waking a few hours later, Duo decides that maybe going out would do him some good. His headache had subsided to a dull throb, and he's lived with it for so many months, he doesn't think it would bother him now. He sweeps up his jacket, and precious picture, and leaves, forgetting just one thing - Duo doesn't lock his door.

// Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems //

The other Gundam pilots wait until they think he's left, and sneak across the hall from Heero's room into Duo's room. As Quatre flicks the light on, they're all slightly suprised at the extent of Duo's obsession. They knew about this a long time ago, Duo isn't as good a pretender as he thinks. As the five boys stand in the middle of the room, trying to come up with a plan to reveal some vital information to Duo, they hear a soft gasp from the doorway.

// And Iím searching for things that I just cannot see //

It's Duo, who has forgotten his sunglasses {5}. They all freeze, and Duo watches as his worst fear becomes reality - Heero Yuy is looking at the rather large shrine he has set up in his room. Said object of affection makes his way through the group, trying to reach Duo, but the sudden movement has turned the frame from pause to fast-forward. Duo turns and bolts.

// Why donít you donít you donít you come and be here with me //

As he attempts to escape, Heero hurdles Trowa, and catches Duo's sleeve. the jacket holds Duo momentarily, but is quickly shrugged off.

// Not pretend to be cool with me, I want to believe, //

Heero watches the honey-brown braid disappear around the corner, and glances down at the paper that has fallen from Duo's jacket pocket.

// That I can do it on my own without my heart on my sleeve //

He glances at it, glances again, and is suddenly flying behind Duo. The jacket flutters slowly to the ground, and Quatre picks up the picture to show it to the remaining two boys - Heero's first smile in years, captured on film.

// Iím running, Iím running, catch up with me life //

Duo pounds through the forests that encompass Quatre's estate. He's completely unaware that Heero is quietly following him, watching from a distance. Duo's headache, which has returned with a vengeance, makes it hard for him to focus, and his almost trips several times.

// Where is the love that Iím looking to find //

Heero swiftly and silently closes in on Duo, cursing to himself - why hadn't he told Duo the truth earlier?

// Itís all in me, canít you see, why can't you, why canít you see, itís all in me, yeah //

Duo suddenly goes sprawling - a root has escaped his rapidly narrowing view. He falls, and lands with a scream - his headache has become so intense from the impact that Duo's vision blacks out. Pain rips through his skull, but he picks himself up slowly, and crawls forward into a clearing. Duo leans against a large oak, and wimpers as the pain doesn't subside. He opens eyes that cannot see - violet orbs that seem dull and uncomprehending to Heero, who is only a few yards away now.

// guitar solo //

// All in me, yeah //

Duo doesn't move from his spot, even as night falls. Time passes, and his sight slowly comes back. Duo soon falls asleep again, and Heero decides that now is a good time to make a move. As he closes in on the braided boy, Duo's eyes fly open, but remain unfocused on the stoic pilot.

// Where is your logic (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Duo's mouth moves slowly, no words coming out.

// Who do you need (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Heero leans a little closer and slowly makes out the words on Duo's lips - Where's my hero?...

// Where can you turn in your delicate time of need (And I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down tillí you see all my dreams, not every thing in this magical world is quite what is seems) //

Heero stoops over Duo, and picks him up, frowning. Was Duo always this light? No, no... Heero seems to remember a time when Duo had a lot more meat on his bones. Something had definitely been bothering his braided baka.

// Follow me, follow me down down down down, //

As Heero brings Duo back to Quatre's mansion, Duo begins to stir in his arms. He opens his eyes to view a rather concerned Wing pilot staring back at him. Violet eyes open to an impossible width, and Duo struggles to remove himself from Heero's grasp.

// I do not need I do not need nobody (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Despite his efforts, Heero is not letting go. As Duo gives one more struggle, and gives up. As Heero continues on his trek towards the house, he can hear Duo whispering something over and over again - apologies.

// Follow me down, follow me down down down, //

Heero suddenly stops and stands Duo up facing him. Duo won't meet his eyes, and is swaying slightly. Heero growls a little, and gives him a tiny shake.

// I do not need I do not need nobody (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Duo's eyes slowly come up to meet Heero's, and he begins shaking a little. He opens his mouth to apologize some more, but he can't seem to speak through Heero's mouth, which is suddenly over his {6}.

// And I say follow me follow me follow me down down down down tillí you see all my dreams, see all my dreams //

For the first time in months, Duo's head is completely free of any pain.

// Follow me follow me follow me down down down down till' you see all my dreams, see all my dreams (not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems) //

Quatre watches through a window, then closes the blinds and leans back into Trowa's arms with a smile on his face. Perhaps Heero didn't need their help after all telling Duo how he felt about him.

// Where is your logic (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Late that night, Duo and Heero sit on the couch in front of a blazing fireplace. Heero has already made it more than a little obvious how he feels about Duo, and the violet-eyed boy was all too happy to reciprocate the feeling. The two watch as the fire dwindles down, and Heero whispers something into Duo's ear. The two get up, and head to Heero's room. {Don't be a hentai!}

// Who do you need (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Heero opens his door, and turns on the light to reveal a room similar to Duo's - except that all of Heero's pictures are of Duo. Duo smiling, Duo sleeping, Duo eating (those aren't the best in the bunch), and one that Heero carries with him at all times - the only picture the two boys took together, Duo with his arm around Heero's shoulders and huge grin, Heero with a hint of a smile playing about his normally unexpressive face.

// Where can you turn in your delicate time of need (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Duo can barely contain himself, and envelops Heero in a hug. Heero slides his arm around Duo's waist, and suddenly flips him into a carry and brings him over to a chair by Heero's window. The two pilots watch the sun creep slowly over the horizon to begin a new day.

// And where is your logic (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

Duo sighs, and nuzzles {7} further into Heero's embrace - his headaches have subsided completely. Maybe they were caused by his fear of what he might find if he ever revealed his love to Heero... Duo shakes his head slightly. Enough deep thinking. Heero's actions were much better to contemplate. Duo raises his head slightly, enough to ask Heero something. Heero tilts his head a little to better hear Duo.

// Who do you need (turn off the light, turn off the light) //

"Do you really want me?"

Duo blushes a little as the Heero stares deep into his eyes, cobalt meeting violet in an electric look. Duo blushes a little deeper {8} as Heero's hand slowly pets the back of his head.

"Baka. Who else would I want?"

The two turn back to the sunset, and watch the beginning of another day, a new day in their lives.

// fades //


{1} Never sleep in the buff when you might have to get up at a moment's notice! {Jade's Gundam Pilot Advice Piece #1)
{2} What? You thought they would just go about being Preventers without Gundams? Don't think so!
{3} I dunna - everything that's beyond normal I refer to as 'squared'. This vidfic is odd squared!
{4} I doubt Heero would actually say this. Just work with me here, kay?
{5} Yes, it's night. But it's all a part of Duo's 'bad-boy, God-of-Death' image, you see?
{6} And that's as close to a lime I'll EVER write. ^_~V
{7} I love that word. Nuzzles! *giggles madly to herself*
{8} Aww... blushing Duo! #^_^#

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