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Anime Links

Here are some of the best anime sites on the web, if you know one that's really good, and you don't see it on here, just e-mail (or neomessage) me and tell me about it.

  • Anime Universe Our sponsor!

  • Anime Web Turnpike This is a site with the biggest selection of anime links I've ever seen, a must see!

  • Anime Nation The biggest anime store on the net

  • House of Anime Not quite so big as Anime Nation, but a lot cheaper

  • Animerica Magazine A really good anime magazine

  • SDAT: an Evangelion Fanfiction Database What's the point of this one? you ask, I like it, so BACK OFF!!

  • Senshi Battle Zone The Sailor Senshi duke it out with each other for your entertainment! Really good, my favorite site!