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How To Play

** Brolli_BRPG I challege you Goku**

** Goku_BRPG I accept you challenge**

** Goku_BRPG Powers up**

** Brolli_BRPG Powers up**

** Goku_BRPG Flies into the air and yells KameHameHAAAA and fires it/1228 damage**

** Brolli_BRPG Dissapears to dodge the attack then reapears behind Goku and elbows him in the back/260 damage**

(Then you would keep going until one gets sent to another dimention (Gets Killed) Thats a battle!

How To Battle

(Example on top)You have to Attack with your hands and legs and use energy balls/beams and different attacks . The First Person that starts the battle for is the person with the highest speed. If the speed is the same then someone could start off. You would make the challange on the earth chat. Then you would do the match . At the end when u finish ,you have to copy the hole match, or it will not count. When you attack say how much hp it takes off.( Put the attack then / then put how much hp you took off. Example: Kamehameha/100 damage. You would also put you hp before you start to battle. After each player does an attack you need to put how much hp you have left after you oppents attack. To know how much HP you have use the Dragonball Z Calculator. After winning a battle you gain 10,000 PL (depending of you PL) and $5,000. If you are a Sayian you gain 3,000 PL when you are defeated. You can also show mercy and you get $5,000 and 5,000 PL

How does the damage work?

If you are doing a regular attack the damage is your Hit Power. When doing a energy attack it is your Energy Power. When doing a Super Energy Attack it is your Super Energy Power. To see how a move does more damage then another look at the attack list and where it says add to power you add that number to the power you ar eusing So if the attack said add to power 300 and i have 1,000 energy power. I would do 1,300 damage.

How to Train

OK you can train with a team member, Yourself or buy a gravity control center and train in the gravity. You could only do training with a partner in the (Planet your in ) When you train by yourself you need to have atleast 10-15 lines to get a power raise. You PL will raise depending on what planet your on or a gravitron. Check either Gravitron chart to see how much PL you gain training in a gravitron. When you spar you gain 50% of your oppents PL. You can only train 3 times a day.(you can only spar once, training regularly, or gravitron training.)

What do I do with Saibaman?

Ok its like battling someone else but your controlling the saibaman. (example: /a Shoots a Saibamen with a kamehameha/200 damage.... while the saibamen kicks me in the face/100 damage.

What's my increase when I kill a Saibaman/Super Saibaman?


You can Train with them your Power Level goes up 1200. The Saibamen's Pl and stats are Power Level is 1200,HP is 4124, Hit: 200, Energy 300. (They have Kick and punch,for Hit attacks.For Energy attacks are energy ball, and eye laser. No Super Energy) You get 300 dollars for killing one.

Super Saibaman

You can Train with them your Power Level goes up 10,000. The Saibamen's Pl and stats are Power Level is 50,000,Hp is 76,650, Hit Power: 4777, Energy Power 5390. ( They have Kick and punch,for Hit Attacks. Energy attacks are energy ball, eye laser,and Hell's Flash. No Super Energy) You get 500 dollars for killing one.

How to Block/Dodge In Battle

You only have 3 blocks and 3 dodges.So use them wisely

Potara Earing

Combinds you and the other persons (They have to have a ear ring also) stats, (Exmp: Goku and Krillin put there ear rings on(have to buy), they come together, called Gokrillin or Krillko what ever)When you fuse put you new stats on the chat.

How to learn an attack?

You must select an attack to learn first. Then post the attack (in the learn an attack center) you want and how much it costs.

What to do with a Revive Pill

Ok if a person dies and you have a revive pill let me know you want to bring them back with the pill

How to travel

To travel you either need to buy a space craft or rent one.(check store for prices) To find out the time to travel to a certain planet check out About Traveling.

When you die you could either go to King Kai's or you could just stay in the next dimension and train. You only stay dead for 10 days then you will be back.

Whats Hit,Energy,and Super Energy Power?

Hit Power is like a punch,kicks or any kind of physical moves. Energy is like kamehameha and all that stuff that has to do with energy.The Super Energy is a Special Move that you could use the kill off your opponent or just to lower his HP down so you could have a chance of winning.You could only use this 3 times in a battle