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Tribute to an Idol


Anza, for those of you who don't know, plays Sailormoon/Usagi in the Sera Myu Sailormon Musicals. Anza was the FIRST Sailormoon (First Stage Cast). I can't say she is the best of the 3 because I haven't seen the other 2, but she is EXCELLENT!

This site is/was made in honor of Anza and her talent. I have uploaded the pages for Snapshots, Sts, Links/LA and the Fanza Club page. I hope you enjoy my site and e-mail me with suggestions!

Stats Roles/Shows Songs
Snapshots Links/L.E. FANZA Club

Well, I hope you found my site helpful and interesting and if you have ANY QUESTION AT ALL about the Eien Densetsu Musical, then E-mail me!

Sailor Moon, Sera Myu, and any other realted matierial are copyrighted their respected owners. All, if not most, of the pics on this page were taken from La*Soldier and edited by me.

The Song you are hearing at the moment is "La Soldier" from all of the Musicals and SMR sung by Moonlips (first stage inner senshi--Seramyu)and Sakurakko Club (first stage cast and more--Anime). If can be found on all of the CDs.

SeraMyu // Chihiro Imai

Anza fans have been here!