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     MAMORU : 
*The Awakening*


For a time, Tuxedo Mask fought along with the Sailor Scouts. But nobody knew who he was, not even us - the TV viewers (actually, we all knew, right? Who else was as suave and cool as Mamoru??)! Around that time, the cool and stylish Mamoru started to have some "health" problems.....

Unknowingly, Mamoru would always get a terrible headache and would blackout whenever Usagi/ Sailormoon was in danger. Yeah, Mamoru heard about the hero Tuxedo Mask and even had an unconscious obsession in getting the Tuxedo Mask doll in the crane machine, but he had NO IDEA that all this while, that brave, charming, mysterious Tuxedo Mask was...

MAMORU himself!

Even while he was out with Rei, his problem      wouldn't stop!
Mamoru knew something was VERY wrong when his headaches got worse and more frequent.
If Sailormoon was in danger, he would (unconsciously) automatically become Tuxedo Mask and rescue Sailormoon.

Not only was Mamoru hampered by these headaches, he also had another persistent and emotional "calling"....


Mamoru kept dreaming of a princess who urged him to quickly find the ginzuishou,  the Empyrium Silver Crystal.

"What's  HAPPENING to me??!!"

But he was determined to help his beautiful dream princess...... He had to.

Finally, things were starting to make sense to Mamoru when he met Yumemo Yumemi, an famous but never-seen-before-in-person artist.....
  Episode 28: The Encounter With The Artist

           Tuxedo Mask successfully obtained the 3rd crystal. When Mamoru realised later that he had the rainbow crystal, he finally knew that he was, indeed, Tuxedo Mask.

             Not that he understood his dream completely, though.

            But one thing's for sure : Mamoru knew that in order to help the princess in his dream, he had to find the Silver Crystal. Then, only then, would he get all his answers....

The poor, lonely, tortured soul...

As the hunt for the remaining Rainbow crystals continued, Mamoru became more intense in finding it. He somehow knew that they were the key to solving the mystery of his dream.
         One episode (other than Yumemi's episode) showed how tormented and lonely Mamoru was.... Though the scene was short, I really sympathized (and drool!) Mamoru.. It goes like this:-

Rei decided to call Mamoru...
But got his answering machine instead. The camera then shows Mamoru's apartment, and his answering machine taping Rei message. The apartment seemed to be empty. The camera slowly views the balcony.....

There Mamoru was, quietly leaning against the brick railings...

The next scene shows Mamoru upclose! He was thinking about the ginzuishou. He looked really sad.... (And very handsome) ^_^

I can't control myself anymore! MAMORU!!!!!!!
"The ginzuishou.... It's my only hope.... "

Mamoru became more determined and intense in fighting for the remaining crystals.... It was all that he thought about...

                    Now that Mamoru knew what he had to do, nothing could stop him. As the "SAILORMOON" episodes progressed, Tuxedo Mask managed to obtain 3 out of 7 of the Rainbow Crystals.  Ah, of course, it wasn't easy for our masked hero!

Especially if you have to carry someone.. hehe!
And of course, as Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru always gave a chance to Sailormoon and the scouts to learn their powers and fight the Dark Kingdom, only interrupting whenever the situation got out of hand...
"Believe in yourself, Sailormoon!"

Sailormoon and even the other scouts  had a crush on their handsome masked saviour!

Everyone was in Cloud 9!

Obviously,even sensible Rei got whisked off!

I'd love to be in those strong arms,thank you.

In one episode, Usagi disguised herself as a princess to enter a palace which was about to display a rare and exquisite crystal to its visitors. "That crystal could be one of the Rainbow Crystals," thought both the Sailor Scouts and Mamoru. Mamoru, disguised again as Tuxedo Mask, sneaked into the palace.
            After the regular destroy-the-monster-of-the-day, Usagi felt thirsty and went for a drink. Unknowingly, she drank wine (probably vodka, seeing how fast Usagi was knocked out!) and guess who caught her in time before she hit the floor? ^_^'
            Not knowing that it was Usagi, Mamoru carried her to a balcony. (That particular scene is one of my favourite Mamoru scenes! It's SO ROMANTIC!) Swept by emotion so familiar, so tender, so loving, as though he experienced that exact atmosphere before, Mamoru kissed Usagi. Usagi too, was swept by the same emotions... "It's as if I've done this many times before...." thought Usagi and Mamoru.....
This is such a gorgeous picture!

As fate would have it, nothing can keep the prince away from his princess. The time for Mamoru and Usagi to realise their destiny would soon arrive....

*Awakening Part 2*