Ranma-Chan's Juvenile Adventure
by Incognito Himitsu(2002)
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Chapter 1 - 'You just can't deal with pressure'

Above there was a pounding of feet upon the floor. That was followed by the sound of rapid steps down the stairs, then up the stairs again, and then pounding on the floor, followed by the sound of feet upon the stairs once again.

Kasumi Tendou took note of the sound in a kind of off hand way, though she was giving more of her attention to making breakfast. She checked the eggs, stirring them with a long pair of cooking chopsticks and then poured the chopped shallots into the mix.

Suddenly Soun Tendou came into the kitchen at a near run. "Rice?!"

"Over there father," she said, pointing at the big rice cooker.

"No! Uncooked!"

That took the normally unflappable Kasumi a little by surprise. That her father was interested in unprepared food was not a regular occurrence. She opened one of the cupboards and took out a big, twenty-pound bag of rice-still unopened.

"Perfect," Sound said, grabbing it and then running out.

Kasumi considered what his actions might mean as she went over to the rice cooker and began removed several scoops of rice.

She was almost finished preparing breakfast when both Soun and Genma Satome came into the room. Both were dressed as for travelling, with large packs on their backs. Each held out a rather large begging bowl. "Something to send us on our way," Soun said.

"You're going somewhere father, Mr. Satome?" she asked.

"Training journey," Genma said, the light reflecting off his spectacles.

"We'll be gone for a month, maybe two," Soun added. "Very important."

"But who will run the dojo?" Kasumi asked, even as she filled their bowls with rice and the omelette she had prepared.

"Ranma can," Genma said. "It will be good experience for him."

"I'm certain that you girls can help him, and Mr. Takama will be able to take any classes during the day," Soun added.

"All right," Kasumi said, quite willing to accept that.

"We are off daughter," Soun said with a great deal of confidence, and then he suddenly looked sheepish. "Take care of yourself and your sisters while Daddy is away." There were tears in his eyes and it looked as if he might start crying any moment.

"Let's go Tendou," Genma said, grabbing his friend and dragging him from the kitchen before he started bawling.

A moment later the sound of the sliding door opening and then closing was indication that the two men had left.

Kasumi was no fool of course. She knew there sudden vacating of the house met that something that they considered bad was coming. She also knew that things might go for the better if the two of them were not present.

Smiling slightly, she went to work replacing the food that the two men had taken. She had given them much larger portions than usual, hopefully to curb the larcenous tendencies that Mr. Satome, and sometimes her father, got when they were hungry: At least until they had left the immediate area.


Ranma was not woken early in the morning by his father and the strict training schedule his father made him live by. When he did wake he could not help that things were not right. The lateness of the morning was one of those things that were not right, as was his father's obvious absence. As he got up and got dressed he noted that his father's travelling pack was missing.

He left his room and climbed down the stairs into the living room. There Akane and Nabiki, both in their school uniforms, were seated around the table, with Kasumi.

"Where's my father?" he asked.

"He has, with our father, gone on a training trip," Kasumi said brightly as she put a large bowl of rise and an omelette in front of Ranma.

Ranma looked at the three of them. "Something is up," he said.

"Of course something is up," Akane said. "We were just wondering what."

"I'm sure that a manly girl like you will be able to handle it," Ranma told her as he started in on his rice.

"Better than a pervert like you," she countered.

"Maybe you can feed the threat breakfast."

Normally such a comment would have resulted in Ranma being hit with the table and then perhaps punted into the pond out back for good measure. And that was what Akane was planning but the sudden appearance of Happosi, leaping at her, with a shout of "Akane sweety," interrupted her.

He was stopped in mid-leap by Ranma's foot. He bounced off and ended up landing flat on his back, a foot imprint on his face. He sprung up a moment later, looking furious. "That is no way to treat your master," he shouted at Ranma.

"It's a perfect way to treat an old pervert like you," Ranma told him, turning his attention back to his food.

"Here you go Mr. Happosi," Kasumi said, putting a bowl of rice in front of him.

Happosi looked a little mollified by the offering of food, and quickly set at it. A few seconds later he looked up, several grains of rice on his lips. "I take it that Soun and Genma have already left?"

"Yes," Nabiki told him. "Why?"

"Oh, I'm such an unfortunate man," Happosi wailed. "My two pupils have deserted their master when he has need for them."

"Why do you need them?" Akane asked him.

"It is a challenge," Happosi told her.

"A challenge?" Ranma, Akane and Nabiki asked all at once.

"My rival, the Master of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling, has called me out. His students against mine. I expected my students to be here to meet this challenge. Don't they know the great shame I will suffer?!"

"I suspect that they do you old pervert," Ranma said, pushing his empty plates aside. "What better reason for them to take off on you?"

Happosi turned to stare daggers at Ranma. "Of course, you are still here."

"You're not my teacher," Ranma snapped. "Your nothing but a crank who is more trouble than he is worth. Enjoy your shame."

Happosi's eyes narrowed and his look was one of anger. Suddenly that faded and he began to cry. "Please help me."

"No," Ranma said, getting to his feet.

"Won't you help me pretty like Akane?" he asked, turning his attention to Akane.

Before Akane could answer Ranma had grabbed the old man and with a mighty kick, sent him flying out over the city. "Go away!"

"That wasn't nice," Akane said, though she could not really bring herself to disapprove.

"Just because you said no doesn't mean that he won't arrange for you to fight these challengers," Nabiki said sagely.

"I know," Ranma said, not sounding too upset by the prospect. "I just don't want him to think that I will do what he says just because he asks."

"Aren't you worried about these challenges?" Akane asked him.

"Who? Me? I don't care who these challengers are. I'll beat them all!"

Akane sighed, but she said nothing to Ranma's boast.


The rest of the day passed quietly enough, well, quiet was not the right word for it, a standard day for Ranma might be the best way to put it.

He and Akane were leaving the school, discussing their fathers' sudden disappearance and what it might mean when he showed up.

Standing by the school gates was a tall, young man, dressed in a loose pair of pants and a tight T-shirt. His hair was long and black, and his skin the colour of coffee with milk in it. The students all gave him plenty of room, knowing full well that people like that spelt trouble. At least if they were close; from a safe distance people like that guaranteed some form of entertainment.

He shifted about as Ranma approached, moving to block his way.

"Are you Ranma Satome, student of Happosi?" he asked.

Akane sighed loudly. Ranma turned his eyes heavenward and snorted. "I'm not his student, but the rest of that is right. Who are you?"

"I am Agra, student of the great Master of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling, Tomasa. I am here to beat you."

"Yeah," Ranma said, sounding less than enthused. "Whatever." He handed his bag to Akane. "Let's go somewhere a little less crowded." That said Ranma leapt to the wall, and then out over the trees.

"He's running away!" Agra said with disgust.

"No, he's just avoiding some problems if he fights here," Akane told him, thinking of Miss Hinako, among other difficulties. "You better go after him."

Agra looked at her, and then paused. From the distance he heard Ranma call, "Well, hurry up, I don't have all day!"

"I'll show him!" he snapped, and then followed.

It did not take long for Agra to catch up with Ranma. Ranma had found an empty stretch of grass by the river. While he was of course wary about fighting near the water, it was a good, open place where no one was likely to get hurt when and if the person he was fighting started throwing around dangerous weapons.

"Ready?" Ranma asked, scuffing the ground with his shoes.

"Prepare to be beaten by a master of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling," Agra replied.

"I'll believe it when I see it," was Ranma's answer.

Agra leapt forward, lashing out with a series of two fingered jabs, each moving so fast that his hands were simply a blur. Ranma dodged and weaved in-between the attacks, an inattentive look on his face as he did so.

Agra, looking a little flustered by Ranma's avoiding of his blows, added kicks to his attack, forcing Ranma to redouble his efforts to avoid being hit.

They had moved about the entire field and Ranma had still not countered when students from the school, including Akane, began to arrive.

"I will beat you Satome!" Agra said, and, with an all out attack, managed to land several hits on Ranma, each barely seeming to touch. At that point Agra leapt back and cried out, "I have you!"

"Do you really think so?" Ranma asked as he stood his ground.

Agra answered by charging back into the fight. Ranma kicked him as soon as he got close, sending him flying back. Agra lay on his back, several feet away, looking very puzzled.

"Ready to give up yet?" Ranma asked, coming to stand over him.

"Never," Agra cried, surging to his feet and once more launching another series of two finger jabs at Ranma.

Ranma hit him with a reverse punch, sending him flying back.

This went on several more times before Akane finally realised what Agra was doing. "He is using pressure point techniques."

"Apparently so," Nabiki said from beside her.

Akane was a little surprised by her sister's sudden appearance. "What are you doing here?"

"There are some bets on this," was her simple reply. "Do you notice what Ranma is doing?"

Akane turned her attention back to the fight, shifting her full attention to Ranma. She watched for several seconds before she realised how he was resisting the techniques. "Counter points," she said.

"I guess our Ranma got tired of being subject to such things."

It was at about that time when Agra finally figured out what was happening. He stood some distance from Ranma, breathing heavily, his clothes ripped and his face bruised. "How are you doing that?" he demanded.

"It's not too hard," Ranma replied. "You just have to know the counter points."

"Well then," Agra said. "I'll have to use my finishing move. This is one that you cannot counter."

"We'll see, won't we," Ranma told him, still sounding unconcerned.

Agra exploded forward, hand weaving a complex pattern in front of him that made it impossible for Ranma to be certain what pressure point he was attempting. He stood his ground ready to counter.

The attack, when it came, was not one that Ranma had ever seen before. Agra's right hand dipped, his pointer finger brushing against Ranma's abdomen. Ranma did not know what it was supposed to do, but nothing felt wrong, at least as far as fighting went, so he decided to end the fight then and there.

Agra looked very surprised as Ranma hit him with a punch that sent him staggering back to fall senseless to the ground some twenty meters away.

He had won.

The watching students starting to head off, some pausing to call out congratulations, others were pausing to pay Nabiki off on lost bets. Akane was making her way down the bank towards him.

Ranma stood there, trying to decide what the pressure point attack had been supposed to do. Perhaps paralyse his legs? Or maybe knock him out right away. It was supposed to be a finishing move after all.

"Are you okay Ranma?" Akane asked as she closed.

"Sure," Ranma told her. "He was no big deal. A lot easier than I would have thought. Pops could have beaten this guy easy."

"But, what's that? Are you bleeding?" She was looking down about his waist.

Ranma looked down and saw a rapidly growing dark spot on his pants and frowned, as if trying to understand what it meant. Then he did something that completely surprised Akane. He leapt into the river.

A moment later Ranma, female, was swimming at a good clip, away from the area.

Akane stared after her and frowned as a thought occurred to her.

Surely Ranma could not have wet his pants?

Chapter 2 - 'Bad news and bad news and a shoulder to lean on'

Dr. Tofu carefully examined Ranma. The young man (thanks to a kettle of hot water) sat on the doctor's examining table, partially covered by a towel.

"And you say you could not control it?" Dr. Tofu asked as he gently palpitated Ranma's abdomen.

Ranma shook his head. "It just came out."

"And he pressed you here." his hands were over the place where Agra had it Ranma.

"Right there exactly."

"I don't know of any pressure points in that location. I'm not certain how to counter it."

"You mean..."

"Well, don't assume the worst right away," Dr. Tofu said, smiling to reassure Ranma. "I do know several locations that help control this sort of thing." As he talked his fingers were tapping several places on Ranma's body.

"I hope they..." Ranma trailed off. A small stream of urine was flowing from his penis, onto the padded surface of the table.

