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To join, you must email me telling me the name of your scout, it's profile, your name, your email, your web site URL if you want me to post it, and if you have one, a picture of your scout. If you do not have one send me a detailed description and I will TRY to make you one. And if I can't, maybe I can find some other way to get a picture made for you. If, after I have posted your scout, you decide to make some changes, feel free to email me and tell me the changes, and I will change them on your profile.

What you will get if you join
1) A membership card to print or display on your site or whatever. (if you put it on your site please link it back to
2) Your scout will be posted on this site for others to see (but not take, that would be illegal) and so you can have a place to tell people about your scout.
3) Your name, email, and web site URL if you want posted on the members list.

Well, that's everything!! I really hope you decide to enter your scout, because I think this could be a wonderful site, but in order to do that it needs scouts!!

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