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Sailor Atlantis


Name:Danielle Gainsborough [real name will remain unknown]
Gender: Female (of course) [of course both ways]
Birthdate:March 6 [my real birthday is Feburary 20]
Zodiac Sign:Pisces [astrology] and Rabbit [Chiniese] and Wolf [native american] [both ways]
Eyes: a mezmerizing Aqua (if i stare at a person long enough i can freak them out) [reallity blue]
Hair (color and style): Cheastnut brown with a clearly visible rainbow highlight put up in a long braid that reaches knees. Tied with a rainbow ribbon and roses are somethimes woven in the braid with a tropical pink flower or lily above right ear in hair [reallity dirty blonde meaning dark blonde usually in a pony tail with a ribbon]
Faveorite food: Steak Terityaki (Japanese food) and chocolate and Cheese [ both ways]
Least Favortie Foods: Cucumbers and liver [reallity i really hate spinich]
Favorite Subjects:Math,Science,English,German, Art, Music,and Gym [both ways]
Least Favorite Subjects: Social Studies [both ways]
Goals: to become a writer, an artist, and a famous musician and actress[reallity a writer, actress and astronomer]
Has trouble with: controling temper and aggresivness, bullies, and people who are always stuck up and braggers [both ways]
Best with: Instruments, acting, teaching, scaring bullies and people, swimming, tennis, volleyball(sort of), and many other things [reallity many of those sme things]
Favorite Color: flame colors, gold, silver and al the colors of green, blue, and inbetween green and blue like aqua, teal, and so on [both ways]
Special Animals (can turn in to also: Silver Wolf,Wolves, Pheonix (Sunray, female), Unicorn (Atlantis, female), Pegesus (Pegesus,male), Pegacorn (Elena, female and daughter of Atlantis and Pegesus), ferrets, fish, rabbits, cats, owls, and many more
Elements: Water (main), Some Wind, Ice, Fire , Heat (anything sun related), Star and Celestial stuff, and Rainbow
Special Powers: Every Psychic power (still working on predicting), morphing in to animals, talking to animals,and summoning creatures

My mother is Queen Iris, goddess of the Rainbow (but not immortal but can turn into a Pheonix) and Queen of Neptune, Rules in Atlantis. My Father is, Apollo, God of the Sun (not immortal either but he can turn in to a Silver Wolf [ i can too]) and King of the Sun, rules in Dawn City. My broter Jason, he's about 15 and he is the best rifle shooter and spear thrower except for the triton (that's my department). My two 13 year old sisters, Ella aka Sailor Nightstar, born to be the ruler of Starlight City [north of Rainbow Kingdom] and keeper of the imperium Twilight Crystal and Nightstar Mirror. Erika aka Sailor Sunlight, born to be ruler of Sunrise City [south of Rainbow Kingdom], keeper of the imperium Solarbeam Crystal and Sunlight Mirror. My other sister is Michelle [FOR PRETEND ONLY!!] aka Sailor Neptune keeper of the Neptune/Aqua/Submarine Mirror. Well that's my Family.

Born in the city Constellation, on the North Star, that floats around constellations (it was in Pisces when i was born). Living there I lead a happy and joyful life playing in the fields and learning sports and skills at an early age. What i didn't know was that soon all my joy would turn to sorrow, hatred, and fright. I had turned 2 on that terrible day when an Evil attacked my Home and Uncle Posiden. My Uncle sent me to my father, Apollo, in Dawn City, on the Sun. While I was traveling on a bunch of stars, i looked down and saw my Uncle fighting the leader (i guess), but my uncle lost and was murdered right before my eyes. I never forgot that but then i got to the sun and was greeted and comforted by my father and brother, Jason. Those next 2 years were wonderful. I learned to swin in lava, skate on lava, and lots of other new and fun sports. By the time i was 4 evil struck again. Another terrible war began and my father sent me to Atlantis, Neptune where my mother, Iris, ruled and my older sister, Michelle lived. I was sent in a large fire tornado across the solar system. I watched again as Jason fought bravely but was murdered and then my father was killed, too. When i reached my mother i found a suprise. My new sisters, Ella and Erika were there to meet me for the first time (born when i was a year old and on the same day as me March 6). I spent the next 2 years happily playing with my sisters and learning even more sports and i became very good at them all (but i still had a few that were hard for me). So enough sorrow and terror struck again. The evil attacked Atlantis. My mother and Michelle went to fight. I was sent in a very protected bubble. It was a bubble of water, carried and surrounded by a fire tornado, and the top was covered with stars. I traveled to the moon. I knew Princess Serena and Queen Serenity very well because my mother and i went to visit quite a few times and i always got to play with Serena. I looked back and there was a bright flash of light. I couldn't see if anything happened to my mother or not. When i got to the moon it was raining and i landed out in a flowery field. The tornado died out, the stars went back to the sky, and my bubble popped. I was soaking wet out in the field of tall flowers and grass. i leaned against the rock and began to cry out in the rain.Then Serena saw me and came over to me. She held to umbrella over me.we walked back to the palace and i told her what happened. Then we were greeted by Queen Serenity. She already knew my mother was sending me. I asked if my mother was still alive and Queen Serenity looked very grim. She told me that nobody was sure but my mother may have been killed. I spent the the rest of my years playing and learning new sports, building my fighting skills and magic, and i taught the moon kingdom some sports they didn't know. I never knew what happened to my sisters Ella and Erika. I knew that they were still alive and out there some where. Then an evil called the Negaverse trashed the Moon Kingdom. This time i was sick of it. My mother had already given me a transformation tool. I transformed and fought with Prince Andrew at my side. I used all my creatures and powers but we were soon over come by them. Andrew and I exchanged items so we always could remember each other. I gave him my Crescent moon locket and my special hair ribbon. He gave me a rose and a lily. we gave each other our last kiss. Then i yelled my vow to the negaverse "I am just an enemy right now but i vow to return and become your worst nightmare and then the most feared Sailor Scout in the universe!!! I vow to retuen and destroy you for my father,mother,brother, and Prince Andrew!! I will seek vengence on you and your leader!!" Then i died. After that you know the rest from an episode.

