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A Meadow

You enter a meadow. Its quite a peaceful, then, you can hear someone come
up behind you.

"Hello, my name is Miracle and Iam the caretaker for the DarkDragons in this
meadow. Wont you come and take a look around?"

Miracle? You turn your head and gaze around, you see
a white girl, her eyes closed, approch you.
She is wearing a long white cape. It has a blue jem in the center of her chest.
She looks to be 14 in age. She doesnt
have any make-up on. She is wearing a tilted blue banda around
her waist that has a huge knot in it to keep it
from falling off her waist on the slant it is in.
She has a gold head band. It has a red ruby in the
center of it, connected to it, is two, large spikes
that go up off her head. It looks to be painful.
She has three gold bracelets with beads on them on her left hand,
on her right hand, she has a blue band
that has silver outline and it is made out of steel.
She is wearing beautiful, light purple dimond
earrings.You look at them very close, they touch
her shoulders and as she gets closer, you can tell
that they are 5-6 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches wide.
They look to be very heavy as well. They are made
from the true stone.
Her hair is light brown with strikes of gold running
though it. It is about 4 feet in lenth. Then, with
wiping her flowing hair out of her face, she speaks.

"Oh, im sorry, did i scare you?"

You shake your head and ask why and where she got the dress she is wearing.

"Well, i were it well, because i like it. I made it myself."

She leads you to a small dug out.

"Here are my DarkDragons. The black
ones Val'zev and the purple one is Ky'fright. Both are male. Val'zev is older
then Ky'fright."

Just then, Val'zev ran up to Ky'fright and bit him in the neck.

"Val'zev! You stupid dragon! Dont bite your friend!"

As she was yells, a wolf-like tail pops out from under her dress.
You gasp loudly, she turns around, and snickers, then runs.

"If you wish to adopt a DarkDragon, follow that path there."

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