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Sailor Orion


Sailor Orion
Human Name: Giseino Shinzui
English Translation: shinzui= "essence, true meaning, core, soul" gisei= "sacrifice" no= "of" Giseino Shinzui= "Soul of Sacrifice"
Realm of Influence: Soul, with powers coming from Music
Age: 17
Birthday: March 12
Height: 6 feet, 0 inches
Hair: Very light blond, almost white. Comes to the center of her back and cut straight across. Worn in a simple bun in civilian form, but worn down, parted in the center and held back in two black clips while in Senshi form.
Eyes: Because Shinzui is blind in civilian form, her eyes appear dove-gray and faded; however when she transforms into Sailor Orion, her eyes become a very keen, bright silver.
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Shinzui is blind when in human form, and is unusually tall. Her ears have been pierced three times each.
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: music, singing, volunteering with local children
Favorite Colors: Peach and Black
Favorite Gemstone: Fire Opal
Faavorite Food: Vegetables, especially asparagus
Least Favorite Food: Meat-- Shinzui is vegetarian
Favorite School Subject: Music
Least Favorite School Subject: Physics
Strenghs: Loyalty, self-sacrifice, kids, music
Weaknesses: Sailor Uranus/Haruka
Animal Guide: A golden retriever, Centauri, who also serves as her guide dog when she is in human form, is her animal guide
Other Identities: The Sacred Child, the Prince of Darkness. Sailor Orion is known as the Sacrifical Soldier.
Closest Friends: Tsukino Usagi, Chiba Mamoru, the Guardians of the Balance
Worst Enemies: The Avatar, Lady Slipper
Current Family: Sailor Orion lives under the identity of the human Giseino Shinzui. Her parents died when she was fifteen, and she currently lives with her older sister, Sachiko, who is an artist.
Items of power: Orion Opal Bracelet: A gold bracelet set with a fire opal from Betelgeuse, the brightest star in the constellation Orion. It allows Sailor Orion to become invisible for a short time, and it absorbs transformation power from Centauri, using it to allow her to transform into a Posiverse Senshi.
Orion Music Sphere: A glass orb with Orion's symbol etched into the side. This orb is the focus for most of Orion's powers, and contains within it the unique melody of Orion.
Transformation: Orion Constellation Power Makeup!
Attacks: Heavenly Symphony: A healing, purifying melody from the Orion Music Sphere, that can have a number of different effects if Sailor Orion sings to the melody.
Orion MiniSphere Detonation: smaller music spheres bud off from the large one. Sailor Orion can then charge them to the desired level of power before throwing them at the enemy like a grenade.
Universal Spheres Melody: the music of the planets' spheres can be combined by the Orion Sphere in order to release a burst of rainbow-colored power.
Personality Profile: Sailor Orion is often more like two or three separate people rather than just one. In her regular form, Giseino Shinzui is reserved, quiet, introspective, and always gentle and tactful. Shinzui is graceful and there is something ethereal about her, angelic almost. She exudes an aura of warmth and acceptance to everyone, and asks nothing of anyone. But as Sailor Orion, she is a bit different. Sailor Orion has an almost bitterly sarcastic sense of humor. She enjoys taunting her enemies, and playing with them a little before she destroys them. She is cocky and brash, almost obnoxiously so; and yet when in the presence of Sailor Moon, Sailor ChibiMoon, Sailor Uranus and/or Tuxedo Mask, she remains ever gentle and respectful. Sailor Orion is first to blame herself if something goes wrong, and first to put her life on the line to protect her friends. She is almost masochistic in the way she continues to punish herself for past mistakes. It takes a LOT to make her angry, but once her temper is ignited, it turns deadly. Orion doesn't get violent or passionate when she's mad; she turns cold and calculating, and completely devastating. Shinzui loves children. She spends much of her time volunteering with them, and teaching them music. She also possesses an uncanny ability to make people feel the music she creates; an ability which has made her something of a celebrity around Tokyo. Shinzui is gentle, always, and this gentleness allows her to win over most hard-hearted individuals with very little effort. But the most pervasive aspect of her personality is her self sacrifice. Shinzui will give up anything and everything she can for the happiness of others. This is her greatest strength, and also her greatest weakness.

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