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The Mysterious Action Jackson: We've all fallen victim to shows like Microman before, 30 minute animated toy commercials that make our parents cringe. However, the fact that Microman doesn't really stand out is inconsequential. What is of dire importance is the fact that the ending theme song is a Japanese cover of the Jackson Five classic, " I want you back," and it's damn good. now why, of all the R&B songs on earth, the producers settled on this one, I have no idea, but I plan to find out. It's almost too random to be random, you know? Anyway, weak show, incredible song.
Evafreak: The new Microman toys are near masterpeices of design and engineering, so it's a shame to see that the show itself is sadly devoid of all imagination ( save for the shocking Jackson 5 closing theme). As the old Micronauts comic from Marvel once proved, you can tell interestiong stories and sell merchandise at the same time. But a bouillabaisse of Osamu Tezuka's old Micron S, classic sentai formula and dull animation do not a good show make.
Lester: The latest version of Microman is a mixed bag. The action at the end of the show wasn't that bad, but it was definately not worth sitting through the annoying villains and kids that take up the majority of the program. The whole series redeems itself with closing credits featuring a cover of the Jackson Five's "I want you back" that has to be heard to be believed. If you're too young to remember the Jackson Five you'll still recognize the music of the song, as it's being used in the Rugrats movie.