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Legend of Adornia

The Legend of Adornia was written by scholars of the Adornian race, fortelling the futures of the country. One of them told about this particular legend, speaking of a corrupted daughter of the Warrior Queen of Fire, who'se rightful duty has been left unattended.
Her rightful duty was Guardian of the Heavenly Forests, the Gates of Heaven and Seeing Eyes of the human world. When a demon comes along and bestoes evil apon her soul, her duty is lost and her soul corrupt. Legend also speaks of a Knight, a Knight of the Cardogian realm which travels to find the unguarded Forests. His duty suddenly binds to him; he is to remain here and protect the forests from the corrupted daughter.

Though, many have tried searching for the corrupt daughter, little have ever found her. She is unstoppable, a demon far beyond the reaches of light. She is forever a corrupted soul. The Legend says of the brave Knight's powers, his new story begins to unfold. His true history. His purpose.
Born under the Gods, Noran was considered a second God of War. His fighting skills evenly matched his cousin Ares, whom was also being beaten by his half sister, Makoto. Noran and Makoto were to fight to judge who would win the duty of Guardian of the Gates. The winner of the match would be first in line to be Guardian, and the combatant that lost would be Warrior of the Gates. Guardian of the Gates was a much higher honor, and proved to be more exciting. Whereas the Warrior would fight far beyond the Gates, stopping any evil in it's tracks from going any further. Though, the Warrior's position wasn't proved a successful one. The Warrior was always getting beat, and the Guardian always won.

The fight commensed, and by a close call, Makoto was the winner. Everyone cheered in triumph; everyone knew the Daughter of Zeus was perfect. But when the war struck out on Adornia and Makoto was turned, the Gates froze over with an imbreakable frost and snow. The powers of the rightful Guardian would awaken the forest. When Makoto was awakened as the Guardian the the frozen wastelands by her mother, the Forest was reborn. But when Lianeko, the demon of pure evil arrives, all is lost. Will the Warrior come to reclaim his place as Guardian?

Time will Tell.

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