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Sailor Phoenix


Japanese Name: Umade Hino
Meaning: Born of Fire
American Name: Yuffie
Australian Name: Noelle
Birthday: 16/October/1985
Sign: Libra
Sex: Female
Hieght: 1m, 65cm
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Brown with Red Tinges
Age: 15
Senshi Name: Soldier Of The Lost Planet Vulcan, And The Leader Of The Elemental Scouts
Aura: Red
Element: Fire
Stages: Sailor Phoenix, Ultimate Sailor Phoenix and Princess Umade: Soul of Fire.
Transformation Item: Phoenix Pen, given by Hax.
Transformation Henshin: Sailor Phoenix: Phoenix, Rise from the Ashes ! Ultimate Sailor Phoenix: Ultimate Phoenix Solarise ! Princess Umade: Soul of Fire : Phoenix power of Vulcan.
Animale Guide: A Phoenix
Weapons: Vulcan Staff.


Phoenix Bird Intoleration:
Hax the Phoenix appears above Sailor Phoenix's head and crashes into the enemy while clawing it. If used the villians die but she faints after using this attack and cannot awaken for 1001 years. She only used this attack once in her lifetime.

Heat Spell:
She crouches and holds out her arms and gas goes swiftly up towards the enemy. This attack makes villains confused and dizzy like Sailor Mercury's Bubble Power.

Flame Interpitation Clone:
A flame body copies everything that the enemy does, so if the enemy attacks, so does the clone.

Fire Bobble:
Sailor Phoenix holds her hands together and magical flame bobble [Christmas tree decorations] fly and crash into the enemy.

Ancient Location: The Lost Planet Vulcan
Present Location: Australia
Favourite Food: Tomato Sauce and Ice Cream, but not together
Least Favourite Food: Anything rich in flavouring.
Favourite School Subject: Art, Computers and Social Science
Least Favourite School Subject: Maths and English
Favourite Gemstone: Ruby
Strengths: Always there for people when they need her and is very friendly.
Weaknesses: talks too much and sometimes this causes her to not get things done.
Ancient History: Umade lived on a firey planet, called Vulcan, that was in between the planets Clory (Kono's planet) and Aquadesis. She was friendly to all the people on her planet and often visted her cousin on a far away planet, Mars. Her best friends were and still are Kono and Oda-chan. Her mother died when giving birth to her and therefore not being able to have more children. When she reached the age of 10, her father was involved with a serious battle with Mettalia, the most evil force in the Universe; in the Galaxy. Her father was stabbed to death by Mettalia's human servant, Ifrit. Ifrit took his body and the blood that leaked from his wound lay on the stone floor in the shape of a Phoenix. Little Umade touched his Phoenix shaped blood and it turned to hard, ruby. She picked it up and it entered inside her body, much like what happened to chibi-usa. Little Umade fainted, and slept for 1001 years, until now, in Australia, she is re-awakened to help Sailor Moon and defend earth from Devious foes, let alone, to find the rest of the Elemental Senshi.

Hobbies: Painting, Drawing, computer programming and Martial Arts.
Family: As a human, Umade lives with her mum/mom and her dad. She has a little baby sister and loves her very much. She is also very close to her family and would do anything to defend it.
How She/He became a Senshi: 1001 years had passed and Hax, her Phoenix Guardian gave her a Transformation Pen and she transformed to Sailor Phoenix.
Personality: She is very talkitive and friendly. She tends to get hyperactive which makes her a valued ally to Sailor Moon.
Love: Hax,
Obsessions: Sailor Moon, she was intensly exited that she once was a senshi and she was to join, video/computer games.

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