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Dont mind the attacks that cost money or u must have a certain level let me know what attack u want and ill give u info on if u can have it or no,, they are alll freeeeeeee,,,email,,,,,

Abisigeri- a dashing knee kick.

Aqua Smash: The user flares with radiant energy, and summons water beneath him/her. The ground below him/her rumbles as the water is trying to escape the rocky earth. As it courses out of the ground, the water, thousands of gallons of it, becomes formed into a large sphere, which is then thrown at the opponent, catching him in it. The opponent is then held in there until he escapes. The user then can choose to smash the sphere into the ground using his/her telekinetic abilities.

Arm Blasts:Many energy balls form and you shoot 1 by 1 by 1.

Bakuhatsuha- pulling a Ki from under an opponent

Bakuretsu Rush- six raging punches

Bakuriki Demon Blast- Powerful energy blast that destroys the World Capitol with. User grips his/her right hand and lets loose an enormous blast of energy.

Barrier- This perely defensive technique forms a Ki-shield to protect the user from some ki attacks.

Big Bang Attack

Body Change:User has the ability to switch bodies with anyone he wishes by shouting, "Change!". A beam then shoots out of his mouth, and must connect with the character's body that he wishes to take. If the beam connects successfully, he will have control over his target's body, and his target will be left in the users old body. Very hard to hit need 1 or no dodges to take body.
Bukujutsu - Ability to fly,,every one has this

Buriiko:A flirtatious move used to stall an opponent.

Burning Attack

Chest Distortion: The User's chest chassis opens up, revealing a semi-huge Distortion Laser which works on sonic beams. The Beams ripple through the air (and like Kryptonite to Superman), they render everyone damaged or unconcious.

Chi Shield - Disperses ki attacks

Chobakuretsumaha-Done when you power up the blast between the palms of hands and front of chest, then releases the blast.

Chou Kamehameha - A more powerful Kamehameha(

Crasher Ball: A Energy Ball produced from the palm of the hand, it is then smacked torwards the opponent.

Crusher Ball:It's a ball of energy gathered in one hand, then flung at the opponent. It's not very powerful.

Cyborg Shield: The User's wrists opens up like a pocket watch, and a small sattelite-like object comes out from each wrist, casting a spherical barrier-like object around him/her. During in the Shield, you can still attack, but you can only maintain the Shield for 3 turns if you attack. Can only be used once in battle.
,must be an Andriod
Dead Zone: By concentrating, user can create a black hole that sucks everything in its path inside. On the inside is pure black nothingness. Anyone caught inside can kill themselves and go to the 3rd dimension or if someone with this move will let you out.

Demon Flash: The user crosses his arms, forearm facing the ground, with palms clasped together. He/she then throws his arms to the side, creating a large ki "wave/ripple" affect. This affects every enemy in the room.

Demon strike:A huge flameing upper cut with both arms 1 by 1.

Destructo Disk - A disk of energy that can cut through almost anything

Dodonpa- a blast from the finger which explodes on impact

Do-Don Pa: The Do-Don Pa is basically a Kame Hame Ha-like blast, but instead of being shot from the palms, it's fired from the index and pointer finger. It's also thinner than the Kame Hame Ha, but no less deadly.

Double Masenko Ha : when you strech both arms out to the side and fire.

Double Tsuihikidan- A kamehameha like blast from each hand that homes onto its target

Energy Ball- a very large ball of energy.

Energy Blast: User shoots energy out of the red ball in the palm of his hand.

Energy Shyutou: An attack where the user forms their energy into a sword around their hand.

Energy Zan- a Ki blast.

Eraser Cannon: It is a large, powerful Ki Blast shot from the mouth.

Exploding Demon CannonExplosive ki attack. It's fairly generic.

Eye Beam: Just like Superman's Eyebeam...

Freezer Beam: A Powerful beam of energy that can penetrate through quite a lot of stuff.

Final Flash- a huge streaming blast of energy.

