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Desert of the Talup

You enter a desert. You don't see very much do to the mountains
of sand. The wing blows long and hard, making you almost fall.
Then, out in the distance, you see someone, walking with
some sort of dragon and its young.

You see that its a white girl with a dragon. She is wearing a short mini dress. The top has no straps. The color of it is black, with a white flower in the middle of her chest. She looks to be 14 in age. She doesnt have any make-up on. She is wearing a tilted blue banda around her waist that has a huge knot in it to keep it from falling off her waist on the slant it is in. She has a gold head band. It has a red ruby in the
center of it, connected to it, is two, large spikes
that go up off her head. It looks to be painful.
She has three gold bracelets with beads on them on her left hand,
on her right hand, she has a blue band
that has silver outline and it is made out of steel.
She is wearing beautiful, light purple dimond
earrings.You look at them very close, they touch
her shoulders and as she gets closer, you can tell
that they are 5-6 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches wide.
They look to be very heavy as well. They are made
from the true stone.
Her hair is light brown with strikes of gold running
though it. It is about 4 feet in lenth. Then, with
wiping her flowing hair out of her face, she speaks.

"Hello. My name is Miracle and this is my Talup dragon, Gayreck.
Why are you here? We are just taking a walk like we always do. If you
wish, you may adopt a Talup dragon for yourself."

This is my child,he is an aduot know, and is looking for a mate.
his name is GuyBrush. He has a good personality from
his mother, and a stubben one from well, err, me! He has been trained
so you may go and talk to him if you want."

You jump as a voice comes into your head. You know it wasnt Miracle.
Then who, or what was it? The talup maybe? You ask if talups can talk.

"Well ofcourse they can silly! Just because they are a dragon, doesnt
mean that they cant talk. Well, go and adopt a talup dragon for you-
self and come back soon!"

Gayreck's scrapbook

Name: Gayreck (Ga-reck)

Cyber Pet: talup

Type: Aqua Striker

Sex: Male

Born: June 4, 2000

Mate: her name is Cyrex. To see her, go here

Age: adult

GuyBrush's scrapbook

Name: GuyBrush (Guy-Brush, well duh!)

Cyber Pet: talup

Type: Seafoam Mist Hybid

Sex: Male

Born: June 20, 2000

Age: adult

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