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Anime Reviews

There are lots of anime shows out there, not just one or two, so I've created a review section. now you can know what shows to avoid, and ones you can't miss.

Reveiw Sqad

Evafreak: Evafreak is our resident anime expert, and claims that she's seen every anime show there is. From Speedracer to Cardcaptors, Evafreak writes the reveiws and sends people home a cryin'.

The Mysterious Action Jackson: Action Jackson often spends time alone in the reveiwers pit ( a dark room with a TV and an endless supply of anime and potato chips) for days on end. Many people claim that they hear evil cackling coming from the pit from time-to-time when Action Jackson is in there, and many people questioned the sanity of this reveiwer, right before Jackson ran off and was never seen again. The Mysterious Aciton Jackson sends the reveiws by emu express, so that you may still enjoy the wonderful writings of the Mysterious Action Jackson.

Lester: Lester is the pet rock that we keep in the reveiwers pit. After being stuck in the pit during the Action Jackson's anime binge, Lester now has a superior knowlage of anime and is welcomed in as a reveiw writer. Now that The Mysterious Action Jackson is gone, Lester uses his off-time in the pit, watching Manimal reruns.

Hunter X Hunter