A Jade and Shady outtake

Author: Jade Sage

Warnings: s-ai lovers ....and double author insertion!!! XD

Pairings:none (unless you count us talking about 1x2 as a pairing)

Disclaimers: I own these charas (except for Shady! She is copyrighted by Shady! XD) And there's nothing you can do about it! Absolutely nothing! Except for that whole GW thing... I don't own that. XP For the love of money, don't sue!

Notes: Ja ja ja! I laugh at you in SPANISH, Shady! Now draw me that piccy!


A pool of shadow crept over the sidewalk, leaving drops of darkness that evaporated moments after appearing. Said shadow slithered up to the window of Shadow Seeker , better known as Shady. The shadow slid under the window sill, and glided up to the girl seating at the computer, scanning something. A figure drew itself into a column out of the shadow, and promptly seized the sketchpad from a terrified Shady.

"Is that my piccy, Shady?! Huh huh?! IS IT?!"

The violet-haired girl bounced around the room, leaving a slowly recovering goddess clutching her heart on the chair.


The now recovered goddess snatched the pad back from the still giggling girl, and flung a fireball at her head. Jade ducked it, and doused the small fire it caused on the rug with a water spell.

"Ooh.. you didn't have to get so MEAN. I just came by to see if you had finished that 1x2 piccy for me yet!"

The jade-eyed girl winked at the now rather annoyed Shady, who flung a 2HB pencil at her head. Shady smirked as Jade rubbed the small mark on her head.

"No, it's not. If you hadn't snuck up on me, then the scanner wouldn't have messed up, and you could have seen it."

The two goddesses stared at the growling scanner, and simultaneously sweatdropped.

"Do ya think we angered it?"

Jade whispered as they slowly backed away from it.

"I dunna, but I think a good option would be.... TO RUN!"

Shady grabbed the sktechbook from the jaws of the posessed scanner, and the two girls ran out the door, scanner close on their heels.

"Use a fireball!"

Jade screamed as the scanner chased them full-speed down the street.

"Don't you think I've tried it before?! It spit it back at me and ate the new scanner!"

Shady yelled back. The scanner growled louder than before, and the two goddesses renewed their speed. They disappeared into the sunset, with the scanner growling and clomping along behind them.

La Fin!


Jade: Ya know, Shady, this wouldn't have happened if you had just drawn me the 1x2 piccy in the first place.

Shady: Oh, shut up, Jade.

*both stare down out of the tree they're in at the scanner attempting to climb up to where they are*


Ja ja ja! Based on a true story! ... Your scanner is evil, Shadster.

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