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This is the abilities page just email me what ability you want you need to wait the days required to gain that abilitiy.

Hide PL
you can hide your PL from your oppenet even if they have scouters.
Its takes 3 days to learn

No Breath
you can breath underwater and in space.
It takes 5 days to learn

Regenrate limbs
you can grow back any limbs that were cut off nameks automatically learn this.
It takes 7 days to learn

the ability to fuse with someone to have a greater PL must have two people to fuse
PL of the two fused people is added together.It takes 10 days to learn

Extra power
used to put extra power in blasts power is doubled.
It takes 12 days to learn

Catch blasts
can catch blasts fired by opponet wont work agianst a strong attack.
It takes 15 days to learn