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Kodomo no Tsuki-na v 2.0
Updated : Feb 15, 2002

Konnichiwa, minna-san!!!!

Feb. 15, 2002 Updates:
Ugh, the Weblady is having a mental breakdown. Plus she is also technically grounded off the comp. School comps are awesome ne, even though they're a bit slow...But the me ish gonna be a lil...broken and dead for a bit, cuz of pianistic endeavors and all that jazz. Just keep waiting...onegai?!

Jan. 27, 2002 Updates:
Slowly, but steadily, I think I'm getting the revamped sitey done! *gasp* Actualy, it's because my parental units aren't home, and I have all the time in the world today...Uploaded the new home page and hopfully the Jupiter page!


Jan 11, 2002 Updates:
Joy...midterms. We're supposed to be studying but Inari-san is over and surfing for awesome home-pagey things. Mars page is up!


-Web-lady Tsukino Seika




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