"I suppose that this will require some research," Dr. Tofu said, diplomatically looking the other way at the same time he handed Ranma another towel.

"I don't believe this," Ranma said as he blotted up the urine between his legs with the towel. "I just can't believe it."

"I suspect that you have some control over your bladder, enough to stop constant leaking, but at a certain point it will come out, with little or no warning. The way you move, if you laugh, all these things could cause a release," Dr. Tofu said, sounding very clinical. There are some measures that..."

"I'm going," Ranma said, tossing the wet towel into a nearby laundry bag. He reached for his still wet clothes.

"Going? Where?"

"To find out exactly how to fix this thing."


Akane stood outside of Dr. Tofu's clinic for a moment, and then knocked on the door. It was late and no one was about. A few seconds later Dr. Tofu opened the door.

"Akane, it is good to see you. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Dr. Tofu," she said. "I just came to see if Ranma had stopped by."

"Ah, yes, Ranma. He was here earlier."

"Is he alright? He left the fight in a hurry and well..."

"It's good to see that you are concerned for him."

"It's not that," she protested. "I just thought someone should look out for him because his father is away."

"Or course," he said, not doing a very good job of hiding his smile. Then the smile was gone. "Ranma is alright, but he may need some," he paused, "support," he finished.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I can't really talk about my patients behind their back you realise," he told her.

"I know, it's just that..."

"He'll no doubt tell you what is wrong soon enough," Dr. Tofu told her. "And when he does, make sure that you are supportive."

"I will be," Akane told him.

"Good." He put a hand on Akane's head. "It is good that Ranma has someone to look out for him."

Akane blushed deeply and simply nodded.


Agra sat by the dark river, staring at the light reflected within. He had loss. Master Tomasa would be quite angry with him. Suddenly he was aware of someone standing nearby. He leapt to his feet, or tried to, but an angry Ranma Satome caught him with a punch and then pinned him to the ground, his arm behind his back, wrist touching his shoulder blade.

"We have to talk," Ranma said in a curiously calm voice.

"About what?" Agra asked and then grunted in pain as Ranma applied more force to his arm.

"What did you do to me?"

"It was my finishing move," Agra said, gasping with pain.

"How was that stupid thing your finishing move?"

"Most people who piss their pants are a little more concerned about it. While they are standing there, wondering why their underwear is damp, I cold cock them."

Ranma released his hold on Agra and moved back. "You're kidding?"

Agra turned about, still on the ground, and shook his head. "It has always worked before."

For a moment Ranma was simply confused and stared open mouthed at Agra. "Well it did not work on me," he finally said. "Now reverse it!"

"Reverse it?"

"Counter it. I don't want to be wett... I don't want it affecting me any more."

"I can't counter it."

Ranma clenched his fists and moved in closer to Agra. "You had better counter it."

"But I can't. It's...."

Ranma moved in fast, but instead of hitting Agra, he hit the same spot on the young man's abdomen that he had hit on Ranma's earlier that day.

"What did you do... Ahhh!" he screamed. "I'm pissing myself!"

"Yes you are," Ranma told him.

"You jerk!" Agra yelled as he sprung to his feet. "Look at me! I can't have this."

"Well," Ranma said smugly, "I guess you will just have to counter it, and I'll be watching."

"Don't you get it?" Agra all but screamed. "There is no counter! This cannot be reversed!"


"It is not impossible you idiot. Why would I have a counter! I never expected it to be used on me. It is my special finishing technique!"

"So now what?" Ranma demanded.

"I don't know. Maybe it will wear off, maybe, I don't know!"

Ranma could tell that Agra was telling the truth. "Of all the idiotic, stupid things to do," he snapped, and then hit Agra hard enough to send him soaring.

As Agra's form dwindled off into the distance Ranma sat down heavily. What was he going to do?


Akane was sitting at the living room table, doing her homework. Earlier she had taught an evening class to some of her father's students. Earlier still she had eaten dinner. Ranma had still not returned.

"Are you alright Akane?" Kasumi asked.

Akane looked up at her elder sister. "I'm worried about Ranma Kasumi."

"He head one of those fights with the people Happosi was worried about, didn't he?"

Akane nodded. "He won, but, well, things seem strange."

Kasumi took a seat across from Akane. "Tell me about it," she said.

So Akane told the story, ending with how Ranma leapt into the river and then later what Dr. Tofu said.

Kasumi nodded when it was all over. "I suspect that Dr. Tofu is right. I'm sure that Ranma will be fine."

Akane nodded. "He still is not home yet."

"I'm sure he will be soon."

And as if her words were a prophecy, the door to the house opened and they heard Ranma call out that he was home. But he did not come into the living room but went straight up the stairs. Above them they heard the door to the bathroom open and close.

Akane started to get up but Kasumi put a hand on her shoulder. "Give him a little space," she advised. "I'll go up and talk to him later."

"Thank you Kasumi," Akane said.


Ranma soaked in a tub of hot water, trying not to think about anything. He had not lost control for almost two hours; of course he had not had anything to drink in about four and was feeling thirsty. He suspected that the two things went together.

Finally he climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel to dry himself off. He then dressed quickly and exited the bathroom, planning on making a run straight for his room. He was stopped by Kasumi.

"Ranma, I think we should talk."

Ranma was in no mood to talk and had it been anyone but Kasumi he might have very well refused. It was Kasumi, however, and he would have been hard pressed to say no, even if he had not wanted to talk to someone. "Okay," he said softly.

Kasumi led the way into Ranma's room and then closed the door. "Nabiki is out buying some groceries," she told him. "Akane is downstairs. You have all the privacy you want."

Ranma nodded, grateful for Kasumi's foresight and reassurances. "What exactly do you know?"

"I know what Akane has told me about the fight, and that you had gone to see Dr. Tofu. I can make some guesses, but..."

Ranma nodded and then said, somewhat to his own surprise, "I can't seem to control my bladder any more."

Kasumi said nothing, just stood there, waiting for him to say whatever else he might say.

The story came out fairly quickly as Ranma told her about the aftermath of the fight, what Dr. Tofu had discovered and what had happened when he had gone to confront Agra. He finally finished and looked towards Kasumi, waiting for what she was going to say.

"It is very unfortunate," Kasumi told him.

Ranma laughed at that, though there was no mirth in it. "Yes it is."

"I guess we'll just have to deal with it," she told him. "Dr. Tofu might find a way to fix things, or it might wear off. All that matters now is that you know we are here for you." And with that she stepped forward and hugged Ranma, taking him completely by surprise, but it was exactly what he needed.

"Thank you Kasumi," he said after a moment.


Later that evening, after Ranma had gone to sleep, Kasumi explained to Akane and Nabiki exactly what had happened. She knew that her younger sisters, while quite cable of being incredibly violent or mercenary, were kind enough, even if it took a little guilt to get them to realise it. The fact was that they were going to become aware of Ranma's problem sooner rather than later and Kasumi figured telling them in advance would spare at least some embarrassment.

"So," Nabiki asked, "do you think that Dr. Tofu will figure out something?"

"He is a very intelligent man. I'm certain that if there is a way to cure this, he will find it."

"But what if there isn't?" Akane asked, a worried look on her face.

"Well, I guess we'll have to deal with that when it comes. And remember, this could be all taken care of by tomorrow."

"I guess that is true," Akane said.

"Sure, by tomorrow this will all be a funny memory we can use against Ranma," Nabiki said jovially.

She was, of course, wrong.

Chapter 3 - 'Wet girl'

The next day Ranma did not go to school. He had woken up in a wet bed, his urine smelling especially bad as he had not had anything to drink, and his spirits were severely beaten.

Nabiki and Akane went off to school, Kasumi put the futon in the back yard to air out, and Ranma essentially sulked. He was willing to help out if Kasumi asked, but there was an air of distraction about him and he would often dash off, hand grasping his penis through his pants (the only way he was afforded to control the flow of urine), heading for the bathroom. In this way there were no real messes, though Ranma changed damp underwear and pants several times during that day.

On her way home Akane had stopped off at Dr. Tofu's office to speak to him. It was unfortunate that he had nothing to offer; through he had ordered a number of books from China in hopes of finding an answer.

That Dr. Tofu was working on things seemed to make Ranma feel a little better, but it was not really enough to help.

After dinner he went up to his room, telling the others that he wanted to be alone.

Kasumi was a little worried about him and was wondering what she could do to help him.

Nabiki was concerned about Ranma as well, but as there was no way to make money off of it (well, aside from blackmail, which considering the situation would be too cruel) had turned her thoughts to other things.

Akane was a little mad at him, something she took out on a few unfortunate students that night, feeling that he was taking it all too hard. Then she wondered how she would feel if it were her that hat the wetting problem. She could not really be too angry with Ranma, at that moment.

The next day Ranma woke up in a wet bed once more (though that time he had been drinking normally and the smell was not as bad) and as he stripped his wet shorts off he came a decision.

When Akane came downstairs for breakfast she noted that Ranma was not at the table. She looked outside and saw the redheaded figure of female Ranma sitting out desk, looking out at the yard, and probably at the wet futon hanging on the drying poles. Deciding to give her some space, Akane took a seat at the table and ate breakfast.

Once things had been cleared away she headed out and took a seat beside Ranma. "Are you going to school today?" she asked Ranma.

"No," Ranma said in a petulant tone of voice.

"Okay," Akane told her, figuring that Ranma had the right for some time off school. She got to her feet and then turned to look at the redheaded girl. "Do you mind if I ask why you are female?" She was a little curious, wondering if Ranma had wet enough to initiate her change.

"It's alright for girls to wet themselves," Ranma told her. "This is a lot less embarrassing if I'm a girl."

Ranma probably did not know how close he came to being killed. In fact he might have been had not his statement surprised Akane so much that she went back into the house (unnoticed by Ranma) and considered his words to see if she had misunderstood them.

She turned about, ready express her displeasure on Ranma for saying such a think but was stopped by Nabiki who stood between Akane and the target of her displeasure.

"It won't help," Nabiki said.

"But she said..." Akane began, almost sputtering with anger.

"I know what Ranma said," Nabiki cut her off. "And it makes me angry as well, but consider all the times you have clobbered him or her before. Do you think it will work this time?"

"It will make me feel better!"

"I'd rather teach her a lesson," Nabiki told her.

There was something in Nabiki's tone that caught Akane's attention. "What kind of lesson?"

"I'm not sure about that," Nabiki admitted.

"I might have an idea."

Both Akane and Nabiki turned to face their older sister. Both a little surprised at her presence and words.

"You heard?" Nabiki asked.

Kasumi nodded. "Of course I feel sorry for Ranma and what he has gone through, but there are some things that you should not ignore. Not doing anything would bring more harm to Ranma I think. Mr. Satome was a little foolish in the way that Ranma was brought up."

To hear the normally level headed and kind Kasumi say such a thing surprised both of the younger Tendou sisters. It would have been equivalent to anyone else cursing Genma Satome with the worse things they could say.

"Do you have a plan?" Akane asked.

Kasumi nodded. "I think it will solve a lot of problems. Now, you two go to school and let me take care of this."

"Okay," Nabiki said.

"Alright," Akane agreed.

Together Akane and Nabiki set off to school, leaving Kasumi to deal with their Ranma problem.


Ranma moped about the Tendou residence, feeling sorry for herself for the most part. Normally Ranma would not have given into such depression, but this was the first insurmountable problem she had ever been presented with. Even the curse had not affected her/him as much. Ranma had always believed that there was a possible cure for the curse, but he was not so certain about what he suffered from this time.

