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How To Play

How To Train:

To start off you can train a maximum of 6 times a day. For training go to the chat room and login. Then type /a to do an action and so on.

Types of Training

Solo Training:

Solo training is when you go off by yourself and do some aerobics or meditations, etc....

Training Under a Master:

When you train under a master you choose what kind of training to do under him...either A) Training for a technique or B) Training for power. When you choose one of those trainings you choose how long you want to stay can stay for a maximum of 3 weeks. Also when you train under a master you have to do absolutely nothing for the duration of your stay.

When sparring you fight with your partner but you don't take away any hp and you don't earn money. Usually this type of training gains you the most Power but the least Ki. This training always gives you the most Anger Level.

The Increases From Training

Solo Increase:
Solo Training's increase involves your pl. Ex.. Your Pl is Under 1,000,000 your training would give you 1000 PL, 500 HP, 300 KI, 50 SD(speed), 0 AL. Your Pl is Over 1,000,000 your training would give you 5,000 PL, 1,000 HP, 600 KI, 100 SD, 1 AL.

Master Increase:
When training with a master the power increase depends on how long you stay there and how powerful the master is. Ex.. The More Power The Master has, The More Power You Will Get.

Sparring Increase:
When sparring it once again depends on your pl. Ex.. Your Pl is Under 1,000,000 your spar would give you 15,000 PL, 5,000 HP, 3,000 KI, 1,000 SD, 2 AL. Your Pl is Over 1,000,000 your spar would give you 30,000 PL, 10,000 HP, 6,000 KI, 2,000 SD, 4 AL.

How To Battle:
Battling is fairly simple. To know who goes first look at your speed. The combatant with the most speed goes first. Then you battle until someone goes to the Next Dimension. Fighting is also seperated into turns and rounds. (described below)

Rounds are a set of four turns per person. A turn is a time when you can attack. You can have 3 blocks and dodges throughout the entire fight. After each round each person gains 5% of their HP and KI back.

Calculating Damage

Physical Attacks:
A physical attack is calculated by dividing your PL by 1,000. Ex.. Pl of 1,000,000 will do damage of 1,000.

Energy Attacks:
An energy attack is calculated by the add-on damage.

Special Attacks:
A special attack is calculated by dividing your KI by 1,000, plus the add-on damage.

Battle Ending Choices:
When the other person has no more HP left you can either decide to kill him with your special attack or leave him their and take something that he has in exchange for his life.

What You Get For Winning/Losing A Battle:
What you get for Winning: You get the amount you would for a spar, plus $5,000.
What you get for Losing: You get 10,000 PL, 1,000 HP, 500 KI, 300 SD, 5 AL, plus $3,000.

What To Do When Your Dead:
When your dead you can decide to go to one of the four Kaio's planets and gain power, or stay in the Death Check-in Station. When you die you cannot come back until you're wished back. If you die twice you have two choices, 1. Stay with A Kaio and train or 2. Go to Hell.