I stopped posting artwork here because I had become tired of people using it without permission. I suppose in time I might have started posting work again, once the anger and disapointment I felt about what was happening had faded. But, as often happens, when I stopped this work, other forms of creative work, non ABDL, rushed in to fill the void. I also had other things come up which began to fill my time as well. The end result is that I no longer really have to time to dedicate to the work I did for this site. I may, from time to time, post something new here, if the urge to create strikes, but I cannot say with any certainty.
the entry way.

Only For Adults

Story Page Updated, July 17, 2005.
Please do not post or publically archive any of the work on this website without permission.
vous n'avez pas le droit de poster mes travaux nul part sans ma permission.

Guess what? Come on, guess. It is real easy.

Okay, it seems that AB Kingdom, after managing to keep my work off of that site has once again started to show its complete and utter disregard for the wishes of artists. Actually, I say once again, but it never stopped. The amount of artwork that comes from Japanese sites (sites with a 'please don't use this art without permission' notice, in English no less) is phenomenal. Take that away and there would be, well, almost nothing.

Sure, I could send the webmaster a note, asking that the work be removed, but really, why bother? It does not make any real difference and I'm tired of dealing with that person. Hosts artwork taken without permission and half the time acts as if he/she is the person who has the right to be upset.

I did send a notice to the actual person who posted the pictures, requesting that they remove the artwork. But, big surprise, that resulted in nothing. These people are like black holes, sucking the desire for creativity right out of me.

Here's the illiterate's email address, just in case you want to know. hellicat1@yahoo.fr

Second Life

I got a second life account back in August. Maybe should have said something back then, but really, what does it matter?

Not going to tell you who I am. Sorry.

However I will tell you it is a fun little, well, not quite game, but, well, virtual world.

I've spent a little time with the AB community, which is more an AB Fur commnunity (not that there is anything wrong with that, they are a nich bunch). It's been fun.
So, I guess I'm saying give Second Life a try. You might even meet me in there. Of course you'll never know, but still...

Have a nice day!