This page was created out of the pure necessity to provide you with past update info. Ai-ya.... that's alot of updates.

AHHH! The internet went out! *cries* But it's BACK so new La Mer comin' soon! And other stuffs! Mwah!

Did you know that "Mon or Tues" is not the same as "Fri"? This is news to me! ^^;; er.. La Mer is up now, and the internet works for the time being *crosses fingerz* Don't forget about the counterhit! If you're #500, then you get a custom piccy i'll draw for you! ^_^ (IF you want it, that is ^^;)

Life is a B*TCH! La Mer will most likely not update on time, seeing as how the internet at ma maison is on the fritz again. Will try to upload comic from skool on Mon or Tues. >.<

Wa-hey! New piccys are up in the gallery! And La Mer will hopefull be up on time on Friday... -_-
Luv and Peace from the Jaded One in the Year of Duo!

What'd I tell ya? T_T ... new La Mer, not on time, but here! Wa-hey!
OK, I've always wanted to do this sorta thing... the person who hits 500 on the counter will get a special piece of art (most likely of Tsuki, Jade or Sushi)! Wa-hey! I'll need proof that you hit 500, so a screencapture (hit the 'printscreen' button on the top of your keyboard, then right-click and paste in a graphics program) is good.. best of luck!
Luv and Peace from the Jaded One in the Year of Duo!

Wa-hey! A new La Mer, again! Don't expect me to always be so benevolent! ^_~

Wa-hey! OK, the Internet went out for Fri and Sat, but HERE I AM! AND THERE'S A NEW LA MER! GO NOW! See, I deliver, even late.
Luv and Peace from the Jaded One in the Year of Duo!

Happy Sweet 16 to our OKS prez, Creamy!!! Creamy's going out for her license on Sat, wish her luck and luv! ^_~ Lots of piccys on the way to the OKS page, and a total Realm Revamp is scheduled for me to do during Winter Break! And new quotes are up in the Quotebook Online! Yatta~! ^_^V
Luv and Peace to Creamy on her Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Birthday to Zippy, of OKS fame! Now she can terrorize the greater part of the downtown area (when she finally gets her license ^_^)! Happy Sweet 16!
Luv and Peace to Zippy on her 16th b-day!

Happy Birthday to P-chan, who is destined to become my bus slave for life, after he gets his license. ^_^
Mr. T Poll has closed (finally), with "I pity tha foo!" winning with 35%, "Other" in second with 29%, "My van is helluva fast!" at third with 23%, and the other ones ("I'm helluva tough!"/"Anything about youth centers" at 5%, "I'll throw you helluva far"/"Anything about milk" at 0%) after that. Yatta! Go vote on the NEW poll, then!!! ^_~V
Luv Y'all!

Yay! New La Mer!

Augh! December already! O_o; New La Mer up! And major thanks to the fan who emailed me about the Monty Python and GW crossover fics! I CRAVE feedback, you guys, even if it's not .... spectacular... *offers a lolly* love me? Pweese? *huge puppy dog eyes*
Luv Y'all!

Happy Tapas Day!
What is Tapas Day, you ask? Well, ask me and I'll tell ya!
Over 300 hits?! Why aren't you guys signing the guest book?! T_T

Ohohohoho~! *evil laughter continues* I GOT A NEW LA MER UP!!! Ohohohoho~!

Quotebook has been UPDATED!

New Linkage! Go to Target... or be eaten.... here's a good place to get some lunch... XD

Hey! La Mer's comin' soon, I promise.. and a new page JUST for anime/1x2 fans!! XD
Luv Y'all!

Betcha though I was dead or sumthin' ne? >.< Skool has been evil - I know think that La Mer will move to a monthly thing - so expect two comics (one for Sept, one for Oct) up soon - gomen nasai!!
On a lighter note - my b-day is in two days! Wai! ^_^ I'll gladly accept fanart, gifts, anything but hatemail! ^_~V
Luv Y'all!

Happy Labor Day! Skool starts on Weds, Vball game tomorra, and there's new Bishie and Bishoujo! Also, a 1x2 fanfic! Bwahahahaha! Check 'em out!
Luv Y'all!

New La Mer, forgot to say so last week too(Jade no baka, ne?). Check it out, and hope that I win my Varsity volleyball game on tuesday, kay?!
Luv Y'all!

New La Mer! And thank KAMI chamber is over..... and what the heck happened to Invader Zim?! I can't find what time it's on!!! *panics wildly*
Luv Y'all!

I might not get La Mer up on time. Don't beat me! Go read this instead.

Three new piccys at the Gallery. C&C, please!
Luv Y'all!

La Mer is up, and there are two new links in Linkage! ^_~V I am on a roll!
Luv Y'all!

