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Sailor Deneb


Sailor Deneb
Name: Julia Myers
Age: 17
Birthday: February 17th
School: The First International High School of Tokyo
School year: Junior
Country of origin: United States
Facial Features: She has short brown hair. She has bright blue eyes. Her mouth is small and she leaves it its' natural color pale pink. She has her ears pieces twice and then her cartilage pierced.
Morphing phrase: Deneb Celestial Power, later its' Deneb Divine Power
Favorite Gemstone: Amethyst.
Favorite Flower: Violet
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Subject: History
Least Favorite: Algebra
Favorite Food: Salads
Least Favorite Food: Anything with meat in it
Favorite Drink: Soda pop
Hobbies: Julia's favorite hobby is running. She also likes video games, cheerleading and shopping with her friends.
Her best friend: Mei and her become very good friends in the story, when Julia finds out how much they have in common.
Likes: the rain, being a cheerleader and running.
Dislikes: People who think cheerleaders are wimps and being a Sailor Star Scout
Strengths: Leadership, kindness and smart
Weakness: No patience, does not except help
Dream: To be a Historian or history professer
Animal Symbol: Swan
Weapon (Given to her by Orion): Long sword called The Hard Edge
Sailor Fuku: Her main fuku color is purple, halfway in between dark and light purple, it is the color of her collar and skirt. Her Gloves are wrist length with purple cuffs. Her choker is purple with a bright green gem in it. She has boots, the same length as Amy's and Serina's, that are purple with teal trim. The front bow is bright green, the same color of her choker's gem and the back bow is long and teal. Her tiara has an amethyst in it, February's birth stone.
Powers: She controls Psychic Magic.
*Psy Freeze - A strong wind made by her psychic powers that freezes the enemy.
*Psy Flame - A psychic flame stone that burns the enemy
*Psy Thunder - A psychic bolt of lightening that electrocutes the enemy.
`Psy Holy - A psychic blast of light that drains a lot of Deneb's energy to use.
`Psy Flare - A psychic flare spell is conjured up. It saps more of Deneb's energy.
`+_ Star Light Slash - Attack that is performed with a sword it strikes the enemy with power of the stars.

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