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Pro Comic Artists

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This section is for great Comic Artists. These Guys are great, when I met them at the Comic Conventions and they were nice enough to draw some of my characters and other popular superheroine characters. They added their own personal touches to Lady Ultra. For you amateur artists out there, if your art are of high caliber (looks really good), I'll post them here too.

These pics are by Skyler! He did an Incredible job with Lady Ultra and finally brings new life to the Crimson Cat. Check out more of his work in the CGArt section and also at through my Links page!
This picture is by Acolyte! He trully brings Lady Ultra to life! See more of his stuff in the CGart section!
These pictures are by Rboyd. He is a very creative artist and you can see more of his work at his website and at, through my links page.
Rboyd's Lady Ultra   · Lady Ultra in precarious position · Lady Ultra lands
· Lady Ultra Vs. Hard Knocker · Omnigirl Omingirl Vs. Bugbot
I am honored to post these drawings by Dr. Evil. This guy is a living legend. See more of his outstanding art at his website from my links page!
This picture was created by "Biker".This guy has a great sense of humor and it really shows in his work. Catch more of his work at his website and at!
Lady Ultra unveiled?
These pictures are by Louis Small Jr. He is trully a great artist. He has drawn for "Supergirl" and "Vampirella" comics to name a few.
Psylocke's awareness   · Lady Ultra dreams
These pictures are by Ed Coutts, A very nice touch to Lady Ultra, Crimson Cat and Co.
Lady Ultra struts Crimson Cat leaps Lady Midnight Scarlet Witch Wonder Woman (40's Stlye)
This picture is by Erik Larsen (a living legend). He is the creator/artist/writer for the comic "Savage Dragon" and for the "Spiderman" comics.
Lady Ultra soars
This drawing is by Fernando Irons. When I met him, He was promoting his comic "Champions".
Lady Ultra flies over city
This drawing is by Vincent Giardano. I met him at a comic convention. Check out this sexy pic of my new character,"Omnigirl"!
This picture is by Ariel Leyva. When I met him a few years ago, he was promoting his comic "Didymous" for IronHorse comics. He adds a manga style and his own touches to Omnigirl.
Omnigirl manga
This picture is by a very talented female artist, her name is mercy. Psylocke Lady Ultra
This Lady Ultra version was made by Charles Duckett.
Miss America Was drawn by Rod Ramos, a cool artist for Green Lantern. Miss America
Electra Dame
This picture was created by some guy named Carlos. It looks good! Yuri
Sailor Scouts I'm not sure who the artist is but this pic looks awesome!!!
Lady Masters of the Universe I'm not sure who the artist is but this pic looks awesome!!!
??? I'm not sure who the artist is or remember who this japanese superheroine is but this pic looks great!!!