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"She-Ra Domination Episode 1: STEALER OF YOUTH" Warning: This content is erotic, vulgar, obscene and should not be read by anyone... this was written by a fan for fans and is no way officially endorsed To contact author for requests, questions, comments, ideas, editorials or just to say "Que paso?, then please use the links provided below…


Written by Apolosputnik (A.S.)

"Surrender, or I will destroy one of the villagers!" Gjelvek ordered to She-Ra. The only thing standing between the Princess of Power and Gjelvek's army of mindless minions were the innocent villagers being held hostage.
She-Ra knew the villagers would get hurt if she refused to give in to their demands. Surrender was her only option.
She faced Gjelvek, who stood angrily before her. He stood at least seven feet tall, donning a black cloak that concealed his monstrous body. He wore long fingered leather gloves that hid his hands. He was a fearsome sight, with a horned demonic like face and lifeless black pupils that showed no emotion.

She-Ra knew little about him. He had several dozen minions at his command, all of which looked like they may have been people at one point, but their flesh was decayed and their bodies were so slender they appeared to be skeletons. Red crystals were in the middle of their foreheads, and their eyes were glowing of red fire. They seemed incapable of functioning independently beyond Gjelvek's demands. That may work to her advantage…if only she could get to Gjelvek and defeat him…she was sure it would also mean the defeat of his small army.
She-Ra also knew Gjelvek worked as mercenaries for Horde Prime. For some reason, the Supreme Ruler of the Horde ordered them to take this entire village under siege. She came here to save these people, and that's what she was going to do…She didn't want any of these people to get hurt…so she laid her sword down by her feet.
"Now remove your Tiara. I don't want you trying to communicate with the Sorceress, calling for your brother, or anyone else, for help."

If she took it off, there would be no way for her to call for help-if she should need it. She hesitated. One of Gjelvek's followers held a gun to the temple of a young woman. She-Ra's eyes widened in terror. "No! Don't hurt her! I'll…I'll obey…"
Gjelvek smiled and approached the Heroine, and spoke with complete bitterness in his voice. "Then hand me your tiara and surrender to Gjelvek." He meant business. She had to obey.

"Fine." She said, defeated. She reached up with both hands, and removed the golden winged tiara from her head, spilling her golden hair as it was removed. Gjelvek wasted no time in snatching it from her hands, giving it to one of his soldiers.

Several of Gjelvek's men rushed She-Ra, taking her by her arms and dragging her to a stonewall with four chains.

The men lifted her arms into the air, high above her head, binding them with the chains, one by one. She dangled from the wall in an uncomfortable "Y" position. She grunted in pain, as her body hung motionless, her feet unable to touch the ground. She could feel the muscles in her arms stretching beyond their limits, supporting her entire body weight. Next, the men grabbed her muscular legs, spreading them wide open. The remaining shackles were clasped around her ankles, keeping her legs spread and placed in an "X" position.

Once they had bound the Princess of Power, the men left and Gjelvek approached her.

"Some say you are the most powerful woman in the universe…they say you are unbeatable…that you will one day destroy Horde Prime's vast empire…for one with such a bold reputation, you are easily defeated, woman."

"I will gladly sacrifice myself for the good of my fellow Etherians, in the name of freedom and lo-"

It shouted, cutting her off.

One of Gjelvek's men picked up her tiara and placed it on its own head.

"I'm not here to waste time hearing your frugal lectures of self rightousness…Horde Prime has grown tired of Hordak's defeat in your name time and time again. And so he sent us to put an end to your reign on Ehteria once and for all."

"I'm not afraid of you, Gjelvek! You will you never be able to stop the rebellion!"

Gjelvek smiled so coldly at her, that it sent chills down her back. "I will demonstrate my power to you…once you know why I am the stealer of youth… you will suffer the same fate."


Back on Eternia, the Sorceress opened a porthole to communicate with She-Ra, who summoned her from Etheria using her telekinesis Tiara. But, as the porthole opened, a red beam shout from it, blasting the enchanted Sorceress. Caught off guard, she was unable to defend herself, and was at the mercy of the magic now being used on her. It made her unable to move, and she was teleported to Etheria by other black magic.

Once there, she found herself on her knees surrounded by Gjelvek's minions. The red beam now came from her at several directions. The source of these beams came from the red crystals on the temples of Gjelvek's men. Each of them surrounded her, and continued emanating the paralysis ray at her from every direction. Despite her amazing stamina and magic abilities, there was too many of them. The Sorceress was completely at their mercy. "What…is going on here…?" She demanded. "Where's She-Ra?"

She-Ra could only watch as Gjelvek walked over to the Sorceress, removing his thick, black leather gloves revealing two hands that were decaying flesh and bone. Before the Protector of Greyskull could move, he placed his hands on her face.

"Leave her alone! It's me you want!" She-Ra protested to deaf ears.

Green ooze poured from his hands, smudging all over her face. It drizzled down her curvy figure, sizzling like acid as it made contact with her feathered outfit and even her flesh. She grunted and groaned as she felt the black magic begin to take effect. She was feeling so…weak…so old…every second that passed, it became stronger and stronger. She wanted to scream, but for some reason, her body would not listen to her mind.

