"Killing Me Softly" by Jade Sage
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Notes: /// blah blah blah /// denotes a memory.. or the musings of the mind
" blah de blah" denotes speech (duh)
*blah!* denotes an action
anything in italics is sung by Jade (whoo! ^^)
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Heero Yuy looked around the large club called the "Soyokaze". That strange email he'd gotten from his friend Deuce had told him that the popular local band, the Dragonflies, were going to be playing here tonight. Although he would be late, Deuce had purchased tickets in advance for Heero to go. Heero reflected on Deuce's exact words to him :
"Lighten up, mon ami! I think you'll find the performance tonight to be very .... interesting..."

Deuce hadn't given him anymore hints. Anytime Heero had asked, he'd only gotten the reply "Ca, c'est une confidance!" {1} After the 3rd Random Anime Reference, Heero had given up. And now he sat on a plush wine red sofa, waiting for the show to begin. As the rave-type dance music filled the air, Heero let his thoughts drift to a certain boy.... a certain violet-eyed boy with long golden-brown hair.


Heero hadn't seen Duo since the Eve Wars six months ago, since Duo had gone back to L2 rather than stay on Earth. Heero had joined the Preventers in an effort to get his mind off the boy he'd fallen in love with, but whom he'd never had the courage to tell. This tactic hadn't worked too well - the soon after Heero joined, so had Deuce. Deuce, with his waist-length long black hair, preference for black clothing, friendly personality and violet-hued eyes reminded Heero of Duo every time he looked at Deuce, the only difference between the two being Deuce's mixed descent of Chinese and French rather than American. And because Deuce was straighter than two straight things, Heero could talk to him without worrying about 'cheating' on Duo. And talk they did. Before long, Heero had confessed everything about how he felt about Duo to Deuce. Deuce hadn't even blinked, he had just reassured Heero that he'd find some way to tell Duo how he felt... and Deuce would help him, if he could...


Heero shook his head, frowning as the lights began to change from bluish-green to a slick gold, giving everyone on the dance floor a sunbathed look. The regulars began to cheer, recognizing the signal for a live band performance. The curtains to the stage in front of the dance floor slowly slid back, revealing a girl in a black traditional Chinese dress with long dark violet hair that swirled around her as she sat on a stool onstage, dangling a microphone from her hand. She slowly opened her eyes as the lights on the floor dimmed, revealing deep jade green pools. Heero stared. Although he didn't exactly ... prefer... girls, she had a sort of mystic beauty about her. She seemed to stare directly at him before sweeping her gaze over the rest of the crowd.

"Glad you could make it."

The sudden voice in his ear startled the normally observant Heero from his trance. It was Deuce, standing next to him dressed from head to toe in black, his hair pulled back into a ponytail highlighting his silver bangs.

"Thought you said you would be late." Heero grunted, unwilling to admit his suprise. Deuce grinned again.

"I wouldn't miss Jade's singing for the world. Besides, she'd murder me, since I'm her boyfriend." Deuce sighed, gazing deeply at the girl greeting the audience. She seemed to sense him staring at her, and turned to blow him a kiss, raising her eyebrows slightly at Heero in a 'hey there' sort of look.
"Ohayo, Heero!"
And yet another voice startled Heero. He sighed inwardly as he turned to view Quatre Rababera Winner, Trowa Barton and Wufei Chang standing next to his sofa.

" Hey, guys.... guys?!" Heero did a quick double take. Sure enough, all of his fellow ex-Gundam pilots turned Preventers were standing around him, Quatre and Trowa obviously together.

"It's been a while, Yuy."

Wufei grinned, sitting down at the table in front of the sofa.

"Don't be silly, Wufei - work ended just about four hours ago." Heero parried back, making room on the sofa for the two lovebirds.

"When we heard that Deuce's girlfriend was Jade Sage, we couldn't turn down his offer for free tickets!" Quatre giggled, snuggling closer to Trowa.

"How did they know about her? " Heero questioned, turning to Deuce.

"You'll find out soon enough, mon ami." Deuce whispered as Jade got off her stool and made her way to the front of the stage. The lights in the back of the stage went up, revealing a band that began to play a slow R&B rythym. Jade began to dance a lazy pattern up and down the stage.

Moi, je t'aime

et tu m'aimes -

Je crois que ca, c'est bon....

Tu m'aimes,

et moi, j t'aime -

Oui, ca c'est bon.

"What's she saying?" Heero took his eyes off the dancing girl long enough to whisper to Wufei.

"She's singing in French." Wufei whispered back. "She's saying 'I love you, and you love me - I think that that's good... You love me, and I love you - Yes, that's good." Heero sat back.

"It sounds so poetic in French... je t'aime.."

Mais je ne dis pas

'Est-ce que tu m'aime?'

Non non non - jamais!

Wufei translated for Heero before he even asked this time.

"But I never say 'Do you love me?' No no no - never!" Heero stared at the swaying girl. /// Never ask? ///

Parce que c'e~st -

Je sais!

Heero was just about to lean over to ask Wufei, when Deuce turned to him.

"She says 'It's because - I know' ." He smiled, waving to Jade as the crowd applauded. "She wrote it herself." {2} Heero looked back at the stage as the band began to prepare for the next piece. Jade, however, moved to the front of the stage.
"Konnichiwa, minna-san!" Jade smiled and waved to the crowd as they once again responded to her lilting contralto.{3} "Tonight we're featuring music that's really popular where I'm from - hope you enjoy it!" Replacing her microphone on its stand, Jade signaled for the next song.

sora tooi sora

tsubuyaita koe

anata no yume wa ima

hoshi no sharin wo mawasu

Heero leaned forward. /// Japanese? How many languages did this Jade girl know, anyway? 'Sky, far away sky, a murmured voice, Your dream now turns the wheel of the stars'... it sounds so familiar... {4} /// Heero suddenly realized he had been lost in thought the entire song, which was now coming to an end.

mune no katasumi

kaketa tsuki ga hitotsu aru dake

demo donna ni hosoi michi mo

terasu you ni hikaru

The crowd once again met Jade's singing with enthusiasum, cheering and clapping. The rest of the night continued pretty much in the same fashion, with Jade singing, the crowd cheering, and Heero acting spacey. As "Lovefool" {5} drew to a close, most of the band exited the stage, only the percusisonist staying behind. Jade flashed her a smile and began to speak to the sudience again.

"Having a good time?" she winked. The crowd roared it's approval. "Usually I sing the last song with my band, the Dragonflies, but tonight is a special one!" She hushed the cheering crowd with another smile and waving hand. "Tonight one of my especially close friends is gonna help me sing one of my favorite songs - it's one from waa~ay before the Wars." Jade gestured to a shadowy figure that had suddenly taken up residence to her right further down the stage. "Please help me welcome..." Heero suddenly sat forward. That figure looked really familiar.... "Duo Maxwell!" The lights grew brighter over the stage, and Heero sat staring at the face that haunted his dreams....


{1} Means "That, it's a secret!" in French... Xellos, anyone?

{2}Yes, I wrote this song. Especially for this fanfic. So ASK before using, s'il vous plait.

{3}That's my actual register. It's between soprano and alto - some alto's too low and some soprano's too high for me. ^^;

{4}If you watch Outlaw Star, it should be familiar - Tsuki no Ie, second ending song.

{5}"Lovefool" is by The Cardigans. Yet another good song.

Killing Me Softly part deux


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