Finish Buster- a huge energy ball.

Final Kamehameha: powerful ki blast, takes no time to charge

Add to power: 800
Power: Super Energy

Fury Balst:A bunch of punches and kicks that really stun your enemy.

Galick-Ho: You power up the blast like the Kamehameha, but when you release the blast, your hands are both palm forward.

Galick Gun- a Planet Destroying Blast that must be Powered up.

Genocide Attack: You raise your finger into the air, and fire of continuous ki blast, all of which track onto your opponent upon being fired.

Gekiretsurenykyaku- kick an opponent six times.

Hasshuken-When you move your arms fast enough so there are like eight, and you attack with all eight at once.

Hell's Flash:User heaves his opponent deep into the ground, then removes his hands and aims his arm cannons in the crater he created by smashing his victim into the ground. He then shouts the name of the attack, and lets a furious barrage of high powered energy blasts into the Earth. The beams of the attack actually fill up the hole in the earth and shoot up through the crust of the Earth, creating huge holes in the ground.

Henka Beam "Change Beam"User has the ability to change objects or people into any type of food, candy or substance he desires. This beam is shot from his forelock. User then can eat the opponent or do what he/she wants. Very hard to hit if there is only one dodge or none it hits.

Hokaku Kon Dan "Imprisonment Ball":User captures opponent in a ball of energy they can't break out of. As soon as the ball hits the ground, it explodes.

Homalsean:A great acid shooting that burns and disintegrates everything it hits.

Cybia men have this
Honoo:A fire breathing technique used by Darbura.

Ice Blast: it is a huge blast that you shoot at your apponet and it freezes him and you can do a move on him.

Jen-Ken Punch - 4 extremely powerful punches

Kaio-Ken - it makes u double all statsd x 2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x10 x20 x40 x50(have to learn at king kais planet he chooses if u can learn it.

Kakusandan: You fire up a huge ki blast in the air, which then bursts into dozens of ki blasts that hit all your enemies, doing same damage torwards each person. It is very powerful

Kakusan Energy Dan- 2 blasts that cut through any blast

Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha: User sends hundreds of energy balls into the air and surrounds his opponent with them. The energy balls hang in mid-air for a second, and then he/she lets fly. User then forces all of the energy balls to converge on his victim at once causing a large explosion.

Kamehameha - A powerful ki beam shot from the hands

Kamikaze Ghost Attack - Sending out a ghost of yourself but only hits 1/2 of the times because the ghost has a mind of its own(

KendoBete:A kamehamea sort of move but is stronger

Kiai- a powerful yell.

Ki Ai:An attack that shoots a wave of ki at an opponent when the user screams.

Ki Aigan:An attack that shoots a wave of ki at all opponent by looking at them.

Kiaihou- a lightning fast Ki Blast.

Kienzan:A swirling disc of energy that looks and sounds like a buzz saw. It can cut through ALMOST anything.

Kikouhou: User targets the opponent in a triangle formed by his hands. User then shoots a fantastically powerful energy blast at the opponent. This attack is very dangerous though. It uses an enormous amount of ki and could easily kill user if is over used.

Kikoha- a large blast gathered from both palms

Ki No Tsurugi: A Ki Sword, you can pierce and chop enemies in half.
Fire blast: A blast of ki shot from the mouth.

Kyodaikai: You grow into an immense size so your power is greatened. PL is x3 and Hp is doubled. Last only 5 turns they you divide the Hp by 2 and the PL by 3.Use only once per battle.

Lightning Dash- six raging kicks

Lightning Punch: The user calls down a bolt of power from the heavens, and captures it with his fist. Lightning sparks all around it and as he releases the punch, the electric surge goes through all the enemies.

Makkankosappo: User raises the index and middle fingers of his right hand to his head, then charges up. The beam itself resembles a screw. There is a straight beam, surrounded by a spiral of energy.

