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A Mountain Ridge

You dont know how you got there, but you are traveling on a mountain ridge. You look
up and see a loft and think its the best place to be. As you walk to it, you notice
someone is there. You run up to it. There, you find a young girl, of about 14 or 15.
She is wearing a long white cape. It has a red jem in the center of her chest.
She doesnt have any make-up on. She is wearing a tilted blue banda around
her waist that has a huge knot in it to keep it from falling off her waist
on the slant it is in. She has a gold head band. It has a red ruby in the center
of it, connected to it, is two, large spikes that go up off her head. It looks
to be painful. She has three gold bracelets with beads on them on her left hand,on her right
hand, she has a blue band that has silver outline and it is made out of steel. She is
wearing beautiful, light purple dimond earrings.You look at them very close, they touch
her shoulders and as she gets closer, you can tell that they are 5-6 inches long, and
1 1/2 inches wide. They look to be very heavy as well. They are made from the true stone.
Her hair is light brown with strikes of gold running though it. It is about 4 feet in lenth.
Then, with wiping her flowing hair out of her face, she speaks.

Hello! I havent seen humans here in a long time! My name is Miracle and iam the
caretaker of my newly hatched GoldWing dragon!

As you watch her stork its head, you notice, from under her dress,
you see a large, bleach white wolf-like tail. It's very long and more furry then a true
wolves tail could ever dream of. You walk up to her, gaze down at the tail, then you grab it.

Ekk! What are you doing?!

You eye her down and ask about the tail.

My tail, OH i mean, the tail? Well, its my tail, my fake tail! I, umm wear it for looks!
Umm, I uh....I have to go! Please leave the hatchling here to sleep! If you dont, you will
have to answer
to me....

As she stuggled to get off the ground, she stops and places her hands on the red gem.
It starts to glow a yellow color. Her hair raises in the air, then with a blast,
all you hear is a loud scream/growl sound. When the smoke cleared, you see a VERY large,
white winged wolf. It's foot is bigger then to the hight of yourself. It stares down at you,
then with a leap, it toggles between falling and flying, then it bomb dives, then it
takes to the sky. Before its out of view, it yells to you:

If you wish to adopt a Goldwing dragon, follow that path there to your right!

Well, hello. You must be a human, just like my Miracle is, well, sort of. She is a human,
just with a VERY strange skill. She is a wolf at heart, one day she made herself change into one.
everyone that knows her doesn't know how she did it, but she did. I don't think anyone can do
what she did, but then again I could be wrong! ^_~

Name: JoyRock (Zoy-rock, say like the French!)
CareTaker: Miracle
Gender: Male
Age: adult
Type: Albino
Mate: None yet...

The other dragon.....

As you walk back down the path after visiting the albino dragon, you go in search in where
Miracle went. You run down small paths and you find a forest. A huge forest. You are sure that
Miracle went in there. So you go in. You find many rocks in your path. You try to avode them
but you can't. You climb over them, one by one. You come across a very large one.
You start to climb it. You get to the top and jump off it, only to find that you have just
jumped off a cliff. You scream as you continue to fall. Then, you slam hard on something,
something flying. You look on where you are sitting, it's white. It's Miracle!

Why did you follow me.

You explane that you wanted to ask somethings.

Miracle stops in mid flight, and lands. Squatting, she listens to your question.

One question, and one only.

One? Okay. You ask her why she is in the forest.

I have a new dragon. But come back when it has hatched.

Name: N/A
Caretaker: Miracle
Sex: N/A
Coloring: N/A
Mate: none

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