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Tis a Simple Blog/Personal site laout that can easily be turned into an iframes layout or just stay as is, depends on if u want it blog or more formal.
iframes are a cinche and look cool here, i have a couple sites like this myself with iframes ^_^
The picture I made with one of urs, i think it looks pretty cute, not sure if it's the one u wanted to use though, I didn't wait for the one you wanted to come in the mail. If you don't like this one I'll redo it with the picture you want.
Anyways, I like this layout, it's pretty cute. The boxes at the top are navigation, I think that's pretty much self explanatory, huh?
I got the idea for this layout from but I made it myself.
It's viewable in IE only, and only if CSS is enabled.
Hope you like!

Realm of the Senshi