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Hello stanger. This is a cave for my adopted Dark Wolves. The Dark Wolves are very strange and they can talk. If you wish to speak to them, follow the rocks thoughout the cave.

You follow the first sets of rocks, they lead you to a grey wolf. He stares at you with big eyes.

"Hello, who are you?"

You tell the wolf your name.

"Oh thats neat. My name is StarrCrack. I am the first wolf that my owner Miracle adopted. She has adopted another wolf though, if you follow that path there," he says pointing,

You tell the wolf you have to leave.

"Oh, ok! please come and vistit me again soon!" he says waving as you leave the room.

Just some info about StarrCrack.

Name: StarrCrack

Cyber Pet: Dark wolf

Gender: Male

Born: April 17, 2000

Age: adult

Other: At the age of 2 he killed his first baby deer!

You follow the path StarrCrack told you. You reach a small dug-out. There is a sign that reads:

Hey, look at our new wolf pup! He is RED!!! RED! How strange! We renamed him, Red Snow.

Name: Red Snow

Cyber Pet: Dark wolf

Gender: Male

Born: May 7, 2000

Age: adult

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