Masenko: User powers up a blast over his/her head with both of his/her hands, one palm behind the other, then you bring your hands down in front of you to fire the blast.

Mind Freeze- When the attacker yells out Freeze!and everything stops from moving.Can only be used max 2 times per battle.

Mouth Beam - A beam shot from the mouth)

Mouth Bomb:A big enery ball forms and fires in a direct hit.

Mystic Attack: Your arms stretch out and you suprise attack your opponent.
,,MUst be learned from Noth Kaio Shin...

Nature Balst:Freeza uses it to pull lava from the ground.If it is crit of fatal.The next turn of the person who did nature blast gets a free fatal or crit.

Power Bomb - Like teh Death Ball but more powerful(

Power Ram - Ramming into your opponent

Power Fly - Increases speed by 75% for 6min's(6 stamina)

Renzoku Energy Dan - Machine gun-like blasts(

Robotic Repair: The user forfeits 3 turns to be encased in a hard "Barrier"-like shield. While in the shield, the user repairs him/her-self to full HP and KP. However, if 1000 damage has been done to the shield, the shield will be broken as you repair. Can only be used once in a battle.
must be an andriod>>>...
Rocket Punch: A nifty attack performed by some Artificial Humans. They point their arm at an opponent, then fire it off at them like a rocket

Rouga Fufu Ken: User crouches, and takes a stance then rushes at the opponent and attack them with, "The speed and power of a wolf.".

Ryuuken "Dragon Fist": User rushes the opponent and raises his right fist. He shouts the words every person who's ever been to an arcade knows, "RYU KEN!". Then the user disappears and is replaced by a golden dragon. The dragon charges straight through the target's stomach, then coils itself around the victim. While this is going on, more sections of the dragon shoot up from the ground and wrap around the now reeling victim. Then the dragon constricts, and completely annihilates the target in a bright flash of light. When the attack is finished, the dragon is gone.

Saisei "Regeneration":The ability to grow back a part of the body that's been disabled or damaged. Nameckians can only regenerate if their head is intact.

S.S. Deadly Bomb: A semi-large energy ball strong enough to destroy the Earth.

Shyougeki Ha

Silent Rage: The user breathes in deeply, taking in all the ki he/she can manage, and then explodes in a quick rage and fury attack...attack the opponent with kicks, bites, punches, groin smashes, head butts, ki blasts in a mere 1 second.

Slice Shot:A move Freeza uses that can cut a person up pretty bad.

Solar Flare - Blinds an opponent for 2 rounds

Sonic Punch:A fast combo fury kick.

Sonic Kick:A fast combo fury kick.

Souki Dan "Spirit Bomb":This is the REAL Spirit Bomb. The Souki Dan is a basketball sized ball of energy which the user can control the movement of with their fingertips.

Spirit Bomb - Huge ball of energy gathered from the planet(Level 8)(50 stamina)

Teleport- moveing so fast you dodge any attack.

Thunder Flash:User yells Thunder flash and a large bult of electricity hits all opponens.

Tsuihidan: a ki blast that tracks it's enemy (can't be dodged)
Add to power: 145
Power: Energy

Time Frezee: By holding his/her breath the user can freeze time and run around doing as he/she pleases. The only stipulation is, he can hold time, as long as he can hold his breath.
freezes opponets for 1 turn (cant be blocked or dodged) (have to learn on planet Frieza)
Add to power: (can only be used twice in battle)
Power: Other

Tsu no Beam:A blast of electricity shot from the antennae.

Ugokifuji- a stunning beam. stops your opponents next move.

Wildfire Explosion: The user twirls up an amount of fire energy within him, and shoots it out of his/her eyes, then forms a ring with it, and turns it into a sphere...then...he/she uses it like a Crasher ball, and when it hits the opponent, it explodes.

Zanzoken: the user moves so fast they leave an after images, while attacking at another stand point (the move they use after Zanzoken cannot be dodged)
Add to power:
Power: Other