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The Mysterious Action Jackson: So let me get this straight. This spikey-haired Bart Simpson-wannabe goes around causing trouble with an exploding pink ball that looks like one of those Muscle Man toys? Somehow I seriously doubt that Jibaku-Kun will garner the fan following that shows such as Ruroni Kenshin have, but maybe I'm all wrong again. Not only did the art quality at times look more like the kind that you'd find in an image comic than anime or manga, the character designs weren't particularly inspired either. I also got the sneaking suspicion that Jibaku-Kun also had some Pokemon-style collect-'em-all theme going on.

Evafreak: Be very concerned about anyone that comes to a con in the future dressed as the hero of this show. He's bound to be a punk. And he might be armed with an explosive pink Madball with arms and legs. This show plays vaguely like a sick tale on Pokemon, featuring a similar color scheme, equally insane monsters and wacky sound effects. Nothing spectacular here, but the strange and unusual touches get my full support.
Lester: Okay, it's sort of a weird Pokemon ripoff, the main character looks like Ash on too much caffeine. But the "Trouble Monsters," the pokemon stand-ins of this series, are a hoot! They're these angry pink balls with arms and legs, and for added fun, they're gender specific, or at least dress like it. A Misty lookalike has one with a little hair and attached bow, and another one wears a tutu. On top of that, if the opening credits are any indication, you get it all. Sword battles; gibbering monsters; flying mythical creatures that look like inflatable bath ducks, or manta rays, or bobcats; and a teary-eyed princess. Bizzare aint the half of it.