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Sailor Cloud


Name: Ceria Hino
Birthday: April 1
Favorite Colors: Blue and White
Favorite Animal: Killer Whales
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Hard Candies
Least Favorite Food: none, but there are some she doesn't like.
Favorite Subject: Band and Spanish
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Hobbies: Swimming, Writing, and Gardening
Strong points: Lots of sports, writing, gardening, etc.
Has Trouble With: kickball, staying awake in class, etc.
Gemstone: diamond
Zodiac sign: Aries
Weapon: a crystal wand, holding the cloud daimond (the daimond is found w/ the holy grail)

Silver Millenium
Mother: Queen of the Clouds
Father: Chronos
Brother: Max An older brother and the best star shooter in the galaxy. Short, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Very handsome. Not much else is known about him, he died in the war against the negaverse on the moon right before my very eyes.
Sisters: Setsuna (Sailor Pluto in the present), and Jessie, age 12 (Sailor Rockslide in the present, she will have a profile soon).
Future Daughters: Gabrielle, age 10 (Sailor Wind in the present, she will have a profile soon) and Katelyn, age 5 (Sailor Sky in the present, she will have a profile soon)

I was born on Mars (that's why I'm an Aries), and at age 3 I went to Pluto to live with my father. (my mother was queen of the clouds, but living on mars at the time) I lived there for 3 more years. My father and I often visited the north star. Then my mother wanted me to spend some time on the clouds so I could be her heir, so at age 6 I went there for 6 years, making me Sailor Cloud in the present. When I was 12 I went to live on the moon in Serenity's court. Then, like the other scouts, I was sent to be reborn on earth when the negaverse attacked.

I was reborn to a very rich family, but they died in a car accident when I was 5. I wandered around with no place to go, when I came across a 5 year old Ray sledding down a hill. She brought me home and I was raised by her grandfather also. I have a huge walk in garden, and I am an excellent swimmer. (many other things too, but mainly those)

Tuxedo Sunset
Tuxedo Sunset/Jeremy and I are like Serena and Darien/Tuxedo Mask. He has short blond hair and stunning blue eyes. His parents put him up for adoption, and now, like Darien, is living in an apartment.

Attacks (in order)
Cloud Tiara Magic
Cloud Winds Blow
Cloud Healing Activation
Blue Clouds Heart Attack
Blue Clouds Heart Ache (basically the same as the one above)
Blue Clouds Suffocate
Blue Clouds Star Shine
(and those special attacks Sailor Moon has ex: Cosmic Moon Power when defeating Beryl, mine would be Cosmic Cloud Power. Also, I made up like 50+ other attacks just for fun, so they don't really apply to me, although I made them for myself)

Transformations (in order)
Cloud Prism Power
Cloud Crystal Power
Cosmic Cloud Power
Cloud Crisis Power
Eternal Cloud Power

Identities (in order)
Princess Cloud
Ceria Hino
Sailor Cloud
Super Sailor Cloud
Eternal Sailor Cloud
Queen Cloud

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