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Yay my second fight!!!

Luxury Sudan
Battle Zone

Hikaru: Hey there LSB fans!Today we have a wonderful fight for you!
Hikaru: *picks up phone* Hello, LSB hot line.
Cell Phone: *static and mumbling noises*
Hikaru: WHAT??? Not coming?!?!?*hangs up phone and reluctantly reaches for
her drawer*Frooosssttyyy!
Frosty: Hey! *Tap dances on the top of the table*
Arenít I cute???*in an annoyingly cute voice* Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars!Ta Da!
Hikaru: Oiy!*slaps hand on head*Well Frosty, looks like your gonna have to fill in for Eva Freak, Preppiegirl, AND Sven!
Frosty: Tee Hee! Iím so cute, I can do all that PLUS Richard Simmons!
Hikaru: HELP! Itís just not fair!!*bangs on the glass of the announcerís booth*
Voice: No! Not frosty!
Hikaru: SHINJI!!!!Oh thank god!Frosty was just about to go into Richard Simmons mode!
Shinji:*shoves Frosty into the drawer*
Hikaru:Ahhh, the sounds of a sock puppet in a drawer!
Shinji:Yeah, and now were alone!
Hikaru: Uhh..Shinji, were in a stadium filled with tons of Asuka fans...
Asuka Fans:Shinji! How could you desert our leader?!?!?She trusted you!*ANTA BAKA????Now sheís crying!
Shinji: Ssssorryy.....
Asuka Fans:*in unison*YOU IDIOT!*all sit down and face the other way*
Hikaru:Donít worry, Iíll get em outta here!*presses button and Asuka appears in the center of the arena.
Asuka Fans: *screams* Look itís our leader!
*the Asuka fans chase Asuka out of the stadium and lots of green elves enter the seats where the fans were*
Green Elves:This show sucks!*elves start throwing blunt objects at the announcers booth*
Fiore:*suddenly appears* My hair!! *vanishes*
Shinji: Donít worry, Iíll fix it *presses same button and Asuka appears again*
Green Elves:Whooooo!Girlie girlie!* green elves chase Asuka out of the arena*
Hikaru:NOW may we start the fight???
Shinji: I believe so! Today, folks, we have Sailor Jupiter vs. Kaworu!
Hikaru: Kaworu??? I LOVE Kaworu!!!! *eyes go all heart shaped*
Shinji: What???
Hikaru: Nothing!
Shinji: Hmmmmm....
Barrel: THUMP!
Shinji: Well, looks like the fight has begun!Sailor Jupiter is throwing an Oak Evolution at Kaworu and he protects himself with his AT field!
Hikaru:She keeps attacking him but he just stands there unaffected!
Shinji:Well, now sheís throwing many attacks at him and heís just..standing... there*clears throat*
Hikaru:Well since our fight isnít going anywhere weíll do some inane talking!
Shinji:What do you call cheese that isnít yours?------Natcho cheese!
Hikaru: Shinji! We donít have an audience remember?
Shinji: Your right! *presses button marked ďAUDIENCEĒ
Audience: Nacho cheese! Ha ha ha!! *all slap knees*
Shinji: Hey man that was rufus! This crowd kicks ass!
Hikaru:Yeah! and now that we have an audience, back to the fight!
Sailor Jupiter: *light bulb appears over her head* Wait a minute that wonít work! *light bulb falls on her head*Owwww!
Kaworu: Ha ha ha ha ha! You will never find my weakness!
Sailor Jupiter: Thatís it! Iíve got it! *climbs into the announcerís booth*
Shinji: Be carefull! Iím delicate! *smiles seductively at Jupiter*
Hikaru:* slaps Shinji on the head* Fine! Be that way! Go with HER! *hands Shinji over to Jupiter*
Sailor Jupiter: Oh Kaworu! Look what IIIIIvvvíe got!
Kaworu: Oooohhh! Heís so cute! * grabs shinji and trys to kiss him*
Sailor Jupiter:Ha! * kicks Kaworu in the head*
Shinji: Waaaiiiiiii!!!!!Get him offa meeeee!!!!!!!!
Hikaru: I told you to stay straight but you just HADíTA bend the rules! Well folks looks like this is it! Shinji dedcided to be gay, Kaworu lost and Frosty is safely back in the drawer! GOODNIGHT!
Technichan: Uhhh, Hikaru?
Technichan: Weíve got 10 minutes left.
Hikaru:Uhhhhhhh, here every weíve got *gulp* frosty!
Frosty: La dee da tum tum ta da dee dumm!!! * dances for the remainder of the 10 minutes with Barbie tm*
Hikaru: So everyone have a happy halloween *shoves frosty in drawer* , keep your drawers locked, and watch the WWF as little as possible!
Kaworu: Hey! I canít lose!!! Shinji love ME! *goes back in time and defeats Jupiter* So there!
Hikaru: Whatever. [ man i gotta lay off the prozac! ] GíNIGHT! *turns into Cat Woman and runs away into the Forboding Darkness [ TM ] *