With much difficulty... I have come to the decision that I am no longer, in any way, shape, or form, able to write fanfiction. There is simply no room in my life right now to go about writing fanfics anymore, no ideas are coming to me. Life is incredibly difficult in many ways right now. And so, I submit my temporary resignment. Thanks to everyone who wrote to me, and all the people who gave me their support, I owe you much thanks! Enjoy what little there is to the site, if anyone feels like making submissions, I can add them up from time to time

The page you are about to enter contains material that may be unsuitable for those who are not mature enough to handle it. It contains Yaoi (male/male) and Yuri (female/female) relationships. Does the thought of two of your favorite anime boys kissing (not to mention a few "other things") make your stomach twist itself into a knot? If you said yes and you disagree with these types of things, or have stumbled onto here by accident, please leave now. Other than that, brace yourself, and prepare to enter.

To enter, follow my guide...or perhaps you wanted to head somewhere a little safer?

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