If Dr. Tofu did not know a counter pressure point, and the technique's creator did not know either, then Ranma was not quite certain who would. So she was depressed.

Near noon, as she came out of the bathroom, a small wet spot on her pants, she met Kasumi.

"Oh, Kasumi," Ranma said, feeling her cheeks grow hot as she looked down at the floor.

"Ranma, we need to talk," Kasumi said in a tone that had a sense of finality about it that was just not argued with.

Ranma nodded.

"Come on," she said, and then led him into her room. She closed the door and turned to look at her. "This is becoming a problem. All your clothes are in the wash, your futon is again hanging outside, and while you have been quite good about it until now, you are bound to end up making a mess that will probably require some money to clean. We just can't have this."

Ranma nodded again. "I'm sorry," she said.

"I know you are," Kasumi said kindly. "And I know it is not your fault, but I think it will be best if we take some measures."

"Measures?" Ranma asked, but deep down she was fairly certain what Kasumi might suggest.

Kasumi sighed. "I went to talk with Dr. Tofu this morning. He was joking around as usual, but I did look through some of his books. There are a few options for someone in your condition. The simplest and most effective is a protective undergarment, a diaper."

Ranma's face went red when she heard that word. Expecting it was one thing, but actually hearing it was another.

"I don't want to wear diapers," she said is a soft and petulant tone.

"Ranma, this problem of yours is very inconvenient for us, not to mention the potential of being costly. We just don't have the money to constantly launder your clothes and bedding, nor to replace anything that you might damage," she told him. It was something of an untruth, but not completely. She suspected Ranma could keep from wetting on the furniture or floor mats, and the increased laundry certainly would not break them, but it might make things a little tight at times. "I wish we could avoid this as well, but I think it is the best choice."

Ranma was reminded of the first time the Tendou sisters had gotten her into girl's clothing. The argument had been very similar, and like then, she knew she had no choice but to give into it. That did not make her feel any better, however.


"Good," Kasumi said brightly. To Ranma her tone of voice and smile almost made it worthwhile.

Kasumi busied herself with some bags, laying out a white diaper cover, and then putting the diapers over it in a T formation. She was quick and precise and in a short time had everything ready.

Ranma looked at the diapers and felt, well, scared. It was not a feeling that she was used to. That a feeling of fear should come from something as innocent as diapers was almost funny. Lost in her thoughts, Kasumi had pulled down her pants and underwear before she could stop her.

"Alright," Kasumi said as she shifted Ranma's feet out of the tangle of cloth about her ankles, "why don't you just lie down and we'll get this taken care of."

Ranma felt oddly disconnected as she knelt down by the diapers, and then shifted herself about so she was lying on them. The soft, thick material compressed under her buttocks and the plastic of the diaper cover made a soft, whispering sound.

"Lift your hips a bit," Kasumi said, and then shifted the diapers a little bit underneath Ranma.

"I can do this myself," Ranma said in a small voice. Her face had grown almost unbearably hot, and she felt so exposed, lying on the diapers, naked from the waist down. She could not ever recall having felt so exposed and so helpless, even as a little boy.

"Do you know how to put diapers on?" Kasumi asked as she reached for a tin of skin cream.

"Well, no," Ranma said, suddenly feeling even more ineffectual and child like for having to admit she was lacking in some skill.

"So how will you know if you put them on right?" Kasumi asked in reasonable tone. "If they leak, then they will serve no point." She scooped some of the thick cream onto her fingers and then began to smooth it over her hands.

"You're right," Ranma admitted.

"Don't worry," Kasumi said kindly, and then she began to smooth the cream between Ranma's legs and under her buttocks.

As Ranma flushed hotly Kasumi could not help but feel a little sympathy for her. She had intended on introducing some kind of protective undergarment as soon as Ranma had told her about his problem. At first she had an Oyasumi bedwetting pant in mind.

In female form Ranma could have easily worn the thin and unobtrusive garment. That would have taken care of all the problems, until they could find a cure. Unfortunately for Ranma, her ill thought comment about the appropriateness of girls wetting themselves had altered Kasumi's plan.

Cloth diapers were going to be the order of the day. No easily pulling on an Oysaumi for Ranma, it was going to be a change when necessary. Kasumi figured with Ranma's normal thick headedness it would take a few weeks for her to get the point, but that was okay. She had to admit she rather enjoyed the prospect of getting to take care of Ranma-chan over the next few weeks. It suited her nurturing side.

Finished with the cream, she picked up a towel and wiped her hands clean. She then opened a contained of baby powder and sprinkled it all over Ranma. "There we go," she said as she began to fold the cloth up, wrapping it snugly between her legs. Kasumi then fastened the diaper cover up, tightly securing the cloth in place as the snapped the catches shut.

"That should keep everything nice and dry," Kasumi told Ranma as she checked to make certain that the diapers were tucked in. She then patted the front of the diaper. "All done," she announced.

Ranma, who had lain there, feeling like, well, a baby, was still completely unsure what to do. She did say, "Thank you," however, because it seemed required.

Kasumi smiled again. "I'm afraid your regular clothes may not fit over that diaper, so let me see what I might have. I'm sure there are a few things in here from when I was younger." Kasumi opened the wardrobe and began to look through it. In fact she knew exactly what she was looking for. She had a box of old clothes that she had not gotten rid of, nor had she passed them down to Nabiki or Akane. Well, she had tried, but neither of her younger sisters had thought much of the overly cute designs.

She removed the box and opened it. "Here we go," she said happily. "I think this will work perfectly for concealing the diapers." There was no need to let Ranma know the real reason she was going to be wearing those clothes.

"Thank you," Ranma said, a little more feeling to it as she thought that Kasumi was thinking of the best for her.

Kasumi nodded as she held out a dark red skirt with pink embroidery of kittens around the hem. "This should do, and there is a matching blouse in here somewhere as well," she started looking through the box again. "You should take off your shirt."

Ranma did as she was told, removing her shirt so she was clad only in the diaper. As Kasumi turned back to her she noted that Ranma was not wearing a bra, which was not really a surprise. If she was going to stay female for the time being Kasumi might try to convince her to wear one, but it was not going to be easy, she suspected.

"Let's get you into this blouse first," Kasumi told her, holding out a white blouse, with red and pink kittens embroidered around the ends of the short sleeves and the collar.

Ranma put on the blouse (fortunately it was meant to hang loose and was not overly tight across her chest) and then the skirt, Kasumi helped her with the buttons at the back. The effect was simply darling, but Kasumi was careful not to say that. She looked at the outfit with a critical eye and then said, "I think that will help hide the diapers."

Ranma looked at herself in the mirror. "Don't you think it is a little," she paused, "well, girly?"

"What do you expect for someone who wears diapers?"

"What?" Ranma asked, spinning to face Kasumi.

"I said it was the only thing I had that would hide the diapers," she lied, straight faced.

"Oh," Ranma said, guessing her mind was playing tricks on her.

"Well, why don't we clean up a little, and then you can help me make dinner."

"Alright," Ranma said, willing to help Kasumi, as she had been so helpful to her.


When Akane and Nabiki came home that evening they were somewhat surprised to fine Ranma dressed as she was. Both recognised the outfit she wore. It had been something their father had bought for Kasumi, having no real idea about the sort of things that were suitable for a young lady, as opposed to a child. Kasumi had tired to pass it on to both of them at one time or another, and both had turned her down. It looked as if Kasumi had finally found someone to give it to.

While the site of Ranma dressed in such a way did seem like part of the punishment that Kasumi had planned, neither was quite certain it was enough. They watched as Ranma helped Kasumi prepare and serve the meal (Akane was a little jealous of Ranma's skill in the kitchen) and it was Nabiki who leaned close to Akane after dinner and whispered, "I think Ranma's wearing a diaper."

Akane, who was drinking the last of her tea, almost chocked when she heard the suggestion. "What?!" she asked, trying to keep her voice down.

"Watch," Nabiki said. "There is a little extra roundness to her behind, and you can hear the rustle of the plastic if you listen closely."

Akane was not certain that she could believe it, but when Ranma came to gather up the last of the dishes (she was being very domestic, Akane noted), she did take note of the extra roundness about the other girl's hips. While she did not hear any rustling, she was willing to believe Nabiki's assessment.

Ranma, in diapers; it was nearly impossible to believe, and yet at the same time, it made some sense. If he thought it was perfectly okay for girls to wet themselves, let him wear the diapers. By her own reasoning that would have to be okay as well, she thought. And Ranam would learn that it was not okay, Akane was certain of that.

A short time later Kasumi came out of the kitchen, taking off her apron. Ranma trailed behind her, looking, well, uncomfortable. Kasumi knelt down at the table and looked at her sisters. "I have to tell you two something. I don't want you to say anything until I am finished."

Ranma knelt down at the table, looking even more uncomfortable.

Both Akane and Nabiki were certain they knew what was coming, but they kept quiet to maintain the façade that Kasumi had obviously created.

"Because of Ranma's problem, we have decided that she should wear diapers until we find a way to cure it."

Nabiki looked properly shocked at the news, but Akane, not as good an actor, was unable to look properly surprised. Fortunately Ranma was staring down at her hands in her lap and did not notice.

"I know this is something of a shock, but it was necessary for a number of reasons. I want you two to promise to be kind to Ranma. It's not her fault that she has been hurt like this."

"Of course," Akane said.

"Well..." Nabiki said, with something calculating in her voice.

"Nabiki," Kasumi warned, her tone hard.

Nabiki frowned and then shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, no blackmail then."

Ranma had been certain things would have gone much worse, but Kasumi seemed to be doing her best to protect her. For that Ranma was incredibly grateful.

"This will mean more work for you Akane as you'll have to run the dojo mostly by yourself."

"I'll do it Kasumi. After all, Ranma is in no condition to help." Her tone was carefully neutral, but she enjoyed, a little bit, the look of discomfort on Ranma's face. Making him feel helpless was a fair repayment for his earlier comment. But only part of the repayment she was certain.

"Then I guess that is all we need to speak of." Kasumi got to her feet. "Come on Ranma, let's check your di..." Kasumi paused, then sighed. "I'm sorry," she told Ranma.

"It's okay," Ranma said glumly as she got to her feet.

She followed Kasumi as they went upstairs.

"Well, I'd say Ranma is getting what is deserved," Nabiki said.

Akane nodded. "I do feel a little bad for him, err, her. That's not the same old Ranma."

"A little bruising to the ego," Nabiki said, shrugging her shoulders. "Diapers or not, I think Ranma will be back to normal in not too long."


Later, after Ranma had gone to sleep, emotionally exhausted from the day, Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi gathered in the dojo to talk.

"So, just what do you have planned," Nabiki asked Kasumi.

"I don't want to hurt Ranma," Kasumi said. "I don't want to humiliate her either. We will do our best to keep this private."

"But Ranma will be embarrassed," Akane said.

"Of course, and that is fine. I don't think it will take long for Ranma to realise that a girl who wets herself is just as shameful as a boy who wets himself."

"And then what?" Nabiki asked.

"Well, until we can cure Ranma she is going to have to continue to wear diapers, of course. I've already paid for the things and it would be a waste to stop using them and buy something else."

"Do you think we can find a cure?" Akane asked.

"I think we will."

"Worried about having a fiancé that wears diapers?" Nabiki teased.

"Even if Ranma learns that it is not alright for girls to wet themselves I don't think he will return to being male, if only because a girl will have an easier time of hiding diapers."

"We'll find a cure," Kasumi reassured Akane, hugging her youngest sister.

