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Hunter X Hunter

The Mysterious Action Jackson: I first thought that this was an anime about fishing, which, although not as riveting as interplanetary bug whacking, could still be interesting. Then it turned out that it wasn't but instead was some sort of Huck Finn-esque tale of a young boy on the road to self-discovery, manhood, and a couple of other admirable attributes, and I bought it. My complaint is that the show needs more fishing and less bonding-with-the-little-creatures-of-nature. Let's see some full-contact line casting.
Evafreak Even for a based-on the-bestselling manga series, it's better animated than you'd expect. Slow going at first, with lots of appreaciations of nature and emotional reaction shots, but it looks like the story's on its way to somewhere. I mean, it's based on the bestselling manga, right? I did like the bear-creature that menaced the little kid, but then it got killed with a sword, and that was kind of a downer. But what do you expect from a series with "hunter" in the title... twice?
Lester: Okay... when I first saw this show, I was like, who turned on the Pokemon? Appearently, the star of this series is a spikey-haired youngster who spends his days cavorting around and catching big ugly fish in a non-offensive rustic setting. The whole show was rather slow-paced, but gave you a feeling that if you watched it long enough, it would eventually go somewhere. Overall, I think that it could stand to go a little faster, otherwise it's yawnsville from here on in. Right now it needs a few power balls to liven it up a bit.