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Sailor Earth

Note: The pic was made by Nami

Sailor Earth, Super Sailor Earth, Sailor Star Earth

Human Name:Renee

Age:14 when she came in and 15 at end of season

Height:5ft 5 1/2in


Favorit color:Blue and Green

Favoril Animal:Cat

Favorit Food:Spegetii

Least Favorit Food: Olive Loaf Sandwich

Favorit Subject:Music

Worst Subject:P.E.

Strog points:Writing, Swimming and drawing

Can't Stand: Bugs


Super Earth Power:
Her transformaiton call

Earth Energy, Egnite:
It is a blast of energy and she uses it to give other scouts energy.
She also uses it like a reular power. It is about as powerfull as Sailor Neptune's Deep Submerge. She once used it to blast through a door to get to someone.

Earth Vine, Attack:
A bunch of vines anppear and wrap around the victim. One time she use it in a special way and the vines and trees wraped around the victim.

Butterfly Mist:
She only used this once is made the person fall a sleep. It was very mysterious.

Earth Achery:
It is a bow and arrow that she can make do any thing like make friends, enimies, or distroy. she yells "Earth Archery, Setup," the what ever she wants it to do. It is made out of her Earth Eclpse Cepter.

Things she carriers:

Her Earth Ecipse Cepter:
It is a earth will a hole in the very middle and a ruby is in it. She uses it for her Earth Attack. It is Flowers and suff criss crossing with water. It blasts out of the capter.

A butterfly:
She always carries the butterfly named flutter around. It transforms with her. It was once took over by a evil heart Flutter and Butter. Butter was distroied. After that She always carried it around.
She has short curly blonde hair. She is smart loves to write stories. She also has a talking cat like Luna named Missy. In her uniform it is like sailor moon's only green bows blue high heels and her hair is like neptune's only blonde. Every thing else is blue.

Mother: was never foun they thought she was sailor universe but they never knew because she dissapered.
Father:Her father died before so she never who he was or any thing.
Sisters:Sailor Sun they are kind of like Neptune and Uranus only they each have boyfriends.
Brothers:they do not have any
Futuer childeren: Alise (Sailor Galexy)Well she made her from the sole of galexia and changed her ways to good. She came back from the future with aparently my other daugther. But we found out I brought her in from the future because her mother the Queen of clouds that had been killed so i brought in Sailor Cloud(Christina.)

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