Chapter 4 - 'Diaper Days'

The gentle shaking woke Ranma from her sleep. She yawned widely, opened her eyes, and wondered where she was for a moment. Then it came back to her. She was in Kasumi's room. It had been Kasumi's idea that they share a room, at least while Ranma was wearing diapers. As she had put it, it would be a lot easier to take care of things if one or the other did not have to march between rooms.

"Good morning," Kasumi said pleasantly, then pulled the covers from Ranma to attend to what was a very wet diaper. Ranma felt her cheeks grow hot at Kasumi pushed the hem of the nightgown she wore-at Kasumi's insistence-up around her waist so she could get at the diaper.

By the same logic that meant Ranma could not put a diaper on herself, mainly the lack of skill, she could not remove it either. Kasumi pointed out that Ranma might end up making the exact kind of mess they were trying to avoid if she were to remove it herself. So Ranma lay there, passive, as Kasumi unsnapped the diaper cover and then carefully unwrapped the sodden diapers.

"Let's just get you a little cleaned up," Kasumi told her as she used a damp cloth to clean Ranma up a little. "Now, go take a shower."

Ranma got up, letting the nightdress fall about her still damp bottom and loins, and then left Kasumi's room. In the bathroom she took a quick, hot shower and then he dumped a bucket of coldwater over himself so she was herself again.

Wrapping herself in a towel Ranma returned to Kasumi's room.

Kasumi had a fresh diaper laid out on the futon, the cover and the cloth arranged neatly, ready for Ranma. Not needing to be told, Ranma put the towel neatly aside and then went and lay down on the garment. As Kasumi began to rub baby cream between her legs Ranma felt her face grow hot again. She turned to the side and just stared at the wall, trying to pretend that what was happening was not happening.

Not that it did much good.

Kasumi let a rain of baby powder fall onto Ranma, filling the room with the sweet scent. Even while not looking, Ranma's nose told her what was happening. Then the diapers were pulled up, securely between her legs before the cover was snapped into place. While she lay there she could hear the sound of Akane and Nabiki waking up and hoped nothing would lead them to come to Kasumi's door.

"All done," Kasumi announced, beginning to clean things up.

"Thank you," Ranma said as she sat up, feeling the thick padding of the diaper shifting under her, making her think she was sitting on a pillow. Already the inside of the garment was beginning to feel warm, but the liberal amounts of baby powder Kasumi had used would help, Ranma knew.

"We better get you ready to go to school."


"Of course. While you had to miss a few days there is no reason you can't start attending again."

"But, but..." Ranma sputtered, trying to find the words to explain things to Kasumi.

"I've already altered my old school uniform so it should fit you fine," Kasumi went on, ignoring Ranma's attempt at protest. "I've made sure the skirt is loose enough to help hide things," she told Ranma, giving her a conspiratorial wink.

"But, but..."

"And I phoned the school and told them you were going to have to miss out on physical fitness for the next little while, that way you can make sure your secret stays secret." She opened her wardrobe and took out the blue, girl's uniform of Furinkan High.

"But, but..."

"I'll just leave you to get dressed. I have to make breakfast."

And with that Kasumi was gone, leaving Ranma opened mouth.

Ranma looked down at the diaper she wore, it was pink, with a small flower appliqué on the front and, craning her neck to look over her shoulder, a much larger one across her bottom. Where did Kasumi get these things?

Ranma did not want to go to school; even at the best of times school was something of a disliked chore. And not being able to control her bladder and having to wear diapers did not constitute the best of times.

But arguing with Kasumi was rather pointless: Ranma knew that for certain. Sighing, she got to her feet and sorted through the uniform, removing the blouse and starting to put it on. Ranma might not have known how to put on a diaper, but female clothing was something she had gotten familiar with.


During breakfast Kasumi simply brought up a complication that Ranma was going to run it. "You're probably going to need a diaper change at about lunch," she said.

Ranma, who had been drinking a bowl of miso soup ended up spraying it all over the table.

"I don't want to take care of it," Nabiki said simply.

"Don't look at me," Akane added.

"Well, I did think that the school nurse could take care of it," Kasumi told them.

"What?!" Ranma cried.

"But then I realised it was not really fair to ask that of her," Kasumi continued. "So, I decided that Ranma should come back here at lunch so I can change her diapers. You'll only a get a quick lunch," Kasumi told her.

Ranma was not sure what to feel worse about for a moment, but then realised while a quick, and no doubt small, lunch was depressing, it was not as bad as the fact she had to wear diapers.

"Do you think there will be any problem with that?" Kasumi asked.

"No," Ranma said, and then used a tea towel to blot up the miso soup she had spit out.

"Good. Well, I guess it is time you all got the school."

Leaving Kasumi to finish cleaning things up, the other three grabbed their bags and headed off to school. It was odd that the three of them were walking together. Ranma was about to leap onto the fence top when Akane said, "Walking up there will let anyone passing by see up your skirt."

Ranma aborted her leap and plodded along after the other two, trying to keep the bulk between her legs from making her waddle.

They arrived as school early and Nabiki left Ranma and Akane to go to her class.

The day passed quietly for Furinkan High, partially because Ranma was maintaining a low profile, and partially because even a place like Furinkan had to have quiet days.

Ranma took off at a run when the lunch bell ran, taking a chance on leaping onto rooftops to move quicker, hoping that no one might get a look up her skirt, or if they did that it would be too fast for them to realise what they were seeing.

She would be glad to get out of the wet diaper, it had been fine during most of the morning, but as lunch had approached to sodden material had begun to feel clammy, and bulkier than usual.

Kasumi was waiting for her when she arrived and changed Ranma into a dry diaper right on the tatami matting of the living room, with the doors open to the backyard, where anyone might see if they were to come over the fence. Ranma had to admit there was not much of a chance of that, but still, she wished she could have had more privacy.

Once Kasumi had her taken care of she had a quick lunch and then made her way back to school for the afternoon classes.

One of those afternoon classes was physical education, but as Kasumi had promised, Ranma was excused. That was both a good and bad thing. The few other girls sitting out of the class were doing so because they were menstruating. That of course earned Ranma some odd looks from her classmates. They had become use to the oddness concerning Ranma, but every now and again some new twist would get them talking.

In fact, there was currently a rather lively debate going on as to why Ranma was dressed in girl's clothing. It had led to some lively betting on the subject, and Nabiki was at the centre of it. Knowing that any of them guessing right was unlikely, she was offering quite generous odds. To cover herself, just in case, she had a side bet going as to what Ranma might do to anyone who discovered the truth.

And so the first day passed. Ranma could not say that she was entirely happy with things, but they could have been much worse.

And then Kuno finally caught up with her.

"My pigged tailed goddess," he cried out as he ran towards her, dressed in his kendo uniform. "My heart sings with gladness to see you here, and so lovely dressed."

Ranma was not a big fan of Kuno's, of course, and under the current situation had no desire for Kuno to lay hands on her. The last thing she needed was him discovering what she was wearing under her clothes.

She almost kicked him as he approached; before realising that would certainly give everyone in the immediate area a view of what she had on under the skirt. Instead she waited until he closed, dropped down under his attempted grab, and then hit him hard enough to send him bouncing back before he was brought to a stop by a tree.

"Nice to see you haven't lost your touch," Akane said from nearby.

"Well," Ranma said, some of her old confidence, and arrogance, shining through, "Kuno is not too tough."

"You might want to be careful about dropping into a stance like that, it pulls that skirt tight across your bottom," Akane said softly.

Ranma quickly stood straight so the skirt would hang loose, and a flush coloured her cheeks. "Let's go home," she said, starting for the school gates.

Behind her Akane smiled.


Truth be told, none of the three Tendou sisters wanted to humiliate Ranma. They certainly wanted her to see the error of her thoughts, but some private embarrassment would be all that was needed.

Akane sometime thought that maybe some other people knowing might not be a bad thing, as long as they could keep a secret.

Nabiki had already put together a series of pictures that she had sold to a number of Blue Sailor shops. Of course she had put a black bar over Ranma's eyes and had altered her hair colour and skin tone with a graphics program. It made her money and protected Ranma's anonymity. It was the best of both worlds.

Kasumi, who had begun to feel very protective towards Ranma, had no intentions of letting anyone else find out.

Of course, that was a futile desire.

It happened at lunch, when Ranma had come home for a change. Kasumi, to give Ranma more time for lunch, had hit upon putting some soup in a toddler's cup that Ranma could drink while she changed her.

So Ranma was lying there, drinking from the cup, Kasumi wrapping the cloth diapers around her, when Shampoo showed up.

Shampoo had spotted Ranma leaping from rooftop to rooftop, it was after all the method in which she herself often travelled, and chased after him, thinking off offering him some extra noodles she had. She knew the way to Ranma's heart was good food.

So she dropped down onto the deck and was presented with the oddest site she could ever recall seeing.

"What is nice girl doing to fiancé?" Shampoo demanded.

Ranma almost chocked at the sound of Shampoo's voice, and Kasumi chastised herself for not closing the doors, but then again she had left them open to make things a little more embarrassing for Ranma. Well, it was her fault, and she was going to have to deal with it.

She finished snapping on the diaper cover and then turned to Shampoo and told her the whole story. Shampoo listened, first with obvious disbelief, and then concern as she looked over at Ranma.

Ranma had pulled her skirt back down over her diapers and was kneeling beside Kasumi.

"Poor fiancé get tricked by dirty fighter," Shampoo said. "Maybe grandmother help?"

Ranma looked up at that, his eyes opening wide. "Of course! The old ghoul knows all kinds of tricks like this!"

"Ranma," Kasumi said, "could you get some tea for Shampoo."

Ranma looked at Kasumi and then got up to go to the kitchen. She had become used to doing as Kasumi said. It was difficult not to listen to the person changing your diapers. It set up that kind of relationship.

As soon as Ranma was out of earshot Kasumi motioned Shampoo close.

"Part of the reason Ranma is wearing diapers is because he said that it was okay for girls to wet themselves," she whispered.

Shampoo's eyes went wide. "Fiancé said that?"

Kasumi nodded. "We are trying to teach her a lesson."

"Good," Shampoo said with obvious approval in her voice. "I let grandmother know."

Shampoo appreciated Ranma's curse in some ways. As Cologne had told her, it gave Ranma's insights into women that would make him an excellent husband. Shampoo agreed with that for the most part, but knew that Ranma still had a lot to figure out about the opposite sex, even when he spent time as one.

There was something basically stupid about Ranma's understanding of women at times, and Shampoo thought anything that helped Ranma learn was for the best.

Not long afterwards both Shampoo and Ranma left, Shampoo promising to get her grandmother on it as she leapt onto the roof. Ranma was both relieved and worried.


"Keeping her skin well cared for I see," Cologne said as she watched Kasumi change Ranma.

Ranma was blushing all over, having to lie there as the old ghoul watched her diaper being changed and then making comments on it.

"Of course," Kasumi said. "I'm certain that this is uncomfortable enough without having to worry about skin irritation."

Kasumi said it matter-of-factly, but Cologne laughed as if it were a great joke. "Son in law with diaper rash," she brayed. "Make wedding night different."

Kasumi frowned at Cologne's comments and Ranma, impossibly, blushed even a deeper shade or red.

"But it won't do," Cologne said seriously. "Shampoo cannot marry man like that."

"Do you think there is anything you can do?" Kasumi asked as she began to fasten the diaper cover.

"Maybe," Cologne said. "Old story about Chinese warlord who liked to humiliate enemies in way like this."

"Really?" Ranma asked, forgetting her embarrassment. "Do you think there is a counter?"

"Maybe," Cologne said, sucking on her teeth as she thought. "If not, then we can make you a little girl so you are easier to take care of." And then she laughed again.

