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FeatherDrake Forest

You travel through a forest. The ground is littered with broken twigs and underbrush.
You see a clearing ahead and move to it. There, you find a young girl, of about 14 or 15.
She is wearing a long white cape. It has a blue jem in the center of her chest.
She doesnt have any make-up on. She is wearing a tilted blue banda around
her waist that has a huge knot in it to keep it from falling off her waist
on the slant it is in. She has a gold head band. It has a red ruby in the center
of it, connected to it, is two, large spikes that go up off her head. It looks
to be painful. She has three gold bracelets with beads on them on her left hand,on her right
hand, she has a blue band that has silver outline and it is made out of steel. She is
wearing beautiful, light purple dimond earrings.You look at them very close, they touch
her shoulders and as she gets closer, you can tell that they are 5-6 inches long, and
1 1/2 inches wide. They look to be very heavy as well. They are made from the true stone.
Her hair is light brown with strikes of gold running though it. It is about 4 feet in lenth.
Then, with wiping her flowing hair out of her face, she speaks.

Hello, my name is Miracle. Iam the owner of this FeatherDrake. She is an adult now
and I need to be here for her. I was hoping for a male but i got a female, well thats ok, i guess.

As you stand and watch her to all the creatures. While watching, you notice, from under her dress,
you see a large, bleach white wolf-like tail. It's very long and more furry then a true
wolves tail could ever dream of. You walk up to her, gaze down at the tail, then you grab it.

Ekk! What are you doing?!

You eye her down and ask about the tail.

My tail, OH i mean, the tail? Well, its my tail, my fake tail! I, umm wear it for looks!
Umm, I uh....I have to go!

In a loud explostion sound, before stands a large, white and blue, wolf-like creature.
It's head is wolf-ish but it's forlimbs are hand like. Blue on the stomach, and a large
blue dimond around her eyes. Her feet are about 2 feet larger then yourself. She is about
300 feet in height.

With that, she jumped up, all the Featherdrakes fly away, and then she flys away.
She flys using her forlimbs. Incredible! You gasp as she rays out of your vison.
Before she was out of sight, she yells,

If you wish to adopt a FeatherDrake, follow that path there to your right!

Name: ShelterBalt - Name: Cool Rayz
Gender: Female - Gender: Male
Age: adult -Age: adult
Type: Bark - Type: Sun
Clutch: #8 - Clutch: #6
Betrothed: Sunset Dusket - Mate: Snow Blizzard
Parents' : Sunset Leran and Berry Phoenix - Parents: Bark Barkwood and Crystal Gala
Mother of clutch: #18 - Father of clutch: none

Name: Redound
Gender: female
Age: adult
Type: bark
Clutch: #18
Parents' : Bark ShelterBalt and Sunset Dusket

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