New Bishie! And some of the alternate wordings (hold your mouse over the images) were changed - so check it out!!
Luv Y'all!

Another new pic @ the Gallery... ^^;;

New pics up at the Gallery.
Luv Y'all!

New La Mer! And visit the "Realm Exchange", where you can talk to me and other Realmers (I hope) about the site, anime, whatever makes you tick. But keep it clean, ne? ^_^ V
Luv Y'all! And I MEAN it!

After nicely screwing myself over with the "Blue Water" version.... I bring you what the Blue Water sees - WINGS! Woo! And the overhaul wasn't nearly as bad with this logo. ^o^ Jade is a happy, happy person... except that I didn't get La Mer up on time. *ducks flying trash* SORRY! T_T I've had a really bad week - and Yasmin, I'm doing the full day for Chamber. EMAIL ME!
Luv Y'all! And I MEAN it!

I TOLD you to look out for the llamas!
New pic @ the Gallery!

Luv Y'all!

Crying on the inside...

I hate myself. I was TRYING to make The Realm a better place for us all - in one night. Not gonna happen. The new background on the front page requires alot of changes I wasn't ready to make tonight - and so you'll just have to WAIT (>.<) for the 'Blue Water' overhaul. Bleh. On the upside, Outlaw Star is back on TOONAMI. Wai!
Luv Y'all!

The ONLY reason I updated some stuff to day is 'cause it's Friday the 13th.... and I LOVE YOU GUYS ^o^. Check out the new stuff over @ Sushi's, and check out the new links - and tell 'im who sent ya!
Shane from 'Stars Overdose' Luv Y'all!

New fanfic by yours truly over at the Sushi Shack! Please REVIEW if you want me to write a second part... all my friends are at camp! I have no people to talk to ! T_T New Linkage! And a "comic" is up.. of sorts.... >_<
Luv Y'all!

Happy 4th, y'all! Hope to have a new La Mer comic up soon ,and some new images for the gallery.... Go watch Invader Zim , on I think at 9:00 PM EST Fri (Nickelodeon)! Woo! I like Gir!!

New thing over @ Sushi's... a new La Mer comic, and I took out that pop-up menu. I didn't like how you couldn't go back on the new pages... so you'll just have to use the old portals until that gets fixed!

I MADE AN IMAGE GALLERY!!! Whoooooo!!! ^_^

........ I forgot what the update was. Don't worry, it wasn't important.....oh, yeah! Does anyone know where I could get a free/trial version of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? I really need it for my Online Manga University! Pweese!

New La Mer comic is up! And only ONE (sob, sob) new bishie.... I'm so ashamed...

Hope you like the new front page! I worked really hard on the new concept, and all. Email me and tell me what you think!

Quotebook updated! any help with frames would be greatly appreciated!! Don't forget to vote, and look for big layout changes soon.....

SUMMER BREAK!!!! So, expect more La Mer, more updates, just more Jade!!!! WHEE! Don't forget to sign the Guestbook, and email me with suggestions and such!

Got a scanner. How oddish.... anywhoo, a new La Mer comic is up. And there's a new poll up by Sushi - I pity tha foo' that don't like Mr T! Old poll results: Duo 48% (18 votes), Mr T 29% (11 votes), Otehr 18% (7 votes), Ken 2% (1 vote), and everyone else receiving 0 votes! Once again, Duo wins! ^_~ But because I love all of Mr T's quotes, I won't be voting but once on this poll!
Went to graduation today... I have some friends that were seniors. It was really nice, lovely.
Soon to come - a gallery of my own art, SCANNED in! Whoo hoo!

Screw Keenspace for the time being! I'm posting my comic, La Mer, on my page. Won't that be fun? Just a preview's up now, but wait until I get a scanner!

I'm now offering email as a service. It's anime email, oddly enough (this is an ANIME page, Zippy!)

Updated the Quotebook. Need to learn how to type. Talking in sentence fragments. School will be over soon. Next week is exams - no updates. Like I update that often. Need new bishie. Eating an apple. Enough from me.

Yeah, I think that the pop-up menu works now. Tell me if it doesn't. I added a new rants at The Sushi Shack.... new quotes coming as soon as I can stop freeting over finals (two weeks 'till doom!)
On an up note... I finally PASSED an Honors Geometry test! Whoo, baby!!!
I just noticed that Mikey signed the Guestbook.... but if you're not Mikey, me, Sushi, or a member of the OKS.... SIGN THE FRICKIN' BOOK!!!! It helps to boost my teeny-tiny ego a bit ^_^;;
Sushi promises that there'll be a new poll in a bit.... she keeps mumbling something about "Mr. T"....