"That's not nice," Kasumi said in a hard tone, noting the look of fear on Ranma's face.

Cologne heard something in her voice that made her stop laughing. "Well, it was just a joke. Shampoo and I will leave for China tomorrow to she what we can find out."

"Thank you," Kasumi said as she gently patted the front of Ranma's diaper, thinking to comfort her.

Of course it did no such thing.


In a way, things might have gotten back to something resembling normal, with both Cologne and Tofu on the search for a cure, and Ranma getting used to the fact she had to wear diapers, if not the diapers themselves. And things were going as Kasumi had hoped. While the thought was not near the surface yet, percolating somewhere in Ranma's brain was an idea that it was not perfectly fine for girls to wet themselves, and that one would be equally embarrassed and shamed no matter what gender they were.

Of course it would take some time before this thought came to the surface, and more time still before Ranma thought to apologise.

There was something that had slipped everyone's mind in the days following Ranma's last fight. It was that there were more fights to come, what with him being on the receiving end of a challenge from the school of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling.

And a week to the day that Agra had made his appearance a new challenger showed up.

Chapter 5 - 'Diapered Tiger Stance?'

The students were filing out from Furinkan High, talking amongst themselves. The day was over and it was time to go home, or to an arcade, to eat or do homework, or to just get away from the school. A number of the students were running off to their club activities, that while part of the school, were much more fun.

Attention was given the to big guy standing near the gates. He was tall, and large, a little like a sumo wrestler. He wore a pair of loose trousers and his belly hung over the top. His head was shaved, though he had a soul patch. He also wore tiny, dark glasses, which looked ridiculous on him.

Anywhere else and he might have caused comment. At Furinkan he just started a round of new betting.

He had been standing there for a few minutes before he moved to block the gate. He called out, "I am Egro Ballishad of the school of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling! I am here to challenge Ranma Satome!"

Ranma, who had been making her way through the crowd, trying make sure she avoided Kuno, came to a full stop as she heard Egro bellow. "Oh, great," she whispered.

Akane, who was beside Ranma, said, "I guess we forgot about this."

The rest of the students were parting ranks and opening a space up between Egro and Ranma.

Ranma straightened up and faced the newcomer with all her old confidence. "I'm Ranma. What do you want?"

"You're Ranma?" Egro looked doubtful and turned to one of the nearby students.

"Hey man, that's the only Ranma Satome in this school," he told Egro.

The large man turned his attention back to Ranma. "So, you are the one who has trained under my master's enemy."

"I have not trained under that old pervert!" Ranma snapped. "But I guess I'm the target."

Egro looked confused, and then simply shrugged his massive shoulders. "As you say. You shall meet defeat at my hands this day."

Ranma was quite willing to fight right there and then, before she remembered the fact she was diapered. In any fight her skirt was bound to be flipped up, or more likely destroyed, and the last thing she wanted was to display what she had under that skirt to the student body.

"Well, actually, this is not a good time. How about in an hour at the Tendou dojo," she suggested.

"Do you seek to run away with this deception?" Egro demanded.

"It is not a deception!" Ranma snapped, and the hard look in her eyes made Egro draw back even at range. "In one hour, the Tendou dojo! I'll be there!"

"Yes," Egro said. "I can see that you will. Very well Satome. You'll have your hour then."

Ranma nodded and then turned to look at Akane. "Let's go."

Akane nodded and the two of them set off. They passed close to Egro but he said nothing and neither did Ranma.

"What are you going to do?" Akane asked, guessing why Ranma had wanted to delay the fight.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I hope that Kasumi does."


"Well, it won't be very absorbent," Kasumi said as she pulled the plastic pants (much more discrete than the full diaper covers) over the single diaper she had pinned onto Ranma. "You might leak."

"I hope the fight won't last that long," Ranma said as she got off the futon.

Kasumi helped her into a pair of her pants. "I suppose they won't show."

Ranma pants, normally quite loose in female form, did indeed serve to hide the slight bulk of the single diaper. And if Ranma was right about the fight ending quickly, there was little threat of a leak. Kasumi guessed her handiwork would stand up to one wetting, and that was it.

Ranma straightened her clothing and then took a deep breath. "I'm ready," she said.

Kasumi walked her out the front of the house. A crowd had gathered there, as they always did when one of Ranma's fights got advertised. She stepped out and waited. It was close to the hour.

A moment later the large form of Egro began to move through the people and soon he stood at the far end of the open area. "Are you ready to fight now Satome?" he demanded.

"Of course I am," Ranma said as she shifted into a fighting stance. "Let's do it."

Egro walked into the middle of the area and then dropped into his own stance. He looked at Ranma and indicated that he was ready.


Not far away, Ryoga examined the map he had, not seeming to care that it was a map of the sewers of Paris and not much use where he was. He looked around and tired to get his bearings. It was then that he heard the sound of people. He made his way towards it and soon found himself, much to his surprise and pleasure, standing near the Tendou Dojo. He had finally found his way there!

He moved about until he could see what the crowd was making all the noise about. He was not too surprised to note that it was Ranma, in another fight. He also saw Akane and began to circle towards her.


Ranma came in fast and launched over thirty kicks into Egro before flipping away. It was like kicking a stonewall, and less effective. Egro stood there, motionless, apparently unfazed by Ranma's attack.

Ranma circled to his right, waiting to see if Egro would counter. Then he leapt forward, a swarm of punches slamming into the immobile man, but with no effect. Ranma was amazed.

And then, when Ranma was moving back, Egro acted, rocketing a punch at Ranma. Ranma managed to avoid most the blow but he was knocked back several steps.

"You cannot harm me Satome!" Egro boasted as he settled into his fighting stance again. "I am master of the serene mountain technique. As long as I do not move, your attacks will not harm me."

"Is that so?" Ranma said, circling.

"That is...:"

Ranma leapt forward, three kicks hitting heavily, driving Egro back.

"I guess flapping that big mouth of yours counts as moving, huh?"

Egro growled but did not answer.

Ranma smiled and went on the attack again.


"He can't hit him hard enough," Akane said from where she watched.

"There is more to it than that," Happosi said, appearing by Akane's side as if by magic.

"Happosi? What are you doing here?"

"Came to watch my apprentice's battle, see if he has learned anything."

From where she fought Ranma yelled back, "I'm not your apprentice!"

"Watch the fight!" Akane warned, just in time for Ranma to avoid a vicious punch from Egro.

"Something seems to be on my young student's mind, and Ranma is moving as if something is," Happosi paused, "binding him."

Akane looked nervously at Happosi, wondering if he could know.


Ranma had to lead Egro into moving before she could attack him effectively, which meant giving the big man openings. He was too well trained to fall for fakes, so Ranma had to actually make herself defenceless to bring him in. She thought that with her male body she might have been able to finish the fight already, but she did not have quite enough reach to manage a quick, decisive win.

She wondered if she hat wet yet, and if she would leak. She was distracted for a moment and Egro moved in to club her. Ranma got off a solid blow in response, but the hit she had taken hurt.

Leaping up, she back flipped onto the roof of the house, and then leapt straight at Egro. Twisting in the air, she shifted about so her feet were speeding directly at him.

Egro dropped, shifted, and then surged up, obviously planning on slamming the committed Ranma out of the air.

Ranma had expected such a thing, however. She twisted in the air and grabbed onto his wrist even as he was trying to hit her. Using it as a fulcrum, she spun herself about and drove both her heels up into his chin. The blow staggered him.

Ranma released his wrist and flipped about in the air, coming down on him again as he was still stumbling back, hitting him with a rapid series of punches that kept him moving back, unable to stop and take his unbeatable stance again.

And now to finish this, Ranma thought, shifting about and brining her foot up in a blinding roundhouse that would be powerful enough to shatter stone.

It was too slow and just before it hit Egro managed to stop himself and shift into his stance. Her foot hit the serene mountain with no effect.

Ranma leapt back and cursed the fact that the combo had not worked.


"Ranma is slow," Happosi said. "Something is slowing her attacks down." He looked at Akane. "Is he wearing weighted clothing?"

"No," Akane said, wishing Ranma would win the fight so she could get away from Happosi before she gave something away.

"There is something very odd here," Happosi said, and looked very closely at Ranma. "It's in Ranma's stance somehow."

As he watched Ranma fight he began to notice things. Had Ranma's bottom (and Happosi thought it was a wonderful bottom) always been so round? And just what kind of underwear was Ranma wearing?

Happosi, being the kind of man he was, could have identified the kind of underwear a woman was wearing even if she had been bundled up in several layers of clothing and a spacesuit. Usually Ranma wore boxers and the like (much to Happosi's disappointment) but he could tell that she was not wearing such undergarments this time.

The truth of it dawned on Happosi slowly, just because his mind had a hard time accepting it. Finally, in an amazed, small voice he said, "My sweet Ranam-chan is wearing diapers?"

Akane gasped and moved close to Happosi, putting her hand over his mouth. She did not know how he could know, but he obviously did. "Quiet," she hissed. "If anyone finds out Ranma is going to loose this fight."

Behind Akane Ryoga stared open mouthed. Ranma was wearing diapers? What sort of new, low perversion had Satome sunk to this time?


Ranma dodged another of Egro's blows and tried to counter, but was just a fraction of a second to slow. She did not understand it. She knew she was faster, but something seemed to be slowing her down. Just at that moment she felt a trickle of moister slide down her thigh. It might be sweat, but it might not be.

She was going to have to draw Egro in, and to do that she could only think of one way.

When Egro next blow came she was too slow in dodging it. It hit her hard and drove her back. She slammed up against the fence around the house and slid down it. The crowd let out a gasp of surprise. Had Ranma Satome finally lost?

Ranma staggered to her feet, clearly shaken to all around. She could barely maintain her feet and almost fell again.

Egro, smiling broadly, strode forward to finish her off.

As he lifted his foot, ready to kick her, Ranma stumbled and fell, or so it appeared to everyone, even Egro. Which was why everyone, even Egro, was surprised with Ranma swept the big man's one leg and then shifted under him, kicking him back into the air.

It was a little like Ranma was playing with a hacky sack, but Egro was the sack. Each kick sent the man higher into the air, and did more and more damage. Finally, when Ranma had the big man almost three meters into the air, she leapt up, and sent Egro flying with an aerial kick that finished the master of serene mountain off.

Ranma landed, breathing heavily, but victorious.

The fight over, people began to drift off, many heading over to Nabiki to pay off bets. Akane rushed to Ranma's side to help her if she needed it. "Ranma, are you alright?"

"Feh, he was no big deal."

"Oh really? He looked like a big deal to me." She looked at the blood running out of Ranma's nose and the bruise starting just below her eye.

"I'll be fine," Ranma reassured her.

"So, Ranma Satome, wearing diapers, what sort of perversion is this?" Ryoga asked from nearby.

Ranma was about the kick Ryoga into the nearest body of water, and then was thinking a pork dinner would be just the thing, but before he could Akane spun on Ryoga.

"Listen to me Ryoga, if you tell anyone of this, anyone at all, I will think you are the lowest and most hateful thing on this planet!"

To Ryoga, Akane's word hit like mallets, heavy mallets, the kind that could knock buildings down. That she would hate him, how could he live with that? He slumped back. "I understand," he said softly, hoping she would stop staring at him in such an angry manner.

"Come on Ranma," she said, and then helped Ranma back to the house.


Happosi nodded as he listened to the story. He finally looked at Ranma and said, "How could you be so stupid as to let him hit you?"

Ranma shrugged her shoulders. "He took me by surprise."

"Well, now you are going to be in trouble. It's messed up your fighting style."

