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The Nephrite and Naru Treasury; aka Nephlite and Molly; Nephlyte and Molly; Neflite and Molly; Neflyte and Molly; Fanfiction, Fanart, and More!

The World's Largest Collection of Nephrite/Naru (Nephlite/Molly) Fanart and Fanfiction!

Updated: 12 December 2014

"Good old anti-social Nephrite," Jadeite muttered. Zoisite, oblivious, was saying, "Today's Tuesday, so if we plan it for a week from Saturday that should be plenty of time. We can have those cheese biscuits, and homemade pizza - smoked chicken, I think, and - oh, sushi, of course..." He wandered off to the kitchen, happily planning.
- All I Can Do, Chapter 4

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