The Princess of Power could not believe her eyes. In moments, the young, beautiful guardian of Grey Skull aged a hundred years. Her once smooth face began to wither and wrinkle, her radiating eyes dimmed, and her once athletic, firm female form became thin as bone. Smoke covered her body, and more of the slime poured from Gjelvek as he strengthened his hold on her. The Sorceress could hardly kneel, as her attacker slowly forced her docile body to fall to the ground.

After Gjelvek's assault, the Sorceress' eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she stopped moving entirely.

"Noooo!" She-Ra shouted.

Gjelvek turned around, and approached the source of the scream. He smiled at her, showing his slimly, decaying hands. The green slime dripped from his long fingers, turning death to the earth it touched. A moment of fear engulfed her, and she tried to get away, tugging at the bonds of her restraints. But the powerful metal chains that bound her did not budge. She could not get free.

As she faced her would be attacker, she saw the lifeless form of the Sorceress on the ground ahead of her. Instantly, she was consumed by rage. She summoned her courage. "You'll pay for that you…you…"

It asked, stopping just before her. She could hear the slime pop and sizzle like acid, as it hissed, inches away from her face.

They stared each other down, and the alien smiled at her predicament. It reached for her. She twisted and turned, frantically trying to escape it's touch…but there was nowhere to go. The smoking bones of Gjelvek's hands grasped her young face with a powerful grip. Green slime smeared everywhere he touched her. It drizzled down her form, staining her pure white top. More and more ooze emanated from Gjelvek's fingertips, smothering her entire body in a matter of seconds.

She-Ra's eyes widened in pure terror as she awaited the same fate that fell on the Sorceress. Her heartbeat raced, her body thrashed violently from the chains that held her, fighting for dear life.

Moments went by...…
And nothing was happening. He tried to take her youth several more times, but to no avail. Frustrated, the beast began groping every inch of her exposed flesh, but his power had no effect on this woman.

"That will do you no good." A voice rang out from behind. "As long as the emblem of Etheria resides between you and her…she is protected from such magic…you must place yourself between the crystal that protects her…only then can you use such magic against her."

It was the Sorceress! Her skeleton form now stood up from where it once lay, she looked exactly like Gjelvak's mindless minions, and even dawned a red crystal on her forehead.

"So that's how you got this army…you stole the life from innocent people…turned them into your slaves!" Gjelvek smiled at her. "You're about to join the ranks of my henchmen." He laughed at her. "Now to make you one of us."

"Fight him, Sorceress. There is good in you. Don't let this beast win. Fight!"

The Sorceress stared at She-Ra blankly for a moment. She lifted a boned finger in the air…and slapped her. The Princess of Power grunted in pain, smacking her head against the wall from the brunt of the impact.

Then the Sorceress stepped aside, and Gjelvek got as close to her as he could, running his decaying hands down She-Ra's slime stained uniform, until it reached the end of her skirt. It gripped the fabric and ever slowly, raised it up into the air.

He reached his hands under her skirt, touching the material of the heroine's underpants. Slowly, he moved his hands up the fabric of her panties, sending chills down She-Ra's spine and a trail of slime behind him.

"Enough teasing." He barked coldly. He ripped her costume from her body, leaving her naked except for her panties, boots and her bra. No one, not Bow or Sea Hawk, had ever seen her like this before.

He cupped his long fingers over her perky breasts, and the slime started to pour out in vast quanity. She-Ra started feeling weaker, and noticed her skin shriveling before her very eyes. She gasped in terror. "My hands," he spoke ruthlessly, "are now between you, and the Crystal of Etheria on the front of your uniform. The magic of Etheria can no longer protect you!"

She jerked around violently trying to get free, forcing her perky breasts to jiggle even more as he foundled them, sliming them with the green ooze. She began to age rapidly, and not even her superpowers were able to defend her from his evil magic.


One of the villagers saw She-Ra's sword on the ground, and ran to it. A red laser beam shot at him, but he jumped, grabbing the sword of freedom, and deflected the shot. The beam hit one of Gjelvek's men, sending them flying to the ground. This sparked hope within the villagers, and they began to rebel against the mindless minions that held them hostage.

The man who started the rebellion looked up at She-Ra, who was just moments away from being lost to Etheria, forever.

She-Ra was so old and weak that she could no longer find the strength to retaliate. Her captor smiled victoriously. He removed a red crystal from his pocket, and placed it against her forehead. "Time to turn you into one of my mindless slaves."

Slowly, she felt the red crystal erasing her mind into a black void.

"Once I have stolen your youth and your mind, you will be Etheria's greatest enemy serving in my army!" He proclaimed, "n…n…o…o-" She-Ra tried to protest. But she had become so weak, and her mind was nearly taken away.

Fear overcame her, and she passed out.


She woke hours later, in a bed in the village. "What…what happened?" She asked the woman nursing her back to health. "The villagers forced Gjelvek back into the porthole that he came from. He tried taking you with him, but you were chained to the wall…it saved your life."

"Where's the Sorceress?" She asked. The villager looked away.

"She is still one of his minions. She fled with him into the porthole."

She-Ra looked at her body. It was back to the way it was before…but her mind was cloudy…could she cooperate from the damage caused by the crystal?

"You're safe…we're all safe now." The nurse assured She-Ra.

"No," she replied. "We've got to free the Sorceress…before Gjelvek uses her powers to destroy Etheria."


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