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Welcome to Pchangrl's
Crystal Tokyo

Update October 3, 2002

8/03/02- It's been awhile since i last updated. I thought I might as well start workin on this site. I got more anime pics I wanna post, so keep on checking back for updates. Right now I'm working on Fruits Basket. I don't have much up, only the group galleries for now, but there's more on the way.


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Card Captors Sakura Page CLAMP Campus Detectives Dragon Ball Z Page Escaflowne Page Flame of Recca Pics Fruits Basket Pics Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play) Haunted Junction Page Inu Yasha Page Magic User's Club Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Please Save My Earth Princess Mononoke(Mononoke Hime) Page Ranma 1/2 Page Rurouni Kenshin Page Sailor Moon Page Saint Tail Page Socerer Hunters Page Yu Yu Hakusho Page Links Page

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Okay people please feel free to take the pics as long as you sign my guestbook. And for those who I got the pics from, if you wish them off my site please feel free to email me at PCHANGRL@HOTMAIL.COM or NIK_NIK_@HOTMAIL.COM ok thanks! And also, I do NOT own any of these characters or animes, I just own the page.