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Corrector Yui

The Mysterious Action Jackson: Wow, talk about budgetary restrictions, I kid thee not when I say in one episode, we saw the same "magical girl special attack footage" no less than four times. Did I mention the Revolutionary plot device? This girl, like, gets willfully sucked into her, like, computer and has, like, contrived adventures. And how could I forget the anthropomorphic dog villain, now that's scary. There are many Shojo shows I enjoy, but this one is really hard to like.

Evafreak: Yui is the ususal ditz (with bloomer P.J.s no less), but she lives in a utopian world of all-Macintosh hardware, environmentally safe windmill power and computer teachers. When a digital Uber-villain threatens, it's Yui to the rescue with her puffy-star-shooting magic wand. Hey, can I get a magical robot orb from a computer by smashing my fists into the keyboard?