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Anime Character feature of the Month!

Our first character feature is none other than Heero the stoic anime character from Gundam Wing!
Heero Yuy is roughly about 15 years old, pilots a Gundam at night, and drives a moped by day.
Now, here are some stats!
  • Name: Heero Yuy
  • Occupation: Gundam Pilot ( if you didn't know that, you need some help!)
  • Favorite Activity: cleaning guns
  • Favorite Saying: "........."
  • Favorite Song: mmmbop by: Hanson *shudder*
  • Favorite Team: The Stillwater Ponies ( GO PONIES!!!!)
  • Girlfriend/ Boyfriend: I don't wanna go into that right now, I prefer to believe that he's asexual.
  • Weapon of choice: pointy hair clips
    NOTE: You may notice that some of these facts are not entirely truthful, That may be because I wrote down whatever I wanted to say. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!! ( If you are enraged at me, you can always send a flame...I love flames.) Now here are a few of the funniest stories I found about Heero Yuy
    NOTE: I did not write any of these stories, if you wrote them, don't bother to sue me 'cause I don't have any money.
    Nanashi the Wonder Toad
    What keeps you awake at night?