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Sailor Violet

DO NOT TAKE THIS SCOUT!! Note: This was created by a very crazy friend of mine.

~Name: Violet
~Birthday: March 28
~Favorite Colors: light purple and dark purple
~Favorite Animal: Elephant
~Favorite Food: pizza
~Least Favorite Food: zucchini casserole
~Favorite Subject: art
~Least Favorite Subject: math
~Hobby: coloring things purple
~Strong Points: coloring things purple
~Has trouble with: not coloring things purple
~Dream: to be purple
Gemstone: daimond and aqua marine
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Color Purple
Purple Crayon Bits Destroy
Purple Markers Attack
Purple Crayons Destroy

Purple Power
Purple Star Power
Purple Crystal Power

Sailor Violet
Super Sailor Violet

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