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Miracle's Ocean

You walk alone, on a mountain side. You gaze off into the distance. You see ocean
in front of you, and a forest behind you. The forest smells so lovly and sweet,
the trees are in bloom and there are flowers everywhere. You walk over to a tree
to rest. Many flowers fall and hit you. You daze off for sometime. When you awake,
you crawl back to the edge of the mountain to see the ocean again. But this time,
you see something else out there. A young girl. She's very young and she is riding
some creature. As you stare, you can see that the animal, not only is it huge, but
it's a white wolf. You try to get up as fast as you can, but you fall. Then you get
up to your feet.

As you run on the mountain, you take notice of what she is wearing....
She is wearing a long black cape. It has a red jem in the center of her chest. She
is wearing a very loose, short skirt. She has a tilted blue banda around her waist
that has a huge knot in it to keep it from falling off her waist on the slant it
is in. She has a gold head band. It has a red ruby in the center of it, connected
to it, is two, large spikes that go up off her head. It looks to be painful. She
has three gold bracelets with beads on them on her left hand,on her right hand,
she has a blue band that has silver outline and it is made out of steel. She is
wearing beautiful, light purple dimond earrings.You look at them very close, they
touch her shoulders.As you get closer, you can tell that they very long, and heavy,
as they wing and pull her ear. They look to be very heavy as well. They are made from
the true stone.Her hair is light brown with strikes of gold running though it. It
is about 4 feet in lenth.

You follow her on the cliff till you finally find a way down. The girl and the
wolf guide you to a small house with a huge door. It's for the wolf you bet. As
they go in and close the door, you want to come in a ask her somethings, but you
don't know what might happen, also that wolf. You find it in yourself to knock.

"Who is it?"

You feel a chill run down you back as you hear the wolf grow low and deep. "I am a
traveler and I saw you walking along the ocean and I was hoping you would let me
stay for awhile."

The door opens and the girl stands still, "Oh, Konichi wa! I could use some company, all
I have these days is Slayer'manoke here. Come on it!"

As you enter her house, you see a ton of stuff, a fox-like rag doll, a ball, two
fox-like beanies, and some other stuff. A small silvery egg is cuddled in blankets.
Above the egg, is a sign that says some stuff on it, refering to the egg.

Age: N/A
Owner: Miracle
Adopted from:
You ask what the egg is. You don't know at the time, but only the wolf is in the

The egg is to a Cypris. We are hoping to recive the rare mix of a Emena dragon and
a Cypris, the Cyprana. Please don't touch the egg or I might have to attack.

You jump up in fright, for the girl didn't have a males voice, and she wouldn't
want to attack, and worse, she didn't speak with her mind....
You turn around and see the wolf, slouched, his big bulky shoulders almost hit
the top of the house. His fur is silky white and his big, bushy tail is tucked
between his legs. He turns and smiles at you, sending another chill running
down your spine. His long, sharp teeth are exposed as he laughs at you.

"Slayer'manoke, what are you laughing at?" the girl says as she enters the room.

She stops in front of him, then she leans on his inner thigh and gazes over at you.
"I never told you my name did I? Well, my name is Miracle. I see that my egg has
caught your eyes. Well, that is a Cypris egg. Slayer'manoke and I are hoping it
will hatch into a beautiful Cyprana, also, we hope that it is a girl! GASP! I
don't think I ever wanted a female! If we get a female, we will name is Sutsuki,
if it's a male, we will name is Sasuki. The egg isnt going to hatch anytime soon
so why don't we go and take a walk along my ocean?"

" Your ocean???" you ask confused.

"Hai! This is my ocean. It's name is Miracle's Ocean. Don't you think it's beautiful?"

"Well, yes, very beautiful at that. I wish I had an ocean named after me...." you tell

"Arigatou! Are you going to take a walk by it? The nice cool water is so fun to walk,
AND play in! Won't you doozo come with me on my walk? Along my ocean, i found the Cypris
egg. I pray it will hatch into a beautiful, three tailed, winged Cyprana!"

You now ARE confused. What is she saying? "Uh, may I ask, but what language are you
speaking? I can't understade some of the words!"

Now Miracle looked confused. "Oops! Sorry! I ALWAYS speak in Japanese, if you want,
I can try to yamero, OH! I did it again. I don't know, if I do that, tell me or
just ask what is means okay? It's a VERY deep habit. A good habit though. Maybe, if
we get the Cyprana, I will teach it some Japanese!"

You just stand, then you tell her that you would like to go on the walk she offered.

"Great! Haiyaku I don't want to matte! I love my walks. Come on Slayer'manoke!" she
screams to you as she runs out the door.The wolf jumps over you and runs over to
Miracle. They start to play, jump and ponce on each other. when you get outside,
even though she only has a short skirt on, she is running, jumping and doing cart-
wheels, although exposing her underwear. She acts like a some kid in a teenagers

After to the walk, you tell her you have found where you need to go to get to your
house. As you go running off, she yells back to you,"Ja ne! Doozo come back here
soon! We might have recived the Cyprana! Arigatou for coming!!" and thats the last
say of her. Will you come back?

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