"What do you mean?" Kasumi asked as she poured the old man a fresh cup of tea.

"Well, of course Ranma is not used to the bulk, and is obviously thinking about it too much. That means a loss in speed and balance, among other things."

"Hey, I beat that Egro guy!"

"With a great deal of difficulty," Happosi countered. "And at a certain cost."

Ranma could not argue with that. There was a Band-Aid across her nose, which had probably almost been broken, and she felt ill used all around. Not that she would admit that. "Well, there can't be many more of these jokers."

Happosi nodded. "Well then, I guess we'll just have to increase your training to get you ready for this. But first of all," and Happosi's entire countenance changed, "I want to change my sweet, little Ranma-chan!"

That Happosi went flying off into the sky was no surprise really. That it was Kasumi who had launched him from the house was.

Akane and Ranma just stared at her.

"Oh, I seem to have lost my temper a little," she said, sounding apologetic.

"Nice one sis," Nabiki said. "I think he might have reached escape velocity this time."

"Oh dear," Kasumi said, and then sighed. "Come along Ranma. We do need to take care of you."

Ranma looked down and noticed there were some damp spots on her pants. It was obvious that diaper had reached capacity. She followed Kasumi up the stairs to her room.

"Have you noticed that Ranma seems a little more, well, passive?" Akane asked after they had left.

"Not really," Nabiki said. "Just around Kasumi, and that's not surprising. I think anyone would be a little passive around someone who was changing their diapers."


Kasumi was a little shocked by the growing bruises on Ranma's pale skin after she had undressed her. "You poor thing."

"It's nothing really," Ranma said, suddenly more embarrassed by Kasumi's sympathy than by the fact she was about to get her diaper changed.

Kasumi ran her fingers along some of the bruises on Ranma's upper body. Her touch was cool, and it seemed to ease away some of the pain. Ranma closed her eyes and just let Kasumi continue her examination. Where her fingers passed the pain faded a little, and it was so nice just to be cared for like that.

When Kasumi finally finished her treatment (she knew a lot about pressure points herself when it came to healing) Ranma had fallen asleep. She smiled down at her and then worked gently and slowly, changing Ranma into some dry diapers.

Ranma woke near the very end of it, when Kasumi was snapping the diaper cover closed. "I'm sorry, I fell asleep," she said softly.

"That's fine. You've had a hard day. Why don't you just rest up here while I go and finish preparing dinner." She stood.

"Kasumi," Ranma called.

"Yes?" She looked back at her.

"I just wanted to thank you for being so nice. It had made this all a little easier for me."

Kasumi smiled. "I'm glad I can help Ranma." And then she left.

Ranma lay back and closed her eyes. For as long as she could remember his/her life had been a rather rough affair, being trained by her father, far from the influences of female things. And it wasn't that his father had not taken care of him, in Genma bumbling and inept way, but Ranma had not really known the sort of kindness that Kasumi was providing.

So while she was embarrassed at having to rely on diapers and would happily be rid of them the first chance she got, she was glad to have had a chance to know such nurturing.


When Ranma came down for dinner she saw that Akane was holding a small, black piglet.

"I see he's back again," she said.

"Yes. I still don't know where P-Chan gets himself to," Akane told Ranma as she hugged the pig.

"I guess that will be one more that knows about my secret."

Akane looked a little confused about that and then nodded. "Well, don't worry. P-Chan won't tell anyone."

"I'm sure he won't. Even pigs have secrets that they would like to have kept."

Akane was a little confused by that statement, and she did not see the nod that P-Chan gave Ranma.

Chapter 6 - 'The School of Extreme Child Care'

Morning came and with it the new, but growing to be normal, routine that Ranma had gotten used to. After cleaning up she returned to Kasumi's room so Kasumi could help her get dressed.

"You won't be going to school today," Kasumi told Ranma after she had diapered her.

"What? Why?" Ranma was curious, but did not feel bad about the fact that she did not have to go to school.

"We need to arrange some training for you. It wouldn't do for you to get hurt in any of the upcoming battles."

Ranma nodded as she sat up. "But where can we find someone to train me to deal with this." She patted her hand against the diaper.

"The School of Extreme Child Care," Kasumi told her. "I heard of it a few years ago and I think they can help you."

"Extreme Child Care? Is that like a martial art?"

Kasumi nodded. "I only know a little about them, but from what I have heard, they may be your best chance."

"Then I'm ready," Ranma told her.

Kasumi nodded. "Then let's get you dressed. We'll leave right after breakfast."


After Akane and Nabiki went to school, Kasumi and Ranma went to the train station and were soon leaving Tokyo. They sat together, Kasumi reading a paperback while Ranma nervously fidgeted. She was concerned about what kind of training she might be getting into, and also, as always, conscious of the diaper she was wearing and the worry that some of the other passengers might be able to tell.

She had no need to worry about that. The clothing that Kasumi had chosen for her, while terribly cute, did not show off the padding about her bottom. And of course, anyone looking at Ranma was far more taken by the very cute, well-endowed girl to give much attention to the condition of her bottom.

Finally, almost after an hour, they exited the train in a small suburb outside of Tokyo. Kasumi removed a piece of much folded paper, a piece that had been so often folded it had become soft as cloth, from her purse and looked it over.

"This way," she said, setting off down the street that led west, away from the station.

"How did you find out about this place?" Ranma asked, following after her, somewhat disturbed by the damp padding that was uncomfortably rubbing against the tender areas between her legs. She was never going to get used to that.

"When I was in school one of the girls in my class told me about it," she explained. "It was an interesting idea, but I already was learning Father's style."

"Oh," Ranma said, again a little surprised that Kasumi was indeed a martial artist. She just had a hard time picturing nice and kind Kasumi as someone who could hurt people.

"I was always curious about it," Kasumi continued, "and with your," she paused, "current condition I remembered it."

Ranma nodded, but said nothing, still wondering what kind of place the dojo for the School of Extreme Child Care would be.

Kasumi stopped to ask some directions and soon they were walking up a small roadway, passing under the thickly leaved canopies of ginko trees, leaving the noise of the small community behind. They reached the top of the road and around them were the gateways of a number of houses. Kasumi walked straight down the road, making her way towards the house at the very end of the road.

It was built in the old style, a sprawling, single story structure, surrounded by a simple wall that enclosed the building and a neat lawn.

Kasumi and Ranma stopped in front of the wooden doors of the gate. Kasumi pulled a bell cord and the bronze bells chimed softly.

Not long afterwards the door was opened by a woman who looked to be a little older than Kasumi, about Ranma's size, but much plumper. She wore a sensible, grey dress with a long skirt and a white apron over it. "Yes?" she asked with a smile.

"We're here to see the Dojo master about training," Kasumi said formally.

The woman nodded. "Please come with me," she said, stepping aside so that Kasumi and Ranma could enter. She closed the gates and then led them down the path towards the house. The three of them removed their shoes and put on slippers before entering the house.

They walked down halls, passing closed paper doors, making their way to the back of the house.

The woman opened a set of sliding doors revealing and area that had once likely been a garden and was now a training area.

There were a large number of other women there, dressed in the same manner as the woman they were with. Ranma noted that the white aprons they wore had little differences in the style, which might have suggested some kind of ranking system, but she was not really giving much thought to that. What did hold her attention completely was what they were doing.

Each of them was taking care of a doll, and at the same time performing some rather intense martial arts. One woman was changing the diaper of a doll, at the same time throwing safety pins into a target some ten meters away. Two other women were sparring while holding the dolls, and Ranma noted that they were being careful not to do anything that might hurt the doll their opponent had as well as protecting their own.

It was certainly not the strangest martial art that Ranma had ever encountered, but it did look to be one of the more difficult ones.

"Are you here to learn our ways," someone asked from the side, surprising Ranma a little.

The woman who had approached so quietly was a mature, middle-aged woman, dressed like all the students, but it was obvious she was not a student. She had short, dark-brown hair, and was a little shorter than Kasumi, though broad shouldered.

Kasumi bowed politely to her and Ranma followed suit. "Actually," Kasumi began, "we have come here to see if you could help Ranma."

"Help her," the woman turned her full attention to Ranma, "how?" She paused then, her gaze becoming sharper and more critical. "I see."

"You see?" Ranma said.

"You can go now Maiko."

"Yes sensei," the woman who had shown Ranma and Kasumi said as she bowed and then went to return to her training.

"Come with me," the dojo master said to them, and then led them back into the house and into a small room.

Once she had them seated and had served them tea she began to explain things. "I am Fuyako Toyama, master of the Toyama School of Extreme Child Care. We have a history of almost a thousand years and our students have protected the children of nobility and more recently also of the very wealthy.

"My experience in the school makes your problem very easy to see," Fuyako said to Ranma. "You are wearing diapers. You are obviously new to them as your whole being speaks of discomfort. That is affecting your fighting style, which is otherwise excellent. That is why you need my help."

"Yes," Kasumi said.

Ranma only nodded, impressed by the woman's grasp of such things.

"I can help you, of course," Fuyako said. "The first question is how long do you have to train?"

"A little less than a week," Ranma told her.

"That will require rather drastic measures then. And you should probably stay with me for the entire time."

Such requirements were nothing new to Ranma and she simply nodded.

After that things moved quickly. Kasumi soon left, after asking Fuyako to take care of Ranma, to return to Nerima.

Fuyako led Ranma back to the training area. "We are simply going to have to get you used to the diapers," she told her. "To do that may require placing you in slightly embarrassing situations, but no more than is absolutely required."

Ranma swallowed nervously. She was not certain what that meant and a number of unpleasant thoughts danced in her head. "I understand."

"Good," Fuyako said, and brought Ranma out into the training grounds. "Students," she called out.

All the women put aside what they were doing and quickly gathered around their teacher.

"This is Ranma. She will be training with us for the next few days. Ranma wears diapers and needs to learn to fight in them."

Ranma was a little shocked Fuyako's revelation, and expected the students to laugh, but they simply stood there, taking in what their teacher told them as if it was vitally important.

"Ranma, come with me," Fuyako said, and led her down into the centre of the training grounds. "Please, lie down here." She indicated a quilted mat on the ground.

Ranma knew what was likely to come next, but she did as he was told.

"Now students," Fuyako said to the women who had gathered around, "while you are here to learn to take care of children, it is not impossible that you will have to care for those who are older and might depend on diapers. This is training."

The women looked on attentive and that made Ranma feel a little better as Fuyako pushed her skirt up about her waist so she could get at the diapers. As she began to work she lectured.

"As you can see she has been diapered with an older style, and it has been done quite well in fact. The outside cloths have helped absorb the wetness and keep some of it away from the skin."

Ranma felt her face grow hot as Fuyako talked. She lay there, in wet diapers, and people were gathered around her, seeming unconcerned that she was a teenager in those diapers. It made her feel like a small child for some reason.

"Now pubic hair can be a problem," Fuyako continued, having unwrapped the wet cloth to completely expose Ranma. "Removing it is a possibility, but unless you do so in a permanent way, not always an option of course, it may be easier just to make sure you clean the area well and often." As she spoke she was wiping Ranma clean with a washcloth, warm water and a little anti-bacterial soap.

She finally finished removing the diaper and Ranma lay there naked from the waist down, blushing right down to her toes she was certain.

"When putting a diaper on an older person you have some special things to consider," Fuyako said, and then went on to list them as she put a thick, rectangular cloth under Ranma and then pinned it in place. "Notice the folds," she said as she finished, "are placed differently then you would for a baby. In this case we are trying to maintain high absorbency while at the same time allowing for maximum movement.

