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Mystical Darkness: Neon Genesis Evangelion Information

Mystical Darkness

Sailor Moon Characters

  Sailor Moon, Usagi in Japanese, Serena in English, is the heroine and main character of the series.  She is a bumbling and somewhat ditzy junior high girl who is introduced to her new powers by a black cat named Luna.  She is a hero destined to fight off the villians of the Negaverse.  Later on we are introduced to more "Sailor Scouts".  She has no real powers except for her "Moon Tiara" and later on the "Moon Sceptre" and the "Imperial Silver Crystal".

  Sailor Mercury, Ami in Japanese, Amy in English, is the second Sailor Scout to appear.  She is the smartest one in the group and quite possibly the smartest person in all of Japan.  Her powers are her "Mini Computer", Her "Visor" that lets her see and scan things, "Mercury Bubbles" that create a fog, and later on "Ice Bubbles".

  Sailor Mars, Rei in Japanese, Raye in English, is the third Sailor Scout to be discovered.  She is considered a freak by the people of her school because of her "powers".  She can read fire and works in a temple.  When she first met Serena, she thought she was an evil spirit and tried to vanquish her.  Her powers are "Mars Fire", "Mars Celestial Fire", and later on "Mars Fire Bird".

  Sailor Jupiter, Makoto in Japanese, Lita in English, is the fourth Sailor Scout.  She is the most physically strong Sailor Scout and quite possibly the bravest.  Her powers include "Jupiter Thunder", "Jupiter Thunder Clap" and "Jupiter Thunder Dragon".

  Sailor Venus, Minako in Japanese, Mina in English, is the last of the "Inner Scouts".  She is technically the first Sailor Scout, being discovered by her guardian cat, Artemis in London about a year before Luna's discovery of Serena.  She is smart, brave, at times ditzy and acts as the leader of the Sailor Scouts before Sailor Moon is recognized as Princess Serena.  Her attacks include, "Venus Crescent Beam", "Venus Love Chain", "Venus Meteor Shower", and "Venus Love and Beauty Shock".

I don't know much about the Outer Sailor Scouts, but here are their pictures and what little I do know about them.

  Sailor Pluto, Setsuna in Japanese, is the Guardian of the Door of Time.  The Inner Scouts first meet up with her when the Negamoon attacks Earth.

  Sailor Saturn, Hotaru in Japanese, is the Sailor Scout of Death and Rebirth.  She was transformed into the Evil Mistress 9 as part of a deal to save her life.  Her powers include, "Silent Glaive Surprise", and "Death Reborn Revolution".

  Sailor Neptune, Michiru in Japanese, is in ways, Sailor Mercury's counterpart.  They both have water type attacks, however, she is Sailor Uranus' lover.  They are "Cousins" in American versions of Sailor Moon.  Her attacks include,

  Sailor Uranus, Haruka in Japanese, is Sailor Neptune's lover and the most masculine of the Sailor Scouts.  Her attacks include, "Uranus Whole World Shaking."