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The Nephrite and Naru Treasury; aka Nephlite and Molly; Nephlyte and Molly; Neflite and Molly; Neflyte and Molly; Fanfiction, Fanart, and More!

The World's Largest Collection of Nephrite/Naru (Nephlite/Molly) Fanart and Fanfiction!

Updated: 15 March 2016

Forgive me, Naru, he thought. I must forgive them, for your sake. I hope you understand. Zoisite, Kunzite, Jadeite. Arrendel. If you can hear me, or even if you can't, I forgive you. What's past is past, and I don't hate you any more. - Lyra's Children, Book 4 Chapter 4

Molly and Neflite Award
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