"Because of the short time we have we will have to accelerate things somewhat," she told them, and reached for another of the thick cloths.

As Ranma lay there, feeling more and more as if she were indeed a baby, if only from the way the other women ignored her and focused on what was being done to her, Fuyako pinned four more diapers on her. He cloth between her legs made it impossible for her to bring her thighs together.

"Normally I would not advise such thick padding, but there may be times when you will have to do so. And if you are concerned about leaks," she removed a large disposable diaper from her supplies, "something like this can be of use." She put the disposable onto Ranma, covering the cloth.

Ranma felt her legs forced even farther apart and the heat building up within the cloth was beginning to grow uncomfortable.

"And we finish it off with a pair of plastic pants, as a final precaution." She slid the pants over Ranma's ankles and then pushed them up her legs and into place. "And we are done. Now Ranma," she said, addressing Ranma for the first time in several minutes, "we begin your training."

"My training?" Ranma asked, trying to sit up, which was made difficult by the restricting mass about her waist.

"I am going to train you in the Art of Extreme Child Care. If you can learn to do so while so thickly diapered then you will have mastered what you need to know. Are you ready?"

Ranma finally managed to sit up and was trying to stand. When she finally got to her feet, standing quite bowlegged she said, "I'm ready," and then she fell backwards onto her amply padded bottom.

For a moment Ranma thought she might cry.


Ranma was feeling exhausted, both physically and mentally, by the time the day was over. It was hard to move with all the material that was bunched up between her legs. It grew uncomfortably hot and then uncomfortably damp and hot as the day went on.

The martial art was not too difficult; though it was quite an interesting one really, and had Ranma not been operating with such a handicap she probably could have picked it up quickly. As it was she had barely managed to avoid falling on her bottom several times that day.

With the break for dinner Fuyako took Ranma by the hand and led her into the house. "This will be where you'll stay," she told Ranma as she brought her into a room. Now lay down and we'll get you out of that wet diaper.

Ranma felt her face grow warm, as it always did when someone mentioned what she was wearing, out in the open like that, but she did as she was asked.

Fuyako removed the plastic pants, and then the disposable. She unpinned the cloth diapers, one by one-the two inner ones were quite damp. She then cleaned Ranma up and coated her bottom and between her legs with a thick coat of cream so as to prevent rash.

One of the girls came in that moment, carrying a pile of cloth and other things. She left them by Fuyako and exited the room.

Ranma almost wished that someone would laugh at her, something to suggest that the fact she was to be diapered was wrong. Oh, she knew that they were being kind about it, sparing her feelings, but a small part of Ranma was wondering if somehow it was perfectly alright for her to wear diapers, that they expected it.

That was not to say that she any longer thought it was okay for girls to have no bladder control, that idea was gone. The idea that she now had was that perhaps it was all right for her not to have it. Maybe the cute girl body she was cursed with was supposed to be treated like this?

It was not a feeling that Ranma liked, and did not really quite believe, but it was there.

Fuyako finished diapering Ranma, pulling the plastic pants up around the bulk of the multiple diapers. "There we go," she said. "Now, how about we go and get dinner."

No matter Ranma's many worries, food was something that tended to take her attention off a good many things.


The meal was very good, near Kasumi quality, which Ranma was quite happy about. She was not entirely pleased about being fed it by Fuyako. The master of the dojo would pick something up with her chop sticks, tell Ranma to open wide, and then pop the food into Ranma's mouth.

When she complained about it Fuyako had asked, "Are you thinking about the diaper you are wearing?"

"Well, no," Ranma had answered.

"That is the first step, now open wide."

She was not entirely sure of the other woman's training methods, but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. It was not like Fuyako was actively trying to kill her, which put her several levels above some of Ranma's other teachers.

After dinner it was time for bed, not just for Ranma, but all the students. Early mornings required early nights.

Fuyako helped Ranma undress, checked her diapers (requiring her to slide her fingers under several layers of cloth), decided they were dry enough and pulled the covers over Ranma.

"My room is across the hall from you," she told Ranma. "If you have to use the washroom, just come and get me."

Ranma nodded. The message was thankfully clear. No dirty diapers. She had been a little worried about the possibility when Fuyako had put her in so many diapers and then had fed her like a small child.

"Good night Ranma," Fuyako said as she left the room, turning off the light.

Ranma was almost instantly asleep.


The next day Ranma was woken up by one of the other students, Ritsuko, who would be taking care of her diapers. Ranma had barely gotten used to Fuyako handling that, and now it was being passed off to someone else.

Having no real choice in the matter, and feeling a little helpless because of it, she let a girl who might only be a little older than she herself was (thankfully none of the students seemed younger than her) change her.

Soon she was in the thick padding and an apron was put on her to cover her top. "I'm sorry," Ritsuko said as she tied the apron string behind Ranma. "We did not think about it. The clothes you wore yesterday are in the wash, and none of the dresses would fit over your diapers, so this has got to be it."

Ranma looked at herself, feeling distressed. She was not dressed in much, enough for modesty, barely. Ranma had developed a little feminine modesty over the months, more as to not upset other people than any shame on her part. Still, the diaper and the apron seemed almost obscene in some odd way. There was nothing to be done about it though.

Ritsuko led her out into the training area where the other students were already gathering. Fuyako gave everyone there training tasks for the morning and then led Ranma over to a changing table.

"The purpose of this exercise is simple enough," she told Ranma. "You will diaper one of these dolls thusly." She quickly pinned a diaper onto the doll and then put a pair of plastic pants on it in a manner of seconds.

"At the same time," she pressed a switch with her toe and about them silhouettes began to pop up, run by small motors, "you will defend yourself." She grabbed up a handful of safety pins and sent them flying into the targets. "And of course, you'll do both at once." She removed the diaper from the doll. "Watch."

With great skill she diapered the doll in about ten seconds and at the same time put at least three pins into each of the targets.

"Now you try," she told Ranma.

Ranma picked up the doll, suddenly feeling as if she were playing with it, and tried to quickly put a diaper one it. She ended up breaking one of its legs off.

Fuyako laughed kindly. "That's not quite it. Remember, martial arts have gentle and hard aspects, when dealing with the doll you have to be gentle. Let me show you," and so saying she moved to stand beside Ranma and guided her step by step through the diapering process.

"Very good," she said a few minutes later when Ranma was able to do it properly. "Now continue to practice." Fuyako left, leaving to work with other students.

For the next hour Ranma worked, trying to speedily deal with the doll and at the same time hurl the safety pins into the targets. By the time Fuyako returned Ranma was getting the diaper on the doll in a little more than a minute and putting at least one safety pin into each target. She was rather enjoying the challenge.

Fuyako moved close to Ranma and said, "Defensive Stance."

Ranma was more use to being informed to go into a defensive stance when someone suddenly attacked, but she did as told and shifted smoothly into position.

"Leg sweep."

Ranma did so.

"Round house kick."

Ranma performed the manoeuvre.

Back flip. Reverse punch. Spinning elbow, and more. Ranma did as she was ordered.

"Pretty good considering you are in a diaper," Fuyako said.

At that point Ranma's concentration faltered and her movements became coarse and she lost her balance.

"You have to stop giving them any thought," Fuyako said. "When you are not thinking about them, your technique is perfect. They do not affect you. Remember that Ranma. Continue with your training." And she left.

Ranma considered what she had said and then went back to the training, as she had been ordered.

Chapter 7 - 'Mastery of the Diaper Stance'

Ranma stood outside of the dojo with Fuyako. "Thank you for all your training," she said, bowing deeply. She was once more dressed in the same clothing that she had worn when she arrived, and in the same diapers. After six days of wearing the thick padding that Fuyako put on her the diapers she wore seemed more like underwear. It was almost easy to forget she had them on.

"You are welcome Ranma. I hope that your problem is solved soon, and if you ever wish to you are welcome to return here for further training."

"Thank you," Ranma said politely, and then she turned and walked away.

Not long afterwards she was on a train heading for Tokyo.


Ranma had stopped at the Tendou dojo to let Kasumi know she was back, and for a change and some clothes better suited for combat. Then she had gone straight to school.

As she expected, there was someone waiting at the gates. He was a young man of about average height, dressed in faded jeans and a T-shirt and might have been otherwise unremarkable but for the battle axe across his back.

As school had not let out yet, the students were still inside. Ranma wondered if she might manage a fight without an audience. She doubted it.

Ranma quietly moved up behind him and then, going up on the tip of her toes, tapped him on the shoulder.

He spun, looking surprised.

"Are you from the school of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling and are you here to challenge Ranma Satome?"

"Uh, yes," he said, sounding confused.

"What's your name?"

"Igon Daisuke."

"Well Igon of the school of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling I am Ranma Satome. Let's get this finished."

"You're Ranma Satome?"

"Yes. Are you ready to fight?"

He stepped back and pulled the battle axe from where it hung. "Well then Ranma Satome, prepare to be beaten by the last and best student of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling."

"Yeah, yeah," Ranma replied.

Igon lashed out with his axe, the blade parallel with the ground. Ranma leapt up and landed upon it. Igon stared at that in disbelief.

"What, you're the last one? The supposedly best one?"

Igon growled, flipped the blade to the side, forcing Ranma to abandon her perch, and then came at her, fast, lashing out with the axe.

"Not bad," Ranma said, dodging the heavy weapon. "Really though, even Kuno could beat you." She dropped under the next axe slash and then kicked up, inside the weapon's arc, and nailed Igon on the bottom of his chin.

Igon stumbled backwards, almost falling.

Ranma put her hands in her pockets, feeling the diaper but not thinking about it, and regarded her opponent critically. "Stop holding back," she told him. "I was hoping for something of a challenge."

Igon straightened, then hefted the battle axe and hurled it in one, smooth motion.

Ranma back flipped out of the way, and then went straight for Igon. The fact that Igon was not setting himself in a defensive stance was what made Ranma flip out of the way of the returning axe.

Igon caught his weapon. "Not bad," he said. "You anticipated the boomerang axe. Let's see if you can deal with this." Again Igon hurled the axe. Ranma dodged it, then dodged again as it bounced off a lamppost and ricocheted right at her. There were several more of those ricochets before Igon once more caught his weapon.

"It's a nice trick," Ranma said, regarding a small cut in the short sleeve of her shirt. "It ain't going to help you though."

"This time, you won't get out of the way!" Igon yelled as he hurled the weapon.

And Ranma did not get out of the way. She in fact caught the weapon, redirected it, and sent it blade first into the street where it stuck fast. "Well, I think it is time we ended this." The bell marking the end of classes rang as Ranma sprang at his opponent.


Akane ran down the stairs and out of the school. She had heard that there was a fight going on and this was the day that she had expected the next challenger to show up.

She came out of the doors and was nearly knocked over by a body sliding across the ground. She jumped over it and watched as it smacked into the concrete walkway in front of the door. Whoever he was, she noted, he was not going to be getting up in the next little while.

And there, standing at the school gates was Ranma, looking quite pleased with herself. That meant, Akane knew, that Kasumi's idea had worked. While she was still a little angry at Ranma for his remark about it being okay for girls to wet themselves, she was glad at the same time for his victory.

As other students came out, examining the unconscious man, Akane ran to where Ranma stood.

"I guess he won't be bothering you again." She noticed the axe stuck in the street behind Ranma. "Was he actually using that? You're lucky he didn't cut you in half."

"He wasn't so tough. Want to go home now?"

Akane was about to answer when someone yelled out, "So you think this is over, do you?"

Ranma and Akane turned towards the voice. Standing there was a tall, old man dressed in a battered karate gi.

