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Japanese Attack Name Translated/English Attack Name Attack Description
Jan Ken Rock Paper Scissors Attack An attack much like "paper, scissor, rock" where you either attack with a eye poke, punch, or slap//2 secs
Kame Hame Ha Turtle Blast Wave An attack where the person cups both of there hands on the side of there body. They than yell Kame Hame Ha in intervals "" unleashing a powerful Ki blast//Can Be Powerful If Your Powerful and know how to use it well///2 dys
Rou Ga Fuu Fuu San Wolf Wind Attack Yamucha's finishing attack where he crouches like a wolf and charges at his opponent//1 day
Guru Guru Gama Turning Round and Round Gum You spit a gum from your mouth that wraps around your target and doesn't allow him to move///15 hrs
Ten Kuu Peki Ji Ken Sky X Attack This is an attack that is used by Namu, he flies down from the air at his opponent with his arms crossed in an "X" formation. When he hits his opponent, his opponent is knocked unconscious.///10 hrs
Yoikominminken Child Sleep Attack An attack used by Kamesennin that hypnotises the opponent and causes them to fall asleep.//non-stop 20 hrs,,, give 6 secs to work on a person
Zanzoken After Image Technique The person using this attack moves so quickly that they leave an image of themself behind. The person then attacks from another spot///2 days
Kamehameha Gaeshi Turtle Blast Wave Warfare Using one Kame Hame Ha to counter another Kame Hame Ha//4 dys
Ban Koku Bitsu Kuri Shiyou Bangkok Method An attack that uses an electric energy net to trap the enemy and stop from being able to move.//2 dys
Dodon Pa Finger Blast A blast shot out of one finger that explodes when it hits its target//4 dys
Akuma Kousen Devil Light Ray When the Ki blast hits you it causes all the evil in your heart to expand making you explode. If you have no evil in your heart the move will not work on you 10 dys
Nin Pou Bun Shin no Jutsu Ninja Arts Dividing Art A technique that allows you to split yourself into 5 of yourself,,,vut each other quals 1/3 of your power.///3 dys
Nin Pou Tatami Kaeshi Ninja Arts Tatami Mats The art of using Tatami Mats to block on coming attacks.must have mats///1 dy
Saikitsuku Recovery Attack An attack that uses ki blasts from the eyes to paralyze your opponent, as long as your mind stays focused on the attack you can keep your opponent paralyzed.// 3 dys
Shi You Ken Four Arm Attacks (directly translated, though, it comes out to mean "right to use") A move that causes two arms to grow from the person's shoulders 6 dys
Chou Nou Ryoku Psychic Ability A move that is performed by putting either one or two hands infront of you. With the move you can control someone's movment or cause them to feel pain. As long as you keep your concentration on the move alone, you can maintain it. 20 dys
Ki Kou Hou Spirit Success Cannon The person using this blast puts the finger of each hand together and there two thumbs together. An energy blast is formed around both hands and when the blast is fired it it very powerful, but sacrifice's the life force of the person performing it 2 dys
Hai Kyuu Ken Sphere Attack Tenshinhan's "volleyball" attack. He hits the opponent up into the air and then flies up above them and slams them back down to the ground. 2 dys
Ma Fuu Ba Evil Seal Attack A blast of energy that traps the opponent in it and then the blast is controlled into a container where the enemy is trapped. The container is called the Denshi Jar. The Mafuuba kills the person performing the blast/// 7 dys
Baku Riki Ma Ha Strength Evil Blast An extremely powerful ki blast that when used pretty much kills everything in its way./// learn from North Kaio Shin///6 dys
Iai Giri Katana Blade Attack A fast slicing motion that is performed with a sword/// must have a sword// 9 hrs
Ma Kou Sen Evil Beam Ki blast that are gathered in your arms and are shot one after the other 10 total/// 5 dys
Supa Dodonpa Super Finger Blast Same as Dodonpa, but stronger/// 4 dys
Sou Ki Dan Following Energy Ball A round energy ball formed in someone's hand that looks and is thrown much like a Genki Dama/// 3 dys
Shi Shin no Ken Four Body Attack A person splits into two and then into two again forming 4 copies of the person. The four parts can each fight independently, but each has ¼ the power and speed than if all four were one/// 3dys
Chou Kamehameha Ultra Turtle Blast Wave This is Gokuh's ultimate Kame Hame Ha and is used on Piccolo Daimo/// 5 dys
Ashide Kame Hame Ha Legs Turtle Blast Wave The ability to fire a Kame Hame Ha from your feet/// 2 dys/// must know kamehameha first
Bu Kuu Jutsu Light as Air Art The ability to fly by using one's Ki/// 1 dy
Furu Pawa Shou Geki Ha Full Power Crushing Attack An attack used by Piccolo that destroyed the entire Tenkaichi Budoukai arena./// 3 dys
Tsui Bi Dan Tsuihdan A very powerful Ki blast that can track the target/// 3 dys
Ma Fuu Ba Gaeshi Counter Evil Beam A move used to reflect the mafuuba back at whoever fired it/// 2 dys
Ma Sen Kou Masenko Ha This blast is formed by holding your hands above your head, one behind the other, and the blast is fired when the hands are thrown forward/brought down,,,special 5 dys
Demon Ray Special Beam Cannon This is Piccolo's finishing move. Piccolo's Index and middle fingers are brought to his fore head the gather up energy. Piccolo thrusts forward his arm shooting out the blast. The blast has one straight ki shot and another blast that coils around the straight Ki blast,,, special 5 dys