Don't use the new pop-up menu yet.... it's really messed up and under construction!
On the upside, Lots of stuff has been updated! Go look!

new stuff coming. WAIT!!

There's no real reason for the Card Captor Sakura pic, other than the reason that I think it's a pretty cool anime. ^_~


I hate Angelfire Email.

YOU try sending an email through that THING!

Anyhoo, just added some fanworks that I finally got around to doing.. check out what Sushi's been up to! (Sorry about the survey. She used the comp when I wasn't looking.)
Ja ne for now!! ^_~
- Jade


Hey, all! It's me, Sushi Girl again! I just added a new poll (please vote only once a visit!) , some new Quotes, and two NEW PORTALS!!! Jade is working hard on getting her comic up, and I'll tell you when it's finally up and running! ^_^ Jade's LiveJournal (yes, it's all one word!) is just her strange ramblings outside of the Realm. Visit! And don't forget to EMAIL ME!! Ja ne for now!!
Sushi Girl, Over and out! ^_~

Just added some Bishie!

Back in School and wasting a free period..

I just updated the Quotebook.... go see! And if I had been at home, you would have gotten some new bishonen... but oh well! ^_^;;. The GW Poll is offically closed, with "Duo" at 55% (103 votes), "None, I don't watch GW!" at 41% (77 votes), "Heero" and "Quatre" tying at 1% (Heero-2, Quatre-3) and "Zechs" at 0%, but with 1 vote. Everyone else recieved no votes at all (so sad!). This strange percentage is largely due to te fact that Anna, of Quotebook Fame, stuffed the ballot box. Shame, shame!! So, Duo wins anyway 'cause he's my fav GW pilot. Ha! ^_^

Oooo, i just discovered that this page looks really bad in Explorer, try to use Netscape... O_o;; ai-ya...

Ja ne for now!!! ^_~

Spring Break and no fun yet....

Yes, indeed, I have been on Break since Monday, and I haven't had any 'fun' yet. I went shopping, but that's not 'fun', it's a life process. I also went to see "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", a film that has NO POINT WHATSOEVER. I am totally serious. It was a waste of $7.75 and I almost demanded my money back from those losers at the ticket counter, who were oh-so-snobby in even giving me my ticket, just 'cause I was 20 min late for the start. I did, however, ask my friends if I had missed anything- no, I hadn't.
And now Break is at it's mid-point: one more week to go before the torture starts all over again. But fear not, oh faithful Realmers! I have discovered two online comics to take away the pain of boredom. Behold! Eat the Roses and Megatokyo!! These wonderful sites have helped me forget the dullness of "reality" and escape to the wonderful world of anime and manga. Both are highly enjoyable, I suggest that you bookmark them both.
I was extremely excited last week to hear that Toonami would be playing "Sailor Moon R" as their Inflight Movie. I had been waiting forever and a day to see any type of SM movie on Toonami, and waited patiently until that Friday, only to be rewared with... DBZ - Tree of Might !!! I was so angry my hands started to shake! What the freak?! I had even set my VCR, something I hadn't done since Outlaw Star started to repeat! I was only pacified by the fact that starting March 26th, Toonami will be adding an anime only section to their website- The Reactor. So head on over to Toonami and check it out.
Hey, I've also gotten involved in a new RPG online- A Sailor Moon one, at that. Link will be going up soon! And I've even landed a space at, an automated and FREE online majigger for comic artists! I don't know how it happened, but it did. That link'll be going up as soon as I get some comics DONE! And that Ohayo-con review I've been promising since the begining of time- I'll have time to type it, so it should be going up sometime next week.
If any of you have been looking at the guestbook, you'll have noticed that I've being stalked by "Koopie", the President of the OKS (that's pronounced "oh-kay-ess"). Well, I, as the VP and only HTML-savvy member (we have three) will be putting up the Official OutKast Society Homepage (NO, not the band!!). Email me your submission if you think that you, too, belong to the world-wide collection of ousted and too-meek-to-rebell members of society- JK! We're tame, we just eat lunch together. But you, too, can start a branch of the OKS- just email me.
My newest love on the "TeeVee" is, get ready, NOT AN ANIME!!! It's the ever-so-loveable Naked Chef , who does NOT cook naked,it's the 'bare basics to cooking' or 'naked cooking', ha ha. He's British, and has the cutest 'lil accent- even if I can't understand him half the time. The only other shows I watch on Food Network are the Iron Chef (duh! it's an otaku must-watch!!) and Emeril (bam!!). These are all highly recommended by me, so you'd better watch!!! They're all wicked!
Enough of my ranting today. This is possibly the longest "update" (since nothing was actually updated) I'll ever do- blame Megatokyo.
-Jade ^_~

I really should be at an anime party...