"Who are you?" Ranma asked, suspecting she already know.

"I am Tomasa, Master of the school of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling. You may have beaten my students Ranma Satome, but now you must face me."

"Why?" Ranma asked.


"Why should I face you? I've beaten your students. Shouldn't you be hunting down that old pervert Happosi?"

Tomasa was quiet for a moment, and then said, "I couldn't find him."

"I'd use panties as bait then. Come on Akane." He started forward.

"Just wait one minute missy," Tomasa said. "I said I would fight you and I will fight you. And you can be certain that you will loose. I was beating your likes while you were still in diapers!"

"What did you say?" Ranma demanded.

"I'll thrash you mightily!" And with that Tomasa leapt at Ranma.

Ranma spun to the side, avoiding a series of vicious jabs and blocking a rather sneaky kick.

Tomasa faced Ranma again, smiling a lecherous smile. "Well, how about when I beat you, you come and drink tea with me."

"As if you old fossil," Ranma said, and moved to take the attack to Tomasa.

It was a rather intense fight between the two, kicks and blocks, jabs and dodges. Tomasa was much better than his students and he was making Ranma truly work.

Akane was watching and was glad that Ranma had learned how to deal with the diapers or she was certain and she would have already fallen to Tomasa's surprisingly effective technique.

"Not a bad fight," someone said.

Akane looked to her side and then down to see Happosi standing there, smoking a pipe. "Why aren't you in there?"

"Me? Fight Tomasa? Why do you think I have students?"

"Are you saying you are afraid to fight him?"

"He's a clever one. Never lost a fight before. I want to see him against someone like Ranma before I face him."

Akane came close to punting the old man into the next city. She was too concerned about the fight however.

The two were closely matched. Had Ranma been in his male form it might have made a difference, and then again it might have not. Tomasa was an old, spindly looking man, and his arms and legs did not have that much more reach than those of Ranma's female form. They were, as mentioned, closely matched.

"Who that fiancé fight?" a familiar voice asked from Akane's other side.

"Shampoo, you're back," Akane said, pleasure and surprise both in her tone. "Did you..."

"Grandmother find cure. Came for fiancé. Nice girl told Shampoo that fiancé was here."

"He is fighting the Master of the school of Pointless Yet Effective Grappling."

"Old man good," Shampoo said. "Fiancé fight good too."

Akane nodded. She wondered what this man could do that caused Happosi to worry, because so far it looked as if Ranma had it all wrapped up. All she would need is a little time.


Ranma was thinking that all she would need was a little time. Tomasa's style was good, but it was also based on some patterns. Ranma was already beginning to see some openings that she could exploit. Just a little more time and she would finish it.

She noticed Shampoo then, and for a moment wondered if she and Cologne had managed to find a cure. It was a small distraction, but it had come at the wrong time, or the right time for Tomasa.

He came in fast, closed fist speeding right at Ranma's face. She drew back and he opened his hand, as if he was trying to get her, but she let herself go back a little more, grabbed the front of his gi, and then fell back, putting her foot in his stomach for leverage, and sent him flying.

As Ranma came back up onto her feet she felt momentarily dizzy, but it was gone. In front of her Tomasa rolled to his feet and charged her. Ranma dropped into a low stance, ready to end it.

Then, impossibly, Tomasa was in front of her, as if he had some how circumvented normal space, and he lashed out at her with a series of deadly attacks that ripped her clothing and did not connect, until the last one.

Ranma was hit hard and sent sprawling. And there was a moment of darkness. When she came to her complete sense she found herself up against a tree. Not too far away Tomas stood. "I think I've won, little girl."

"We'll see about that," Ranma said as she got to her feet, then stopped. She looked down at her shredded pants and the diaper now displayed to anyone who cared to look, and anyone who cared to look was most of the students of Furinkan high.

Why did Kasumi have to put the pink ones with Hello Kitty on me today, Ranma thought to herself.

The sound of laughter made her look up. A number of the closest students had begun to giggle, some were pointing. Someone said, "You are king of the perverts Satome." Another voice said, "You can tell that she is wet."

It was too much for Ranma. She had lost, and her secret was out. She turned and fled, tears in her eyes, the sounds of jeers in her ears. It was the worse thing that could have happened to her. She could never face those students again, never face anyone again.

She ran back to the dojo, wanting to get inside, to hide, to let no one know what had happened, but it was already too late for that.

Kasumi met her at the door. "What's wrong Ranma? What happened to your clothes?"

She fell into Kasumi's arms and, in sobs, told the entire story. Kasumi hugged her tightly and directed her up the stairs and into her room. "Poor Ranma," Kasumi said. "You poor little thing."

She finally lay Ranma down on the futon and began to undo the diaper cover. "Let's get you cleaned up," Kasumi said. "Oh dear," she added a moment later.

"What?" Ranma asked through her tears, but a moment later she realised what it was. The thick smell of her waste was filling the room, and now that she thought about it she could feel the mess under her. "I," she stuttered, "I…"

"You've soiled yourself Ranma, but don't worry, I'll clean it up for you."

"But, but, but…"

"Poor Ranma. But maybe this is for the best," she had taken a wet wipe and was beginning to clean up the mess.

"What?" Ranma's tears had stopped due to the shock.

"Now that you have lost a fight you can just relax. You don't have to be so tough any longer. You can just be the little girl you want to be and let me take care of you. I suppose with the way your father raised you it is little wonder you want this."

"No," Ranma said, "that's not true."

"Well, then why else do you think you soiled your diaper?"

"Because…" Ranma could not think of a single reason.

"If you want to be a baby, I'll let you Ranma. There is nothing to be ashamed about," Kasumi said as she finished cleaning up the mess.

Ranma lay there, trying to make sense of it all: It just made none, however. Could she really want to be a baby? Was that why she had pooped in the diaper? It did make a kind of wierd sense.

Kasumi finished putting the clean diapers and diaper cover on Ranma and then went to her closet. "Let's get you dressed." She removed a pink t-shirt and a set of pink ropers with obvious snaps in the crotch. "I think this will look good on you."

"Where did you get that?" Ranma asked, feeling near tears again.

"Fuyako sent it," Kasumi said as she got Ranma into the t-shirt. "She said that she suspected something like this."

"What?" Ranma asked in disbelief.

"She said she had seen it before in her students. They really wanted to be babies, so they tried to work with them. Living vicariously I suppose." She got the romper onto Ranma and then began to brush Ranma's hair out. "Don't let it worry you."

Ranma was in shock. She wanted to be a baby again? She would have never thought it. As Kasumi put her hair into pigtails Ranma wondered what was going to become of her. She knew that Kasumi would take care of her, but was that what she really wanted?

There was the sound of a door banging open, then someone running up stairs. A moment later Nabiki hauled open Kasumi's door and stopped short when she saw Ranma, sitting on the futon, in a pink romper, her hair in pigtails.

"What the hell is this?" Nabiki demanded.

"Now Nabiki, don't be so mean. This is what Ranma wants," Kasumi told her.

Is it what I want? Ranma wondered, feeling her diapers grow wet as her bladder released.

"Oh, great!" Nabiki snapped. "Well maybe you could have let me known before that you were a baby! Do you know how much money I lost on that fight! Do you realise what…" Nabiki just threw up her hand and then slammed the door and stomped away.

Ranma had shrunk back from Nabiki's tirade, feeling overwhelmed by the young woman's anger. She felt Kasumi's arms wrap protectively around her. "Don't let Nabiki scare you. She uses a lot of that money to help with the dojo. She'll forgive you in a little while."

Ranma relaxed in Kasumi's embrace, unable to think of doing anything else.

There was the sound of someone else entering the house, slowly climbing the stairs. No one came into Kasumi's room though.

"I guess you can't blame Akane," Kasumi said softly as she rocked Ranma back and forth. "She needed someone strong." Kasumi began to pop the fasteners in the romper. "I can't believe you have messed again." She laughed kindly. "But don't worry, I'll take care of you and everything will be alright."

"No," Ranma said softly.

"What baby?" Kasumi said as she began to unfasten the diaper cover.

"No, it will not be alright. It will never be all right! I don't want to be a baby! I am not one!'

Ranma felt a moment of disorientation. When it cleared she found herself standing near the school, there was some dust in the air about her. Ahead of her Tomasa was springing to his feet. Ranma looked at the dust. Some kind of hallucinogen, she thought. It was the sort of trick he would have expected from the likes of Kodachi.

He could guess that Tomasa was thinking that he was still trapped in the nightmare, or perhaps broken by it. Ranma was angry, but she did not show it. She just remained in the same sort of off balanced position, waiting for Tomasa to close.

And Tomasa came right at her, fast and wide open.

Ranma waited until the last moment, then side stepped the attack and hit the old man with a heel kick that sent him slamming into the ground hard enough to rip up chunks of grass. Another kick lifted Tomasa into the air and a third sent him flying across the street and slammed him into a tree.

It was obviously over, and obviously Ranma had won.

Once again.

"Not bad student," Happosi said as he patted Ranma's bottom. "Not bad at all."

Ranma was pleased to note that while her diapers were a little damp, there was no mess in them. She then grabbed Happosi by the collar and hurled him across the street so he slammed into the just recovering Tomasa. Both of them would be out for a while.

Akane and Shampoo where by her side, Akane congratulating him, Shampoo telling of the good news.

"A cure, you're sure?"

"Of course. Grandmother say so."

'Then let's go," Ranma said happily.

Before he could set off Akane had grabbed her arm. "Ranma, you know that she will blackmail you with this."

Ranma smiled and nodded. "I know. Everything is back to normal." Then she freed herself from Akane's hold and went charging after Shampoo.

Akane watched them go and smiled as she shook her head. "Idiot," she said softly.

Chapter 8 - 'The End'

Three days after the battle with Tomasa and things were back to normal, which is not to say that they made sense or were not insane, but they were back to normal.

Ranma, male form, was out in the backyard, training on his own. Genma and Soun had still not returned, which did bring a semblance of extra peace to the dojo.

He spun about, kicking at imaginary opponents, not thinking about how good it was to be out of diapers. After all, not thinking about them was something he had learned to master. Undergarments no longer mattered to Ranma, though he still had no intention of wearing bras or panties while in female form.

At that moment Akane came out of the dojo, in her gi, a towel around her shoulders.

Ranma stopped his training and walked up to her. "Akane, I'd like to apologise to you," he said, sounding embarrassed.

"For what?" she asked.

"When I said it was all right for girls to wet themselves. That was stupid."

"Yes it was," Akane said. "I'm glad you can admit it."

Ranma smiled sheepishly. "I'll try not to be so stupid about being a girl in the future."

"That would be nice Ranma," she said, and then favoured him with a smile before turning and entering the house.

Ranma was left with the thought that Akane could indeed be very cute. His face was hot.

A few seconds later he leapt into the pond and emerged a moment later as female Ranma. She shook the water from her and wrung the dampness out of her clothing until she was not dripping. Then she went into the house.

She found Kasumi in the kitchen.

"Oh, Ranma, do you want breakfast now?"

Of course Ranma wanted breakfast, but that was not why he had come to see Kasumi. "I actually wanted to thank you for taking care of me."

"Oh, don't mention it," Kasumi said happily.

"It was, well, really nice in some ways. I guess, well, I guess I missed a lot of stuff while always training with my father. It was nice to be cared for." As she finished speaking she could feel her cheeks growing hot.

Kasumi leaned forward and kissed Ranma on the forehead. "I'm glad for you then, though it would have been nice had you been able to say that as a male."

Ranma shrugged her shoulders. "I guess there are still some things that I am not strong enough for."

The End

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