Kaku San Dan Scattering Bullet Holding each had in front of you, you shoot out two Ki blasts and bring them about the target. Then the two blasts are split up into many smaller Ki blasts and these blasts can be controlled to hit many different people/// 3dys
Giyaritsuku Hou Gallic Gun a move that is powered up like a Kame Hame Ha, but when the attack is fired the hands are separate and the palms are facing the target 2 dys
Genki Dama Spirit Ball An attack where Gokuh stands with his arms in the air and gathers the energy of all the living things on that planet. The energy is formed into a ball and is thrown. The strength of the attack depends on the size of the planet/// 3 dys must be learned on kaio shin
Ki En Zan S=Destructo Disk Attack A flat disc of Ki that slices through whatever it hits 3 dys
Kaiou Ken Kaio Ken A move used to power up. When this move is used the person's speed, power, and senses are inhanced. This move can be multiplied to be more powerful/// 4 dys can go up to x 30 depending on your power if u got to high u will die when u stop,, but gain more power
Kuraya boru Crusher Ball A ball of energy that is produced in the palm of someone's hand and then thrown at a target/// 2 dys
Ireiza gan Eraser Cannon A Ki beam shot out of someone's mouth/// 2 dys
Bode ichienji Body Exchange A move used by Ginyu. He extends his arms and legs and yells "CHANGE". An energy beam is shot out and when it hits it target Ginyu switches bodies with that person. This move can be blocked though by throwing something in the way of the energy beam/// only ginu can use it// 3 dys
Dai Chi Retsu Zan Earth Line Blast An attack that by swinging your hand with two fingers extended creates an invisible beam that travels a long way// 2 dys
Hitsu Satsu Ken Slice Attack An attack used by Trunks where he split Freeza in half using his Sword./// must have zet sword /// you have it already
Shunkanidou Instant Transfer Movement You put two fingers on your forehead and search for a ki. When you find a ki you can teleport to that Ki source // can only learn on planet yadrat
Enerugi Kyuushuu Energy Absorbment Some of the androids use this. From round balls in your palms you can absorb people's Ki/// only andriods 19, 20,, they have it already
Bigu Ban ataku Big Bang Attack This is Vegeta's Final Attack. Vegeta holds hits hand forward and fires a massive blast from his palm/// 3 dys
Heruzu Furayu Hell's Flash Powerful blasts are shot from guns under your arms/// must have the zeng powerful twin guns
Ji Baku Self Explosion The move used by Cell when he set off a self explosion device inside of himslef./// only cell and andriod 16 can use 6 dys
Cell Jiyuniaumidashi Cell Juniors These were the Cell Juniors created by Cell.//// only cell can use,, must be over a pl of 100,000,000
Fuainaru Furayo Final Flash One of Vegeta's tradmark attacks. It is an extremely powerful attack that takes a long time to gather the energy for./// 3 dys
Oyako Kame Hame Ha Parent and Child Turlte Blast Wave This is a Kame Hame Ha that is assisted on by someone who is dead. Such as in Movie 10 when Goku helps out Gohan and Goten or during Gohan's fight with Cell./// must know all forms of kamehameha// special
Seki Ka Tsuba Stone Saliva An attack where if hit by the persons saliva you will turn into stone/// 1 dy
Kou Shiyoku Light Eating With this attack you can eat Ki.used as a dodge 6 dys
KameKame Ha Turtle Turtle Wave This is Goten's mistake pronunciation of the attack Kame Hame Ha/// 5 dys/// special
Satan Ka Rei Naru Hitsu Satsu Waza Satan Miracle Super Awesome Power Punch This is one of Satan's most powerful punches. In reality it is just a normal punch/// u have it already
Supa Gosuto KamiKaze Ataku Super Ghost Kamikaze Atack An attack where Ghost's are shot out of the person's mouth and look like the person who created them. The ghost's are given a target and blow up upon hitting their target/// 4 dys
Giyarakuteika Dona Galactic Donut Ki rings that are fired, and when fired they wrap around the body of your opponent and hold him.4 dys
Chou Genki Dama Ultra Spirit Bomb This is Gokuh's ultimate Genki Dama and is used on Kid Buu/// 5 dys when you go back to king kais for the second time
Ki no Tsurugi Sword of Energy A long sword that is made up of your ki. set sword,,, must buy it first
Geki Totsu Arutora Buu Buu Bareboru Ultra Assult Buu Buu Volleyball All this attack is, is when someone forms a ball of ki and is able to throw and hit around the back of the person./// 3 dys
Bejita Sai Shuu Sai Go no Reza Vegeta's Final End Technique An attack where one gathers a lot of ki in the attempt to blow themselves up./// 5 dys
Hara no Niku Kougeki Flesh Attack A move used by Fat Buu where he rips some of his body off and wraps it around his target. Whoever is wrapped up can not move/// only used by fat buu 4 dys
Tasai Na Waza No Kazukazu Attack of Great Variety Technique An attack where you rapidly attack your opponent using punches and kicks./// 1 hr
Chikyuu hou Kai No ichi Geki The Blow That Caused the Earth to Cave In. An attack used by Kid Buu that blew up the Earth/// 3 dys
Jin Rui Zetsu Metsu kou Geki Mankind Destruction Attack Super Buu uses this attack. He finds every single person on earth's ki and then fires out a blast that kills every person it finds/// 25 dys/// only super buu can use

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