It's true!! I'm missing out on an anime party 'cause I can't stay the night!! RRRRRRR -_-**
Anywhoo.. check out my Live Journal!! Tell me what you think!! ^_~

3/6/01 - SNOW DAY!!!

Sugoi!! 'Cause of the wicked snow storm that's raging through the Eastern Coast, I have no school today!! Pas de l'ecole! Es no escuela! ^_^ I am obviously very giddy about this. I finally fixed up the GW mecha eval, head on over to Sushi's Place to check it out! I've also added some new bishie to my collection- check 'em out! Look for those links soon..... ^_~

3/1/01 (National Peanut Butter Lover's Day!! Courtesy of Dr. Segeler, Geo teacher extraordinaire!)

Hey, There are some new quotes in the Qutoebook! Whee! And I've finally added one of my 'rants' to make you think.. check it out with Sushi Girl! And I've uploaded the GW Eval, but need to type in all the coding before it'll work (ugh). New links coming soon! ^_~


Hey, look! Nothing about the Ohayo-con yet! What,you were expecting something different? I got really sick these past few weeks, and so the Realm remains updated-less..... but I DO have a "Gundam Wing Mecha Evaluation" soming up soon (almost done, I swear!) and I got my pics back from the con (I look strange.... but you can see my jade necklace!), and the best pics were the ones where my mom made friends with Brett Weaver, Tiffany Grant and another voice actor in the lobby... spooky! Until then, ja ne! ^_~

2/2/01 (and now, for something completely different...)

He hee... I'm back from the con.... and I have no pics! I took lots and lots, but they aren't developed yet. I had a blast, however... and the story of my day-long adventure at the Ohayo-con will be up shortly! The Quotebook has some more quotes... and the links section has been repaired of all broken links!

Hey, on a different note Winter Formal is tomorrow! We're going to a fancy country club... and it's a fancy sit-down dinner and it'll be all FANCY 'cause that's the way preppy schools are! ^_^ And I'm wearing a Chinese shirt.... 'cause I love all things Asian! So, send those reviews, pics, and rants! Mmm hmm.. well, that's it, then. Ja ne! ^_~


I'm soooo sorry that I'm a lazy, lazy person, but I'm just recovering from mid-terms (last week) and I needed to get my mind re-started. I updated..obviously...and when i tried to put in frames...they didn't work!! T_T Soo....tell me if you know how to handle frames!'Cause I suck! You know where to look for the email address by now. OH! Tomorrow, I'm heading off to the Ohayo-con, in Cleveland, OH. I think it's the first year, but alot of my school chums are getting together and going. It's gonna be fun! I'll be back soon with con pics and more updates! Ja ne!


I'm taking a quick break from mid-term studying to update, and lookie! I changed the fonts, so now it's easier to read, and I placed some Comet Cursors on the pages. The pages run by Sushi Girl have cucumber rolls on them, and all of my pages have the Chinese symbol for 'dragon'. Ain't that neat?! Wish me good luck on the mid-terms! ^_~


Hey, all! This time Jade was too lazy to do the update, and so I, Sushi Onna no ko, am writing to y'all. Jade's added some banners and a poll, which I get to update when y'all are sick of it (whee!), and a new Emiko's Genesis banner has been put on the links page. Right now, Jade's working out a new layout for the Realm, (if only we knew how to deal with frames!) so look for big changes....not soon....eventually. And no more updates for a while! Exams are coming up, we'll be too busy cramming and panicking to work on much else. So 'till then, peace out! Sushi Girl, over and out!


Hey, hey, hey. I've ben getting some feedback already about the page. Thanks to everyone that responded! I've added some more content, and more links, too. If you have any trouble navigating the Realm, just email me and I'll fix it as quick as I can. I'm only one poor, sleep-deprived, crazed otaku, you know. Also, I need more quotes! And pics! And raves and anime reviews! (Just remember the Golden Rule: No hentai or yaoi!) So please ::SUBMIT:: your works! That's all my rants for now. Bai! ^_~


I've been thinking about doing this web site for a while now, and now that i got a new comp for Christmas, i finally have the chance! The Realm was created by myself, the Jade Sage, in a fit of boredness, and i've been working on bringing it to life ever since. This is a place where people commute by 'teleporting', a la Star Trek. I'm an intense otaku, and i love all anime except for hentai and yaoi. If you would like to help me by sending in your anime rants, pics and fanfics (of all kinds but perverted kinds), i'd be ever so grateful. Email me and we'll talk. My sn is chinoseryu248,(i'm on AIM) and if you're just gonna flame me, i'll just ignore you. (^_~ ha ha!) Look for this page to progress as i get more quotes and as i get more time. i'm on winter break right now, and i'll work on the page even when i got back to school! WOW! that's all for now. Bai!

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