when I was reborn on Earth I had two wonderful parents that were later killed in a lab accident, I some how survived. I was a very strange child. I was very smart and had my psychic powers but was teased by a lot of kids. That's when I got aggressive and very short tempered. I was sent to an orphanage and was adopted by a sweet old lady. She lived in an apartment (which later turned out to be in between Darian and Andy(Andrew/aj/Prince Andrew/King Andrew (NOT THE ARCADE GUY i used this name because i like this name also it was the first boy's name that popped into my head.. and later it was also the apartment below Amara and Michelle's apartment) The woman died when I was only 11. I didn't go back to the orphanage because I could take care of myself so well. So I stayed in the apartment.Soon I met Serena and Molly when I was 12. Later I met Stardust and learned I was Sailor Atlantis prtector of the innocence and fighter of Honor and Peace (thus my speech). Soon Ella and Erika became Sailor Scouts (you will learn more about them when i get their profiles up).

I know there r so many of them but I kept on coming up with them. The ones with a * are the ones I use the most with my scout and the ones with a # were my first attacks.
1.)Atlantis Wind Bird Tornado
2.)Atlantis Deep Sea WaterDragon
3.)Atlantis Water Spout Smash
4.)Atlantis Ice Faery Attack
5.)Atlantis Waterfall Bash*
6.)Atlantis Bird of Ice Attack
7.)Atlantis Wind Guardian Attack
8.)Atlantis Hurricane Blast*
9.)Atlantis Blizzard Hit
10.)Atlantis Water Hydropump
11.)Atlantis Razor Winds Gust
12.)Atlantis Planetary Lightning
13.)Atlantis Winds Whirl#
14.)Atlantis Ice Walls Block
15.)Atlantis Water Tsunami*
16.)Atlantis Ice Sheet Expand
17.)Atlantis Ice Blocks Fall
18.)Atlantis Ice Beam Freeze*

19.)Sun Fireball Magic#
20.)Sun Fire Streak Burn*
21.)Sun Fire Discs Ember*
22.)Sun Volcano Erupt
23.)Sun Fire Demon Rise
24.)Sun Bird of Flames Attack
25.)Sun Firewalls Surround*
26.)Sun Beam Flare Burn
27.)Sun Razor Flames Blaze
28.)Sun Lava Flow Explode
29.)Sun Fire Tornado Blaze
30.)Sun Fire Bulls Stampede
31.)Sun Fury of Apollo Strike
32.)Sun Fire Stones Storm
33.)Sun Fire Lightning Strike

34.)Star Comets Collide#
35.)Star Planet Aligned Beam*
36.)Star Black Hole Implode
37.)Star Meteor Strike
38.)Star Dust Healing Shower
39.)Star Dust Rain Down
40.)Star Constellations Attack
41.)Star Rocket Smash*
42.)Star Asteroid Storm
43.)Star Nebula Explode
44.)Star Meteor Shower Rain Down
45.)Star Aurora Blast
46.)Star Celestial Spirits Attack
47.)Star Shooting Missles Slam
48.)Star Celestial Lightning Strike

49.)Rainbow Ribbon Beam Smash*#
50.)Rainbow Whip Charge*
51.)Rainbow Storm Explode
52.)Rainbow Mist Illusion
53.)Rainbow Dust Beams Blast
54.)Rainbow Arch Slash*
55.)Rainbow Arrow Spiral*
56.)Rainbow Colors Storm
57.)Rainbow Lightning Storm Zap
58.)Rainbow Bird Missle Attack
59.)Rainbow Ribbon Lash
60.)Rainbow Ground Earthquake
61.)Rainbow Fog Hallucinate
62.)Rainbow Fog Thicken

63.)Star Healing Activation w/ Star Wand
64.)Star Tiara Magic w/ Tiara as booberang
65.)Sun Arrow Magic w/ Tiara as arrow
66.)Cosmic Star Power w/ wand and crystal
67.)Atlantis Queen's Triton Judgement w/ Triton
68.)Rainbow Crystal Power w/ crystal
69.)Rainbow Pure Heart Shine w/ Atlantis Mirror
70.)Atlantis Rainbow Purity Shine w/mirror & super form

this is in order of when i get my transformations
1.)Atlantis, Sun,Star Prism Power
2.)Rainbow Crystal Power
3.)Rainbow Cosmic Power
4.)Rainbow Crisis Power
5.)Universe Crisis Power (with Misty and Kristy)
6.)Rainbow Eternal Power






1.)"From the teilight dust of the Stars,the sacred flame of the sun and the watery rainbow mists,ice,and winds of Atlantis.I Sailor Atlantis will fight for Peace, Innocence, and Honor! And I will Punish you for your evil ways!"

2.)"I am Sailor Atlantis and I fight for Peace (which you have disrupted), Innocence (which you have hurt), and Honor (which you have none what so ever) For that I will destroy you!"

3.)"Protector of Innocence, Fighter of Honor,and Defender of Peace, I Sailor Atlantis will punish you for attacking the Innocent, fighting with no honor, and breaking the peace of this world!"

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