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The Cypris' path

Hello, my name is Chemukh. Iam a flame cypris. I
really dont know what to say, just to watch yourself
around this next cypris, he is VERY crule and mean,
he has such a temper too! So watch out!

Name: Chemukh

Color: flame

Sex: Male

Born: June 16,00

Age: adult

How are you?! Why have you come here?! You WILL leave
if and when i tell you my name, you will leave now,
now that you know my name is Sky'Shinner, for i am a
thunder cypris! and I shine in the sky! NOW LEAVE!

Name: Sky'Shinner
Color: thunder
Sex: Male
Born: July 2,2000
Age: adult

Hello! my name is GlidesWallow. Are you a human?
I have never seen a human before! Now that
I'm an adult, I can be mean like my pal Sky'Shinner!
So get outta my page please!!
GlidesWallow -No! Don't say please!!

Name: GlidesWallow
Color: cloud
Sex: Male
Born: July 10, 2000
Age: adult

Name: EyeShimmer
Color: dark blue
Sex: Male
Born: wow....
Age: adult

Name: Flame'of'Green
Color: greeen glow
Sex: Male
Born: July something..
Age: adult

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