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Nachiko presents her
Fire and Blood
Neon Genesis Evangelion Temple

The pitiless, motherless, loveless children of God.

::Rei Ayanami:: First Children. Pilot of prototype Eva 00
::Shinji Ikari:: Third Children. Pilot of test type EVA 01
::Asuka Langley Sohryu:: Second Children. Pilot of EVA 02
::Toji Suzuhara:: Fourth Children. Pilot of EVA 04

::Gendo Ikari & Kouzou Fuyutsuki:: The corrupt and driven NERV commanders
::Mistao Katsuragi:: Captain & Director of NERV Operations
::Ritsuko Akagi:: NERV Doctor and Scientist
::Friends:: The few
::Kaji Ryoji:: Spy and more

Temple Tour:

::Archives:: Pictures of the cast.
::The Guide:: Episode guide.
::Scroll:: Neon Genesis Evangelion's poem, spoken by Rei Ayanami.
::Webrings:: See the ones the temple has joined, or join them yourself.
::Legal:: A little message to everyone from the temple about copyright infringement--there isn't any here.
::Exits:: The temple's exits of choice.
::Communication:: Send a message if you have any thoughts, comments, complaints, corrections, suggestions, tips, stats on the cast...

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