~*Moon Angel's Wing*~ Version h.i.a.t.u.s

(8/9/02) - Konnichiwa minna-san! Gomen nasai... I just don't have the modivation to keep updating this collective. There are many reasons why, but we'll keep it simple. The collective was just sitting here and collecting dust anyways, so its time I gave *Moon Angel's Wing* a rest. This may be goodbye forever or just temporary.. I truly have not decided my collective's fate yet. Although that is not to say my interest in anime has faded or died - I will always have a place in my heart for anime, and I am still as obbessed as ever. Well, this collective wouldn't have grown that much either way, because last year Angelfire decided to "super-size" its free space to its users (giving us 50mb of storage). But now, my account is back down to 20mb and it is currently full...

Farwell for now, *Moon Angel's Wing*
Love always, Moon Angel

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But here's the good news! I have recently become obbessed with my web page review site (WPR) known as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (GBU). I review as Hitomi there. I now choose to devote most of my online time to doing reviews of other people's websites... So if you want a review of your anime/manga-related website, please click on the link below to pay a visit to GBU. Also I will link to the other WPR that I work at known as Sera Palla Enchantments (SPE) as Sera Juno. They will open in a new window.


The following link goes to my personal site. This site will not get as much attention as my WPR GBU, but it will be updated here and there. So check it out to find out more about me or what is happening in my life! Opens in a new window.

Inner Reflections

I will also be leaving my cliques open to join as well. So below are the links to those. They will also open in a new window.

Cr@zy for Cliques
Care Bears Stare!