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The Basic Facts.

The History

Well, when the union of her father ( supposedly an immortal ) and her mother, Leeana Ratioe, the Woman of Fire occured, Makoto was born just 3 months later. Life wasn't difficult for the Princess of Adornia, but learning to rule an entire country wasn't getting any easier. Adornia was the country her bloodline is bound too, but when the Greeks made an arrangement with the Hellions to take over the prospering country, the bloodline diminished within that one battle. The country wasn't made for soldiers, just farmers, potters, weavers, and excellence of all of the arts.
When Makoto fled the town with her sister, Artemis, Lucifer himself felt the holy aura residing in Makoto, and knew he had to turn her powers to his side. Lucifer held her sister captive, and in exchange for her life, Makoto would work for the Hellion Army. Well, killing of Makoto's immense holy spirit wasn't easy, but they were able too. Lucifer made sure Makoto didn't remember anything, and killed her sister and her mother. You see, Makoto and Leeana had a huge bond, and it would be broken if the holy powers were interrupted.
When Makoto had her first century off, she found remains of the Adornian empire. When she picked up a beautiful rose pendant, everything was revealed to her. Her holy powers and her mother's came together, creating the Guardian of the Gates. ( See: Legend of Adornia )
Well, we all know that when a Guardian/Angel goes from demon to holy so fast, his/her evil power creates a body holding the powers. That body has 13 days to find it's original body, and apon successfully finding it, that body becomes it's original state ( demon, that is ). Well, Lianeko, the body carrying all of the evil power, found Makoto, and fused together. But, this is another way Hell creates more advanced demons. The evil powers over-run the holy, and Mako was herself. Well, Lianeko was given powers of her own, and now the two are seen together a lot, creating havoc and chaos much greater than before...

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